Mega Man 8 (PSX)


Genre: Action/Platformer                                                        

Developer: Capcom

Release date:  December 17, 1996                                          

System: Playstation

Players: 1


    Mega Man 8 follows the same formula as it’s predecessors: the player is given a choice of stages that can be beaten in any order. At the end of each stage waits a robot master that Mega Man must fight. Defeating the boss rewards the player with a new weapon that is more powerful than the standard MegaBuster and super effective against particular bosses. Players can also upgrade Mega Man in a number of ways by using bolts found in each level to purchase powerups like burst fire. Rush, Mega Man’s robotic dog, makes his appearance in this title as well and can assist players in a number of ways that range from dropping healing items to turning into a motorcycle that one can ride. MM8 also features the obligatory platforming that comes with the genre, so be ready to jump and shoot your way to glory. This installation of Mega Man’s story is told primarily through a series of animated cut scenes. The game begins with two mysterious robots fighting just outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Both machines crash down to the planet’s surface and begin emitting a strange energy that Dr. Wiley is very interested in. Mega Man immediately sets out to intercept the enigmatic automaton before the nefarious Dr. Wiley can get his paws on it.

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