Mega Bomberman (Genesis)

Developer: Westone (Originally developed by Hudson Soft)

Publisher: Sega

Release Date: 1995

System: Sega Genesis

Genre: Puzzle/Action

Players: 1-4


Mega Bomberman is an action puzzle game made for the Sega Genesis where players must rescue the inhabitants of Planet Bomber from the evil Buglear. This adventure will take Bomberman through over 20 stages where he must blast his way through bad guys and obstacles using his trademark bombs. These stages include a jungle area, castle, and snowy tundra. Each area is protected by a boss that Bomberman has to beat in order to move forward. 

Bomberman has a bag of tricks to help him complete his quest. Players will find remote controlled bombs, bombs that emit long trails of flame, and even protective armor. Bomberman only has a few lives and will normally die from being hit, even if the hit comes from one of his own bombs. Players can continue the game using the built in password system. Mega Bomberman also has a battle mode where two to four players can face off against one another.

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