Micro Mages (NES/PC)

Developer: Morphcat Games

Publisher: Morphcat Games UG

Release Date: May 1, 2019

Genre: Platformer

System: Nintendo Entertainment System and PC (Steam)

Players: 1-4


Micro Mages is an 8-Bit platformer that was developed for both the NES and modern PCs. Players control one of four mages who are on a quest to rescue the princess who was captured and taken to the Demon Fortress. The mages can fire bolts of magic at monsters, scale walls, and find treasures that grant them a number of powers.

Micro Mages consists of four main areas that are composed of several smaller levels. Each stage has a boss at the end that must be defeated in order to move on. Players are given a limited number of lives to complete the game and can obtain more by finding 1-Ups hidden in each level. Checkpoints allow players to continue at predetermined points in each level if they die. This title also features a password continue system and a Hard Mode that can be unlocked by completing the game.

While this game is compatible with the Nintendo Entertainment System, players will need to purchase the cartridge or transfer the ROM which comes with the Steam version onto a flashcart like the Everdrive to play it on the NES.

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