Shatterhand (NES)


Developer: Natsume                        

Publisher: Jaleco

Release Date: October 1991           

Genre: Platformer

Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System

Players: 1


    Shatterhand is a late era NES platformer based on the japanese TV show, Solbrain. In the early years of the twenty first century a group of scientists developed cybernetic technologies in secret. Several renegades from this group, going by the name of “The Metal Command”, use the new technology to create powerful soldiers and executed a plot to conquer the planet. You play a police officer named Steve Hermann, whose hands were destroyed by the Metal Command’s thugs. A group known as L.O.R.D. is created by the world’s governments to combat the cyborg scourge and offers Hermann a new pair of cybernetic hands in addition to the opportunity to get revenge. The player character relies primarily on his fists to defeat enemies and can even block some types of bullets with a punch as well as cling to fences using his cyborg strength. The game employs a rather unique power up system known as “satellite  bots”; by collecting any combination of three alpha and beta symbols found in reach stage, the player is awarded a robot that unleashes a special attack when Shatterhand throws a punch. Collecting the same combination of alpha beta symbols causes the bot to encase the hero in a power suit that  does massive damage and is invincible for a short time. Just beware, the task Shatterhand faces is not easy…

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