Mega Man 2 (NES)


Developer/Publisher: Capcom                                  

Platform: NES

Release date: June 1989 (North America)              

Players: 1

Genre: Platformer


    Dr. Wiley has returned with eight brand new robot masters and an improved fortress in Mega Man 2. Dr. Light, knowing that only Mega Man can defeat the madman, sends the Blue Bomber off to save the world a second time. Mega Man 2 builds upon the original by adding more bosses, stages, weapons, and tools. The core gameplay of the first title remains intact in MM2, so players will be required to run a gauntlet of traps and enemy robots in order to reach the boss waiting at the end of each stage. The player will also be rewarded with new weapons along with items that allow him/her to clear obstacles after defeating a robot master, just as in the first game. The North American release on the Nintendo Entertainment System also features two difficulty modes.

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