Red Zone (Genesis)

Developer: Zyrinx

Publisher: Time Warner Interactive

Release Date: 1994

System: Sega Genesis

Genre: Shooter

Players: 1


Red Zone is a shooter that was developed for the Genesis by Zyrinx. Players must defeat an evil dictator who is plotting to take over the world. The heroes have been given an Apache helicopter and tons of firepower to achieve their goal. Gameplay uses a top down perspective. The action switches between helicopter and ground combat modes. While controlling the helicopter, players must evade enemy missiles and fly around barriers while seeking out the mission objective. The Apache comes equipped with a machine gun, rockets, and missiles. Fuel and ammo can be found scattered around the map.

On the ground, players can choose between Shades, Rocco, and Mirage. Each hero has a special set of weapons and abilities. Shades uses handgrenades and a machine gun. Rocco has access to a rocket launcher and flame thrower. Mirage is fast and can use a throwing knife as well as a gun. Ground missions require players to defeat enemies tactically and search for their objectives. Red Zone features eight stages in total as well as a password system.

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