Little Samson (NES)


Developer: Takeru                            

Publisher: Taito

Genre: Platformer                             

Players: 1

Platform: NES

Release date: November 1992 (NA) March 1993 (EU) June 1992 (Japan)


    The kingdom was at peace until the evil wizard, Ta-Keed, broke free from his prison and began conquering the land with a horde of monsters. With his army in ruins, the king had no choice but to send for four mighty warriors to save the realm. Little Samson is a platformer that allows players to switch between four characters, each with his or her own special abilities. The nimble mouse, K.O. can run on water and scale walls. Kikiri the dragon can fly and charge up a fireball attack. Gamm throws mighty punches and can traverse spikes. And last, but not least, Little Samson can jump great heights and throw magic bells long distances. Players will need to master each character’s powers in order to succeed. Alternate paths through the game, hordes of monsters and powerful bosses await the curious in Little Samson.

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