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Release Data

Developer/Publisher: Sega

Release Date: February 16, 1995

System: Sega Genesis

Genre: Platformer

Players: 1


Ristar is a platformer where players control the eponymously named hero who is tasked with liberating the planet Flora and recusing his father. Flora has come under the control of an evil space pirate named Kaiser Greedy, who has used mind control to subdue its population. Greedy also abducted Ristar’s father.

Ristar must fight his way through a number of exotic stages, each of which is defended by a boss at the end. This title is somewhat unique due to its grab mechanic; Ristar’s arms can extend and take hold of objects in the game world. This allows him to grab enemies and take them out with a head butt as well as latch onto handles that he can climb. Players will also find switches that Ristar can activate with his extendable arms.

Ristar also features many standard platformer mechanics. Players will have to defeat enemies, jump over obstacles, and manage Ristar’s life meter. The hero’s health is represented by stars that decrease as Ristar takes hits from monsters. Ristar will perish once all of his stars are gone. Players can refill Ristar’s health by grabbing stars and increase his total lives by finding Ristar icons hidden in stages.


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