Mega Man 3 (NES)


Developer/Publisher: Capcom                

Genre: Platformer

Players: 1                                                      

Release date: September 1990

System: NES


     The third entry in the Mega Man franchise is a run and gun style platformer, much like it’s predecessors. Mega Man 3 added some new characters like Rush the Robodog and the mysterious Break Man to the series. The endgame has also been expanded by four stages. As usual the player can choose to challenge the initial eight stages in any order they desire and must defeat a boss at the end in order to move forward. Victory will reward the player with a new weapon that is more effective against certain enemies, especially bosses. Of course, no Mega Man game is complete without special tools that allow the Blue Bomber to bypass obstacles and MM3 is no exception thanks to Rush the robotic dog who can transform into a jet, submarine or a spring board that can propel our hero into the air.

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