Shadow of The Beast (Turbo CD/TurboDuo)

Developer: Reflections Interactive/DMA Design

Publisher: Psygnosis

Release Date: 1992

System: Turbo CD (TurboDuo)

Genre: Platformer

Players: 1


Shadow of The Beast is a platformer for the Turbo CD addon, where players assume control of a man who was kidnapped as a child and transformed into a beast by evil mages. The man learns of his tragic past one night and vows revenge on his wicked masters.* Players control the beast who can run, jump, punch, and perform aerial kicks. The game consists of an overworld that is connected to several levels that are entered via doors found in the overworld. Monsters infest both the overworld and the stages. The beast must evade or punch his foes to survive. There are also many obstacles like spike traps that have to be avoided.

The beast starts with a small amount of health (displayed by a meter in the top left of the screen) that can be increased by finding potions hidden throughout each stage. Touching a trap or being hit by an enemy will reduce the beast’s health. It’s game over if the beast loses all of his life. Players will also find keys needed to unlock doors as well as weapons. The beast’s arsenal includes a super punch that unleashes a small shockwave and an energy weapon that can be fired at enemies from a long distance. Shadow of The Beast is not as linear as many platformers and players will have to find their way through the game’s stages through careful exploration.

*The instruction manual and ingame cutscene seem to conflict a bit as the story goes. The cutscene implies that the hero was transformed as an adult, while the manual states that the incident occured during childhood.

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