Out of this World (SNES)

Developer: Interplay

Publisher: Delphine Software

Release Date: November 1992

System: SNES

Genre: Platformer

Players: 1


In Out of this World players control a young physicist named Lester Chaykin who is teleported to a bizarre alien planet after his particle accelerator is hit by lightning. This game is noteworthy due to its cinematic style of storytelling and the rotoscope animation it uses during gameplay. The alien world Lester ends up marooned in is filled with hostile animals, violent earthquakes, and dangerous intelligent humanoids. Lester soon finds himself captured, but manages to escape with a friendly alien and obtains a powerful blaster.

Players will have to jump over pits and other deadly obstacles in this platformer, as well as avoid a variety of traps. Lester can crouch, run, jump and fire his laser gun to defend himself. The gun can also be charged up to create a shield that will temporarily protect the player from enemy fire. Lester will die immediately if he is hit by enemy lasers, falls into a trap, or if an alien beast gets him, but players get infinite chances to complete the game. Passwords are also given out after important checkpoints have been passed. Out of this World is about 10-15 hours long and is also known as Another World.

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