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Release Data

Developer/Publisher: Capcom

Release Date: January 1994

Genre: Platformer

System: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Players: 1


Mega Man X was created by Capcom and released for the SNES in 1994. This installment in the franchise takes place a century after the original series and features Dr. Light’s final creation, X, a fully sentient robot. X is discovered sealed in a capsule by the scientist Dr. Cain, who decides to create other robots based on Dr. Light’s design, which become known as Reploids. Eventually some of the Reploids become hostile to humans and wage an open war against them. These rebellious Reploids are dubbed “Mavericks” and X, along with his friend Zero, become Maverick Hunters. Unfortunately, Sigma, the leader of the Hunters defects to the side of the Mavericks, leaving X and Zero to fight the enemy alone.

As a spinoff, this title retains much of the structure of the original series, while adding new ideas to the formula. Players must clear eight initial stages, each of which has its own unique boss. Defeating the boss of each stage will earn the player a new weapon. Once all eight bosses have been beaten, the player can challenge the final set of stages to complete the game.

Every boss has a specific weakness, much like in the original series, and the player is free to challenge the first eight levels in any order. A new upgrade system, that allows players to discover hidden capsules that improve X’s defense, weapon systems, and even give him the ability to dash has been added to Mega Man X. Players can also find Heart Tanks that increase X’s health and refillable Sub Tanks that can be used to replenish his life energy. There are 13 stages that players must conquer in order to complete Mega Man X.


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