Nemesis (Game Boy)

Developer: Konami 

Publisher: Ultra

Release Date: April 1990

Genre: Shooter 

Players: 1


Nemesis is a shooter from Konami that is considered part of the Gradius series. In this space themed shoot ’em up, players assume the role of a futuristic police officer who is hunting down an interplanetary crime boss known as King Nemesis. However, the real star of the game is the Proteus 911, a highly sophisticated space fighter that the player must pilot through several enemy packed stages. Nemesis uses the same power up system as its predecessor, Gradius, where players collect pods dropped by enemies that can be spent to upgrade their ship. Each upgrade comes with a “cost” that requires players to collect multiple pods in order to purchase the desired upgrade. For example, a speed upgrade only costs one pod, while a missile upgrade requires two pods. Five levels, each with a boss at the end, await players. 

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