Psychic World (GG)

Developer: Hertz

Publisher: Sega

Release Date: April 1991

System: Sega Game Gear

Genre: Platformer

Players: 1


Psychic World places players in control of a young lab assistant named Lucia who works at Dr. Knavik’s ESP research lab with her sister, Cecile. One day an explosion occurs at the lab and Cecile is taken by one of the experimental creatures. Dr. Knavik entrusts the ESP Booster, which greatly amplifies human psionic abilities, to Lucia who sets out to rescue her sister. Lucia will have to fight her way through four stages in search of Cecile.

Psychic powers figure heavily into the gameplay of this platformer. Players start with a simple psionic wave attack that can be upgraded by picking up items and will gain special power like the ability to freeze water. These powers are often required to solve simple puzzles or defeat bosses. Lucia can also run extremely quickly if the player holds the directional button down for a few seconds.

Each of the four stages has its own theme and enemies that attack Lucia. Taking hits will reduce her HP and she will need to find health packs to heal up. Lucia will also run out of ESP power if she uses her special powers, but this can also be replenished by grabbing items.

This game was also released on the MSX and Master System. Both versions include more stages than the Game Gear release.

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