Mega Man 4 (NES)


Publisher/Developer: Capcom

System: Nintendo Entertainment System

Genre: Platformer/Run and Gun

Players: 1

Release Date: 1992 (NA)


   The Blue Bomber is back again in Mega Man 4 with an improved Mega Buster that can fire powerful charged shots. A mysterious new foe known as Dr. Cassock has filled the vacuum left after Dr. Wiley’s defeat and is terrorizing the world with his own robot army. Our hero must face off against eight new robot masters and defeat Cassock in order to restore peace to the world. Mega Man’s robotic companion, Rush, is also back along with a new friend, Eddie (AKA Flip Top) who will occasionally help players out by dropping off a recovery item. The first eight stages can be played in any order and Mega Man will receive a new weapon upon defeating a boss that can be used against the other robot masters.

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