Realm (SNES)

Developer: Flair Software

Publisher: Titus Software

Release Date: December 1996

System: Super Nintendo

Genre: Run and Gun/Platformer 

Players: 1


    Realm takes place in the distant year 5069. Earth has been invaded by aliens who have conquered all of its cities. The hero, a type of cyborg known as a Biomech, is the Earth’s last hope for survival. Luckily, he has a large arsenal of weapons that include lasers, spread shots, and even rockets. Five stages filled with simple puzzles, pitfalls, and enemies stand between the player and victory. Every stage has several mini-bosses and a main boss at the end. Players start with a limited amount of health, that can be increased by finding powerups contained in crystals. Realm does not have a password or save system, but there are infinite continues for the player. 

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Cheats  (Invincibility and Stage Skip)


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