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Release Data

Developer: Arsys Software Inc.

Publisher: Konami

Release Date: November 1992

Genre: Platformer

System: Super Nintendo

Players: 1


In Prince of Persia players control a hero who must escape prison and rescue the princess before time runs out. However, this will be no easy task, because the evil Jaffar has taken control of the palace and filled it with traps. Jaffar also commands the guards who will attack our hero on sight. Prince of Persia features detailed animations and twenty maze-like stages. Players will have to jump from ledge to ledge and solve a variety of puzzles to complete each stage. These puzzles range from deadly spikes to gates that must be opened by switches.

Players will have to defeat guards in semi-realistic sword fights where they must parry and counter enemy attacks. The hero can also hang from ledges, sneak, and use a number of items. There‚Äôs a two hour time limit that is constant throughout the adventure, so speed is of the essence. Useful items like potions that restore health or slow the hero’s rate of descent while falling can be found throughout the stages, but watch out for poison potions. Players can also continue their game at any time using the password system.


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