Mega Man X7 (PS2) Boss Guide

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Mega Man X7 (PS2) Boss Guide

~By tankMage (April 2019)


  Mega Man X7 deviates from older titles in the series in a number of ways, though the core concept remains the same. As a result, it’s important to understand the eccentricities of this title in order to enjoy it and I suggest browsing the Tips for New Players section if this is your first time picking this game up. I’ve also included detailed strategies for the bosses as well as the locations of power ups. However, this guide does not document the locations of the Reploids, because those that award the player with Chip Items are in plain sight and are not in danger of being destroyed. Thanks for using this guide and enjoy Mega Man X7!


1. Boss Order

2. Tips for New Players

3. The Mavericks

   a. Soldier Stonekong (Deep Forest)

   b. Tornado Tonion (Radio Tower)

   c. Splash Warfly (Battleship)

   d. Flame Hyenard (Lava Factory)

   e. Ride Boarsky (Central Circuit)

   f. Snipe Anteater (Cyber Field)

   g. Wind Crowrang (Air Forces)

   h. Vanishing Gungaroo (Tunnel Base)

4. Final Bosses

   a. Steamroller Mechaloid (Palace Road)

   b. Red (Crimson Palace)

   c. Maverick Rematches

   d. Sigma

5. Upgrades

   a. Heart Tanks

   b. Life Subtanks

   c. EX Tank

   d. Weapon Subtank

   e. Upgrade Capsules (X Only)

1. Boss Order

   There are two boss orders that I think work fairly well. The first starts with Soldier Stonekong who is easy to defeat, while the second starts with Vanishing Gungaroo, who will give Axl the mighty G-Launcher. That said, Gungaroo is one of the more difficult Mavericks, especially early in the game when your attack power is low and your shots barely damage him. You will need some patience to destroy Gungaroo unless you are familiar with the game or put the upgrade Chips from his stage into Zero or Axl’s power. It is also possible to easily defeat Gungaroo if you enter his room while in ride armor that will give you tons of extra health and damage.

1. Soldier Stonekong (Deep Forest)

2. Tornado Tonion (Radio Tower)

3. Splash Warfly (Battleship)

4. Flame Hyenard (Lava Factory)

5. Ride Boarsky (Central Circuit)

6. Snipe Anteater (Cyber Field)

7. Wind Crowrang (Air Forces)

8. Vanishing Gungaroo (Tunnel Base)


1. Vanishing Gungaroo (Tunnel Base)

2. Soldier Stonekong (Deep Forest)

3. Tornado Tonion (Radio Tower)

4. Splash Warfly (Battleship)

5. Flame Hyenard (Lava Factory)

6. Ride Boarsky (Central Circuit)

7. Snipe Anteater (Cyber Field)

8. Wind Crowrang (Air Forces)

2. Tips for New Players

1. Don’t worry about saving all of the Reploids: Collecting the stranded Reploids can permanently increase your hero’s life, weapon energy, and/or grant them two customizable upgrades per stage. Only the hero that collects the Reploid will receive the bonus unless it is one of the special Chip Items. The situation is complicated by the fact that some of these Reploids can die if hit by hazards or enemy attacks. This may cause completionists to freak out (I know I did), but missing a Reploid isn’t a big deal for the following reasons.

a. MMX7 was meant to be played more than once and you can always max out your heroes on the second or third playthrough.

b. None of the Reploids that give you Chip Items can die (as far as I can tell) so you’re not missing much if you don’t rescue one in time.

c. It is not possible to fully power up all three characters on the first playthrough. As a result, missing a Reploid is not the end of the world.

d. Life and weapon energy bonuses do not carry over into New Game +.

2. Power up Zero and Axl first: Eventually you will get X, either by collecting 64 Reploids or after defeating the 8 Mavericks. While it may be tempting to use X right away, he probably won’t be able to collect enough power ups to be really effective the first time around. It’s better to develop Axl and Zero first, especially by increasing their power and speed stats. Power will not only increase the damage of their main weapons, but the third rank will decrease incoming damage by 50%. Speed will improve things like Axl’s rate of fire and Zero’s combo as well as giving their movement abilities a much needed boost. These characters are also the easiest to fight certain bosses with, though X is very powerful in his own right.

3. Game Overs are not a big deal: Even veterans of the Mega Man series may have trouble with this game at first thanks to the awkward controls and RPG-like mechanics. Don’t worry if you die and have to continue, Mega Man X7 is very forgiving and you will likely start near where you left off. If you had to continue on a boss fight, you will start in the boss’s chamber. As an added bonus, you will get any power ups from collecting Reploids that you earned upon continuing.

6. Use the D-Pad to move: As counterintuitive as this may seem, the D-Pad is more precise than the left analogue stick for some reason. Using it will give you more control in both 2D and 3D modes. You may also want to remap some of the buttons in order to make them more comfortable.

7. Unlocking X and powering up heroes early on: If you are having trouble, or really want to play as X, you can visit stages and grab as many Reploids as possible, then fail the stage purposely. You need 64 Reploids to unlock X (He also joins when you defeat the Mavericks), which can be done after visiting 5 or 6 stages. You can also do this to build up the characters you want to use before fighting the bosses.

8. The G-Launcher is awesome: Defeating Vanishing Gungaroo will unlock the G-Launcher. This alternate weapon can be used just like his regular gun and requires no weapon energy. It’s also very powerful, despite its slow rate of fire. Gungaroo is one of the more difficult bosses in the game, but his weapon makes him a great first choice if you are patient or are on your second playthrough and have a character with good attack power.

3. The Mavericks

   There are eight Mavericks the player must defeat in order to challenge the final boss. The order in which you fight these bosses is very important, because they will give you a special weapon that can be used against another boss. Axl and X get the same weapons from each boss, but Zero will get a special move in most cases. X and Axl’s weapons are shown first under the boss name in this guide, while Zero’s is listed second.

a. Soldier Stonekong (Deep Forest)

Weakness: Explosion, Hadengeki

Reward: Gaea Shield, Gokumonken

   Soldier Stonekong’s lair is a circular area that is broken up by lethal fire pits. He will often jump and dash along the ring that makes up the arena, sometimes swinging his huge sword in a downward chop. Soldier can also throw his shield which will circumnavigate the arena, leaving him highly vulnerable to your attacks. When Soldier climbs onto the pillar in the center of the arena, he is about to execute his most powerful move: a boulder that splits in half and flies around the room. The two halves of the boulder will explode when they get close to each other. Use Zero’s double jump to hop over the explosion or Axl’s hover ability to float in between them.

   Stay just out of this boss’s range with Axl and fire away at him when he swings his sword. Jump over the shield if he throws it and fire some rapid shots at him. His sword can be destroyed if it takes enough damage and Axl can even target it. Destroying the sword will prompt the boss to throw his shield more frequently, leaving him exposed more often. Kong is also an easy target when clinging to the pillar, but you will have to move to avoid his boulder attack. Switch to Zero early on to get a few good hits in on him, then use Axl’s range to your advantage for the rest of the fight. The G-Launcher can destroy Stonekong in short order, so use it if you have it.

b. Tornado Tonion (Radio Tower)

Weakness: Gaea Shield, Gokumonken

Reward: Volt Tornado, Raijinshou

   Tornado Tonion has a very simple moveset that is true to his name, because he predominately spins around creating a tornado. Keep in mind he is only vulnerable when attacking or if you’ve managed to destroy his plates. Sometimes he will extend the plates around his body while spinning, increasing the range of the attack. He will create a wall of plates and send them in the player’s direction, but they can be easily jumped over. Tonion also extends his plates (or petals if you will) from his arm like a sword and sweep it back and forth. The first sweep is low and can be jumped over. The second sweep comes in high and should be dashed away from. Rarely, Tonion will go in the center of the room and fire his petals at you in a fan pattern. Stay near the border of the room to avoid this attack.

   Gaea Shield will damage this boss and knock him back, as will Raijinshou. You will have to get close to use it and it is best used when Tonion is performing his spin attack, since this is when he is vulnerable to damage. This is especially important for Axl, who has limited weapon energy. Get a few good hits in on this boss and he should go down fairly easily. He also makes a good first boss, but you will have to fight him carefully, since Axl’s weapon does little damage to him. Zero’s Gokumonken works extremely well on Tonion, but make sure you hold Square long enough for Zero to flash so he executes it correctly.

c. Splash Warfly (Battle Ship)

Weakness: Volt Tornado, Raijinshou

Reward: Splash Laser, Suiretsusen

   Splash Warfly will often charge at you with his glaive. Sometimes he will follow up his glaive dash with a whirling attack, but neither move has much range. Splash will also run around the small area while spinning his weapon, then dive into the water. While submerged he may fire homing missiles. Watch out for Splash’s super attack where he will raise his glaive, fire off two homing missiles, and cause lightning to strike around him. He will also spout water at you, but this move is slow and easy to dodge. Staying mobile is a good way to avoid these moves, but do not fall off of the platforms or you will die. You can also jump from one platform to another to get out of the boss’s way.

   Volt Tornado and Raijinshou work really well against Splash. Both attacks will knock him back and force him to return to the water. Zero’s Raijinshou is actually the better weapon to use in this battle, because you can time his attack so that it hits Splash right as he lands on the platform. Do not try to hit him with it while he charging you, however. Volt Tornado also works well, but you will have to set it up so that it hits Splash while he is charging you or it may miss him altogether. The best way to use Volt Tornado is to stand in the center of the platform and face the boss while you activate it, that way he will either charge into it or it will hit him when it starts moving.

d. Flame Hyenard (Lava Factory)

Weakness: Splash Laser, Suiretsusen

Reward: Circle Blaze, Bakuenjin

   Flame is a tricky boss, because he will send two clones that throw fireballs to attack you. A giant robotic caribou patrols the perimeter of the circular platform you are on. It will fire volleys of missiles at you, making life all the more difficult. Do not bother attacking the Hyenard clones, the boss will just make more. Run up to the caribou and shoot one of its legs until it stops moving, then climb up the leg. You will see the real Hyenard standing on the head of the caribou. Ready the Splash Laser as Axl and hover over to him, then fire it while still in mid air when you get in range. If done correctly, you will damage him and land safely on the caribou’s neck. Stay mobile and follow a circular path from the shoulders to the neck to avoid getting hit by the missiles. The pattern is simple and you can easily kill the boss with it, but there is little room for error, because falling from the caribou will almost certainly be fatal.

   Do not step in the center of the caribou’s back, because Hyenard will jump from its head and call his clones who will circle you, throwing fireballs. They will also pounce you if you try to leave the circle, dealing significant damage. If that’s not bad enough, this makes hitting the real boss very difficult. You may notice that he will jump from the head if you approach the lower end of the neck, but don’t worry, because he will return to the head if you stay on the neck/shoulders. Suiretsusen, Zero’s Triangle button attack with the D-Glaive equipped, deals some major damage to Flame, so consider using it if you run into problems with Axl.

Note: Destroying the antlers on the giant caribou’s head will stop it from firing missiles, though it takes a lot of damage to break them.

e. Ride Boarsky (Central Circuit)

Weakness: Circle Blaze, Bakuenjin

Reward: Moving Wheel, Zankourin

   Ride Boarsky is very easy if you use Axl. Stay near the center of the arena to avoid the bombs the enemies near the sides toss and use Axl’s hover to dodge Ride Boarsky when he charges. This boss will spawn several wheels that roll towards you, but hovering makes it impossible for them to hit Axl. He also creates an energy beam shaped like the spokes of a wheel that will rotate a few times before disappearing. A combination of jumping and hovering makes it easy to evade the spokes. Use Circle Blaze to damage this boss. If you time your attacks so that you fire another Circle Blaze just before he gets up, you can stun lock him with the explosions. Use Axl’s normal weapon to finish the boss off if you run out of weapon energy.

f. Snipe Anteater (Cyber Field)

Weakness: Moving Wheel, Zankourin

Reward: Sniper Missile, Hieijin

   Snipe is perhaps the most annoying of the Mavericks, because he tends to move around the cylinder that constitutes the battlefield, often roaming out of your reach. At first he will fire a shockwave that travels down the center of the tube that can only be avoided by moving to the edge of the field. Get too close to Snipe and he will slash you with his claws. After taking some damage, the boss will circle the tube while spawning ants that explode on contact with the player. Watch out for the deadly drones he unleashes when he is down to about half of his life bar. The projectiles from these drones are hard to dodge, try to stay to the boss’s sides and keep moving. You will also have evade the guided missiles he fires.

   Sadly, there’s no easy strategy to this fight unless you have a fully powered X and spam his charged shot. Otherwise it’s a good idea to have Axl (or a weaker X) alternate between firing their main weapon and the Moving Wheel at Snipe. Technically, this boss is weak against Moving Wheel, but it does little damage to him and often misses. Use the Moving Wheel when you have a clear shot and fire your main weapon at him even while the wheel is active to deal more damage. Use a Life Subtank or swap heroes if your health gets low. Zero is a good choice when Snipe releases his drones, because he can deflect their beams and deal quite a bit of damage to the boss with his Z-Saber. In fact, Zero can make short work of Snipe Anteater if you have upgraded him, but he will have difficulty hitting him when he is on the sides of the cylinder, though Zankourin can help.

g. Wind Crowrang (Air Forces)

Weakness: Sniper Missile, Hieijin

Reward: Wind Cutter, Souenbu

   This 2D battle starts out with Wind Crowrang flying about in the background and throwing his blades at you. Jump and run to avoid these or use Zero’s Z-Saber to destroy them. Eventually he will fire homing missiles at you, then land in front of you with a close range blade attack. At this point Wind will slash at you with his blades, advancing a step with each swipe and finishing with a rolling slice. Wind can also dash and will often leap into the air, then crash down on your hero. His most powerful attack is a tall energy wave he emits that will travel to the right and left. Dashing and Zero’s double jump are great for avoiding this boss’s attacks.

   Hieijin and Sniper Missile work well against this boss, but it’s difficult to hit him while he is in the background. In fact I’ve only been able to use Zero’s Hieijin to hit him after he fires his homing missiles. Play evasively and focus on dodging Wind’s blades when he is in the background. When he lands, use your special weapons to stun him. The boss will often counter with a dive after being hit with Sniper Missile/Hieijin, so get out of his way and fire another volley at him in retaliation. About a dozen solid hits should be enough to defeat Wind Crowrang.

h. Vanishing Gungaroo (Tunnel Base)

Weakness: Wind Cutter, Souenbu

Reward: Explosion, Suiretsusen

   Vanishing Gungaroo will start the battle in ride armor shaped like a giant kangaroo. He will dash punch towards you and emit a series of energy fields that slowly move forward. Use Axl to fight him and dash around just out of the boss’s range while firing at him. Gungaroo predictably hops a lot, but you will be safe if you dash away the moment he tries to jump on Axl. Remember this arena is smaller than it looks thanks to the force fields around it, so do not let Gungaroo pin you. Don’t get greedy with shots either, just fire a few then dash away. Gungaroo’s ride armor will explode after you hit it a few dozen times and the second part of the fight will commence.

   Gungaroo will hop around and execute a flaming uppercut when out of his armor. Stay away from him and keep firing on him. He also has a move where he performs a wall jump kick and shouts “Triangle!” which is your cue to dash away. On occasion, Gungaroo will shoot an energy bolt that travels in a straight line. He will power up after you get him down to 50% health and will be able to inflict more damage as well as move faster. The Wind Cutter and Souenbu can really slow Gungaroo down as well as damage him. This is another fight where Zero shines thanks to the long range attack of Souenbu. You can also shred this boss with Souenbu at close range. The Wind Cutter can stun lock Gungaroo if you time your attacks so they hit just as his invincibility wears off, just keep in mind he can break out of the pattern by blocking.

Special Tip: If you clear the room before this boss of all enemies with your ride armor intact (you will have to actually be in it) it will be waiting for you in the battle with Gungaroo. This is a major bonus, since it deals heavy damage and grants you an extra life bar.

4. Final Bosses

a. Steamroller Mechaloid (Palace Road)

Weakness: Circle Fire, Bakuenjin

   After chasing you throughout the stage, the Steamroller will stop and fight. He will often release discs from the sides of the cylinder on his front end, which will hunt you down. Luckily, these discs can  be destroyed without too much trouble. He will also rear up and fire a massive beam that he will slowly sweep across the screen. Stay close to Steamroller and simply walk out of the beam’s way. Finally, he will roll off screen and quickly race back and forth a few times in an attempt to hit you.

  Axl is great for this boss, because his hover ability allows him to fly over its charging attack. X can use his glide ability to similar effect, but it’s not as good, since he loses altitude as he glides. Circle Fire should be your weapon of choice here. Hit the boss’s front end with it to destroy the cylinder, which will prevent him from spawning discs. Zero’s Bakuenjin and Z-Saber also deal a lot of damage to the Steamroller, but you’ll have to get in close since Bakuenjin will burn through weapon energy really quickly.

b. Red (Crimson Palace)

Weakness: Sniper Missile, Hieijin, G-Launcher

   Red is a fairly dangerous fight thanks to the fact that you are constantly in peril of falling into the massive pit that dominates this room. To make matters worse, he creates doubles of himself that throw scythes at you and you must jump to a different pillar to avoid them. You will also have to watch out for the large energy bolt the real Red fires as a counterattack. On occasion, Red will create blue tornadoes that appear on random pillars. These tornadoes deal a moderate amount of damage and you should jump off of the pillar you are on if you see a blue circle forming under you. He can also attack at close range with his scythe.

   Zero and Axl are the best choices for this fight. Sniper Missile and Hieijin deal a respectable amount of damage, but you can also get away with charged X-Buster shots. The G-Launcher is also a solid choice and Explosion can really put a dent in Red’s life bar. Fight Red patiently and keep an eye on him, because he tends to teleport to another pillar when you get close and his clones are a constant threat. At about half health, his attack pattern will change and he will spawn farther away from his clones after teleporting.

c. Maverick Rematches

   If you are familiar with my Mega Man guides, you probably know that I provide detailed instructions on how to approach the boss rematches that inevitably appear in every game in the series. Boss rematches usually require a little strategy to pull off smoothly. However, this is not the case with MMX7. The game will provide the player with a weapon and life energy orb that will completely restore your reserves as well as fill your subtanks after every battle. Needless to say, this eliminates the need for careful planning since you will go into every battle with full health. Here are the few tips that I can provide that may be helpful in these battles:

1. The Mavericks are slightly more powerful than when you first fought them. The change is subtle and barely perceptible, but it can make a difference if you happen to have a lot of trouble fighting certain Mavericks.

2. Gaea Shield is slightly less effective against Tornado Tonion than it was the first time around and will barely damage him. Fortunately, Zero’s Gokumonken will take massive chunks out of Tonion’s life bar and all Zero has to do is hold Square to block until Tonion touches him.

3. Give the life refill that appears after each battle to whoever needs health more.

4. Do not be stingy with sub tanks, you’re guaranteed a full refill after each battle.

d. Sigma

Phase 1 (Gunner Sigma)

Weaknesses: G-Launcher

   Sigma starts out with a big gun and an even bigger cannon that he whips out occasionally. With his smaller gun drawn, he will fire a series of bullets that bounce around the room before phasing towards you and popping up behind you. Move when Sigma vanishes and stop shooting when he starts blocking. Afterwards he may fly into the background and strafe you, but you can keep from getting hit by dashing. Sometimes he will pull out a big cannon, duck to avoid the beam. Axl’s G-Launcher works best in this fight, but the X-Buster and Z-Saber are also ok.

Phase 2 (Colossal Sigma)

Weakness: Z-Saber*, Hieijin, G-Launcher

*Use the Z-Saber to deflect attacks back at Sigma.

   As his name implies, Colossal Sigma is huge and you only have a series of narrow platforms to fight on. Sigma will often perform an attack, then vanish. He’ll either reappear in the distance or nearby. He can fire huge green orbs into the air that fall to the ground before exploding. Use Zero’s saber to destroy them or hop to a different spot as they are falling. He also gets close and emits fireballs aimed at your hero, which must be dodged or deflected with the Z-Saber. Every now and then he will teleport into the distance and launch fireballs that track you, but running is enough to shake them. His worst attack is his flying punch, because there is little indication that he will perform it, so move out of the way quick if you think he will use this move and stay away from the back of the platform so you don’t fall from it if he hits you. Finally, Sigma fires a purple beam from his chest and sweeps it back and forth, this can be avoided with a double jump or by hovering.

   Zero and Axl are great for this fight. Zero’s Hieijin is one of the few (perhaps only) weapons that can hit Sigma at medium range, plus he can deflect Sigma’s fireballs back at him when he is at close range or destroy them completely. Axl’s G-Launcher is only really useful when Sigma comes in close, but it deals a lot of damage to him, making Axl a good backup choice. Explosion also depletes Sigma’s health quite a bit and seems to deflect his fireballs. All in all, this final battle is not terribly difficult. Use a few lives to get used to the boss’s movement patterns (though there’s a good chance you can beat him on your first try) then go all out once you are comfortable fighting him and heal with Life Subtanks. Victory will be yours once Colossal Sigma falls.

5. Upgrades

   There are a variety of upgrades available for your characters. Heart Tanks increase the health of the hero that picks them up. Weapon and Life Subtanks can be used to refill your character’s health/weapon energy, but need to be filled with energy drops from enemies. The EX Tank will permanently grant you two extra lives. X has a number of upgrades that he can find and getting them all will unlock Glide Armor X. Only X’s Glide Armor and Chip Items from Reploids carry over into New Game +, so keep this in mind during subsequent playthroughs.

a. Heart Tanks

1. Air Forces/Wind Crowrang- A heavily damaged red airplane is located near the end of the first section of the stage. Stay on it and a Heart Tank will fall from the sky. Jump up to get it. You may have to sacrifice a life for this one.

2. Tunnel Base/Vanishing Gungaroo- There’s a room filled with pillars and robots that you must defeat to move on near the end of this stage. Climb to the top of one of the pillars near the entrance to find the Heart Tank.

3. Deep Forest/Soldier Stonekong- Huge stone heads are scattered around this stage. Look for one that is positioned next to a circular metal ruin (it should be the sixth stone head you encounter) and destroy it to reveal an Heart Tank.

4. Radio Tower/Tornado Tonion- After defeating the giant crab, you will have to negotiate some areas with platforms that vanish and reappear. A Heart Tank is hidden in the second set of platforms. To get it, jump off of the first platform, before the second one fully materializes to grab the tank.

5. Battleship/Splash Warfly- Look behind some crates to your left just after fighting the three headed sea serpent and you will get a Heart Tank.

6. Lava Factory/Flame Hyenard-  In the second area of this stage, you will fight two large robots on a circular platform. At the end of the platform is a plank that leads to a pipe with a Heart Tank sitting on it. Use Axl’s hover ability to safely obtain the heart or just jump onto the pipe.

7. Central Circuit/Ride Boarsky- After making a jump from a ramp, you will see neon-pink lines on the road. Look for some exploding crates to the right, the Heart Tank is hidden behind the second set of crates.

8. Cyber Field/Snipe Anteater- You will encounter orange platforms that allow you to walk on the underside of stage after the first part of the level. The Heart Tank is to the left, a few spaces from the entrance. Go to the second orange platform you see and jump up to teleport to the reverse side. Walk over to the orange platform to the left of the green stone head and use it to reach the Heart Tank.

b. Life Subtanks

Tunnel Base/Vanishing Gungaroo- This subtank is located in the same pillar filled room as the Heart Tank in this stage. Climb up the pillar in the northwest part of the room to find it.

Battleship/Splash Warfly- You will encounter a wall with built in turrets in the second part of the battleship, just before fighting the three headed sea serpent. Check behind the crate to the left after you jump over the wall to find the Life Subtank.

c. EX Tank

Deep Forest/Soldier Stonekong- Have Zero stand on top of of the final stone head in the stage and let it rise into the foliage. You should see the EX Tank in an open space in the leaves to the left. Double jump over to the tank to collect it.

d. Weapon Subtank

Ride Boarsky/Central Circuit- You will see a series of crates just after some wrecked cars near the beginning of the stage. Check behind the crates to the left to get the Weapon Tank.

e. Upgrade Capsules (X Only)

Air Forces/Wind Crowrang [Armor Upgrade]- Once inside the main ship, you will come to an area where the path splits into three separate hallways. Go down the one on your left to find the Armor Upgrade Capsule.

Deep Forest/Soldier Stonekong [Boost Upgrade]- After the crossing over an area filled with spikes you will see two stone heads stacked on top of each other. Climb up them and jump over to the tree branch on your left to find the Boost Upgrade Capsule.

Lava Factory/Flame Hyendard [X-Buster Upgrade]- This upgrade is hidden under the platform where you fight the second sea serpent enemy in the first area.

Snipe Anteater/Cyber Field [Helmet Upgrade]- Near the end of the stage you will see an upgrade capsule on a large orange platform. Just above it is a samurai that walks between an orange gate that is flanked by two orange platforms. Use the closer of the two platforms (the one to the far right will take you to the end of the stage) and head right to get to the large orange platform that is home to the Helmet Upgrade.

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