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Release Data

Developer: Biox

Publisher: Capcom 

Release Date: February 1992

System: Game Boy

Genre: Platformer

Players: 1


Mega Man II is a Game Boy adaptation of the original NES title of the same name. Mega Man must fight Dr. Wily once again, but this time Wily is aided by a mysterious robot named Quint. Players are free to choose the order in which they tackle the first four stages. A robot master from the original Mega Man II waits for Mega Man at the end of each stage. Defeat the boss and you will get its weapon. Each weapon has different abilities and will prove effective against a particular boss. For example, the Metal Blade flies in a straight line and can be aimed in any direction, while the Leaf Shield forms a protective barrier around the hero. 

The second half of the game features four more bosses and their stages. Players will get each robot master’s weapon as he or she defeats them and can explore the stages in any order. Mega man has the help of Rush, his robot dog companion, this time around and can use Rush to bounce high into the air or travel underwater in submarine form. Players will also find Energy Tanks that can be used to refill Mega Man’s health at any time. The game provides players with passwords that allow them to pick up where they left off, though this only applies to the first eight stages.


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