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Release Data

Developer/Publisher: Tecmo

Release Date: November 1997

System: Sony PlayStation 

Genre: Action RPG

Players: 1-2


Monster Rancher is an Action RPG where players raise creatures and have them battle in arena tournaments. Monsters need to be cared for and can take jobs or training sessions to increase their stats. Jobs earn money that can be used for the care and upkeep of monsters, while training sessions cost money, but yield greater stat increases. Players need to feed their monsters and give them rest to keep them healthy. More monsters can be obtained at the shrine or by combining two monsters to produce a creature that’s a fusion of the original creatures. Monsters age or can die in battle under extreme circumstances, so players will need to eventually replace their pets. It’s also possible to freeze a monster, which keeps it from aging.

Arena battles take place in real time elimination rounds where players can battle one another or the computer. During battle, players can choose how to move their monster and what abilities it can use. Winning an arena tournament awards players with special items and/or money. NPCs occasionally visit the ranch, offering special missions or store discounts. Monster Rancher also makes it possible for players to get special monsters by inserting a compact disc into their PlayStation during monster creation. Certain music CDs and games produce special monsters, while others guarantee that the player will get a specific monster type.


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