Nuclear Strike (PS1)

Developer/Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release Date: August 1997

Genre: Military Action

System: PlayStation

Players: 1


Nuclear Strike places players in command of a modified Apache helicopter. General Earle, leader of the STRIKE Team sends Hack, Andrea, and the player on a mission to investigate suspicious activity in the fictional country of Indocine. The STRIKE Team soon learns that the events in Indocine are part of a far larger plot. Players fly their Super Apache through six missions. Each mission takes place in a sandbox where players are generally free to explore, fight, and complete objectives. Mission objectives vary from rescuing important characters to destroying heavily guarded facilities.

The Super Apache comes equipped with a powerful vulcan cannon, rockets, and missiles. Players will need to pick up fuel and armor plating scattered around each mission area to keep their heli in the sky. Nuclear Strike features a bonus stage and allows players to continue via save file or password.

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