Metal Gear (NES)

Developer: Konami

Publisher: Ultra

Release Date: June 1988

Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System

Genre: Action Adventure/Stealth

Players: 1


Metal Gear is the first game in the famous stealth series by Hideo Kojima. This particular version is an NES remake of the original MSX2 release. Solid Snake, a special operative, is tasked with rescuing an ally named Grey Fox and destroying a mysterious weapon code named Metal Gear. The task will not be easy as Snake’s goals are located in the heavily guarded Outer Heaven compound. To complete his mission, Snake must sneak past enemy soldiers and battle powerful bosses. He will also need to locate a variety of items that will allow him to move around safely in Outer Heaven.

Metal Gear uses a top down perspective and players will have to sneak past most enemies in order to conserve ammo and avoid raising the alarm. They will also have to watch out for concealed mines and the game’s notorious hidden pitfall traps, just to name a few of the hazards that Snake faces on his mission. Players will find a variety of items and weapons that will make exploring Outer Heaven a bit less deadly. Mine Detectors can warn Snake of the presence of nearby mines. Key cards open locked doors and Rations can refill Snake’s life meter. Weapons like grenade launchers, hand guns, and machine guns are also scattered around the compound. Snake can also use his transceiver to get tips and mission updates from Big Boss. Metal Gear allows players to save their game using a password system.  

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