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Release Data

Developer/Publisher: Capcom

Release Date: December , 1992

System: Game Boy

Genre: Platformer

Players: 1


Mega Man III is a Game Boy adaptation of the original NES title of the same name. In this version, Mega Man must battle Dr. Wily who has taken over an oil platform and begun drilling deep into the Earth’s core in hope of harnessing its power. If successful, Wily plans on using the energy to power his nefarious creations. Familiar villains from previous games make an appearance as robot masters in Mega Man III. These robot masters include Snake Man, Drill Man, Spark Man, Dust Man, and more. Players will also have to battle a new creation of Wily’s that is simply known as Punk.

In Mega Man III, players are free to battle the first four robot masters in any order. Beating a boss will award Mega Man with his weapon, which happens to be the weakness of one of the other bosses. Mega Man will be able to confront the second set of robot masters once the first three have been beaten. After beating the second set of robot masters, players can explore Dr. Wily’s castle, which is filled with traps and powerful guardians.

One thing that’s notable about Mega Man III is Mega Man’s upgraded Mega Buster, which can be charged to deal extra damage. Players will also have access to Rush, who can be used as a springboard to propel Mega Man onto higher platforms. This game also uses a password system as its continue feature.


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