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Developer: Crystal Dynamics

Publisher: Midway Games

Release Date: September 30, 1997

Genre: Platformer

System: PlayStation

Players: 1


The Comet of Infinite Possibilities passes over the world of Lyr once every 300 years. It is said that the comet can grant a wish to anyone who touches it. Consequently, the inhabitants of Lyr are scrambling to reach the comet. In Pandemonium 2, players control Niki and Fargus as they race to the comet in hopes of getting a wish before the evil Queen Zorrscha gets her hands on it. The journey won’t be easy as Zorrscha has dispatched her minions to stop our heroes.

Pandemonium 2 is a 2.5D platformer that uses a combination of side scrolling 2D environments and 3D polygonal character and object models. Players must run, jump, and climb over ledges to reach their destination. Servants of Zorrscha, known as goons, often patrol stages and players will have to slay or avoid them. Touching an enemy will result in the player losing some health. Lose all of your health or fall into a pit and your hero will perish.

Players can swap between Fargus and Nikki on the world map. Both heroes have their own talents that evolve as they find special items. For example, Nikki can learn to throw fireballs and Fargus can hurl his staff (Sid) at foes. Players can also collect items that increase their characters’ max health. 

Each stage is filled with treasures that players can collect. Gathering about 80% of the treasure in a stage will allow the player to challenge the Boarder Run bonus stage, where they must race ahead of a vortex as they collect more treasure. Succeed and you will earn an extra life. Players can also continue saved games and enter special passwords.


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