Rayman Advance (GBA)

Developer: Digital Eclipse

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: June 11, 2001

System: Game Boy Advance

Genre: Platformer

Players: 1


Mr. Dark has stolen the Great Protoon, the Glade of Dreams’ most precious artifact. The Great Protoon was the source of peace and balance in the Glade, without it chaos has erupted. Fortunately, Rayman steps forward and sets off on a quest to save the Great Protoon in Rayman Advance. However, the going will not be easy as Mr. Dark has recruited an army of bad guys to assist him and defend the stolen artifact.

Rayman Advance features familiar platforming gameplay elements. The hero will have to run, jump, and climb his way through several levels while avoiding or defeating villains. Rayman has limited health and will die if he takes enough damage or falls into a pit. Players can increase the hero’s health bar by finding special items that extend it. Rayman will also gain extra lives by collecting 1-Ups or 100 Tings, which are blue crystals scattered around stages.

Players will unlock special powers that allow Rayman to use a long distance punch and spin his hair like a helicopter among other things over the course of their journey. The game can be resumed at any time using the game’s save feature.

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