Scholastic’s The Magic School Bus (Sega Genesis)

Developer: Novotrade

Publisher: Sega

Release Date: 1995

System: Sega Genesis

Genre: Action/Platformer

Players: 1


   Scholastic’s The Magic School Bus is a platformer based on the children’s television series of the same name for the Sega Genesis. Players will explore the solar system and learn vintage 1990s facts about the planets as they fly around the solar system. Each stage begins with the player controlling the magic school bus as it flies towards a the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus, or Pluto. After reaching their destination, players must land the bus while collecting power ups. The final part of each stage is a platformer that allows the player to explore each planet while avoiding hazards and collecting items. This game features nine stages, three difficulty settings, and a password system.

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