Mega Man (NES)

Developer: Capcom       

Release date: 1987 (USA)

Players: 1                          

Platform: NES

Genre: Platformer


   This is the game that started it all: Mega Man for the Nintendo entertainment system. In this title, our hero must battle six robots who are under the control of the nefarious Dr. Wiley. Mega Man, one of Dr. Light’s first creations, has a unique weapon that can mimic the powers of the other robot masters. This gives him a tremendous edge over his opponents since he can use their weaknesses against them. The going won’t be easy, though, since Wiley has laid several traps and barricaded himself in a fortress filled with mechanized monstrosities. While Mega Man is a traditional side scroller, the player is given the option to play it’s initial six stages in any order. The boss that waits at the end of each stage is weak to a weapon that must be obtained from another boss, so finding each boss’s weakness is an important strategy if you want to be victorious. As a sidescroller, this title features plenty of platforming and there are all sorts enemy robots, pitfalls, and deadly traps that the player must contend with. Fortunately, players will also find extra lives, energy refills, and other powerups that drop from enemies or left lying around the stages.

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