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Release Data

Genre: Action RPG

Developer/Publisher: Square

Release Date: November 1995

System: SNES

Players: 1


Secret of Evermore is a hack and slash style RPG for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System that was created by Square’s US team. A youth from the small town of Podunk and his dog are sucked into an artificial world known as Evermore after encountering a strange machine in an abandoned mansion. Players will quickly find themselves in a hostile world filled with dangerous creatures. Fortunately, the hero’s pet dog has somehow transformed into a powerful beast that assists his master in battle.

Secret of Evermore is very similar to Secret of Mana in that it uses many of its predecessor’s mechanics. Players can move about the map freely and must aim their attacks at enemies. SoE also uses the attack meter from Secret of Mana, so players will have to wait a couple of seconds between attacks in order to deal full damage. Alchemy is used in place of the usual magic system encountered in RPGs and players will not only find a multitude of spells throughout the game, but also the ingredients needed to cast them. A number of swords, spears, axes, and armors can be used by the hero to defend himself. As the game progresses, players will explore several historically themed towns and dungeons as well as a variety of solve puzzles.


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