Lost In Blue (NDS) Save Files

Click the links below to download the desired save game file for Lost In Blue for the Nintendo DS. Click here for information about the Save Archive and instructions. Visit Lost In Blue’s Description Page to learn more about the game.

Download File: LostInBlueKeithRuinsOpened.7z


The ruins are accessible, but not solved in this save file. The cave is fully furnished and has a few supplies.

Emulator Version: r2.3.0.2a

Download File: LostInBlueKeithRuinsComplete.7z


Keith can visit the hideout and finish the game with this save file. The cave is fully furnished and stocked with food and supplies. All of the ruins puzzles have been solved and players can reach the hideout by taking a shortcut at the entrance of the ruins.

Emulator Version: r2.3.0.2a


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