Power Blade (NES)

Developer: Natsume

Publisher: Taito 

Release Date: March, 1991

System: Nintendo Entertainment System

Genre: Platformer

Players: 1


Power Blade takes place in the late 22nd century. Earth is managed by a massive central computer known as the Master Computer. All is well until aliens take control of the Master Computer, throwing the planet into chaos in the process. Special Agent Nova is tasked with battling the alien invaders and taking control of each of the Master Computer’s sectors. The going won’t be easy, because each sector is guarded by a powerful alien boss. Luckily, Nova will get help from his fellow agents and his trusty Power Blade, a boomerang-like weapon of immense power.

Power Blade allows players to explore the first few stages in any order and gives the player a password that can be used to resume the game from certain points. Stages are maze-like areas defended by alien machines and creatures. Nova will have to fight through these stages and find the agent assigned to the stage so he can access that sector of the Master Computer. Nova can throw his weapon in eight directions and upgrade it by collecting power ups hidden in stages. He can also use hand grenades to clear the screen of enemies. This game features an ultimate weapon called the Power Suit, which gives Nova the ability to emit energy waves.

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