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Release Data

Developer: Nintendo R&D3

Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: August 2, 1990

System: Nintendo Entertainment System

Genre: Sports/Boxing

Players: 1


Punch-Out!! is a boxing game originally developed by Nintendo for arcades and later ported to the NES. In this sports classic, players control aspiring champion Little Mac as he fights his way to the Heavyweight Championship. Little Mac can use jabs, body blows, and uppercuts that act as his power attack. He can also dodge and block his opponent’s punches.

Players must earn stars by interrupting or countering the opponent’s attacks in order to use Little Mac’s uppercut. Up to three stars can be stored at any one time. Mac also has a health meter that will decrease as he takes hits and a heart meter that acts as stamina. Performing actions such as punching and blocking will decrease Mac’s hearts and he will be limited to dodging when it hits zero. Dodging punches will slowly refill Little Mac’s heart meter.

Players must knock out the opponent or accrue a certain amount of points to win a match. Some boxers can only be defeated with a Knockout. Little Mac can be knocked out if he takes too many blows and will lose the match if he fails to get up before the count ends or is knocked out three times in a round. Players can revisit matches using the game’s built in password system.


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