Oddworld Adventures (GameBoy)

Developer: Saffire

Publisher: GT Interactive

Release Date: December 4, 1998

System: GameBoy

Genre: Platfromer

Players: 1


Oddworld Adventures is a port of the original Oddworld that was stripped down to fit on the GameBoy. As such, it only features a small part of the original game. As Abe, a humble Mudokon, the player is tasked with passing through the Paramonian Temple, which is a rite of passage. Successfully completing the trial will allow Abe to use the power of the ShryKull, a mighty demigod that can fry enemies with electricity. With his newfound power, Abe will be able to save creatures that are sacred to his people.

To complete the trial, players must traverse a number of side scrolling stages that involve all sorts of hazards. Man eating paramites, chasms, and deadly traps are just a few of the things Abe must foil to reach his goal. Abe has no weapons, so he must rely on agility and wits to get past the dangers of the temple. Players will have to find ways to cross deadly pits and trick creatures like the paramites by feeding or distracting them.

This title uses a password system as a save feature.

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