King of Demons [Majyuuou](SNES) Walkthrough

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King of Demons [Majyuuou] Walkthrough

~by tankMage (January 2020)


    King of Demons is a personal favorite of mine that I’ve played through several times. There are very few secrets in this game, but the transformation system is a little opaque and some of the bosses are tough, so I decided to write this walkthrough. Without an English manual, I had to make up names for just about everything, so a lot of the terms that appear in this guide are rather generic. However, the name of the hero, Abel, was taken from the Aeon Genesis translation. Finally, your own experiences with the bosses and stages will likely change depending on what demon form(s) you choose, so keep in mind that some stages will be easier or harder depending on Abel’s form.


1. Controls

2. Transformations

    a. Red Gem

    b. Blue Gem

    c. Green Gem

    d. Black Gem (Red, Green, Blue)

3. Items

4. Getting the Best Ending

5. Gaining Extra Energy and Lives

6. Walkthrough

    a. Stage 1

    b. Stage 2

    c. Stage 3

    d. Stage 4

    e. Stage 5

    f. Stage 6

    g. Stage 7

7. References


1. Controls

Movement – Use the Directional Buttons to move Abel around.

Jumping – The A Button makes Abel jump. Press left or right with the B Button to jump in that direction.

Double Jump – Tap the B Button a second time to jump again while in the air.

Crouching – Hold Down on the D-Pad to crouch.

Rolling – Press the B Button while crouching to roll. This animation will change with Abel’s form.

Normal Attack – The Y Button will fire Abel’s gun or use his demon powers.

Charged Attack – Hold Y until the meter under Abel’s life bar his full, then release it to unleash a super attack.

Drop Kick – Hit Down + Y while jumping to kick downwards.

Picking Up Items – Crouch while standing over a gem to pick it up. 

Eating Enemies – Some of the monsters in King of Demons can be eaten by crouching over their corpses. Eating an enemy will slightly restore Abel’s health and make him invulnerable for a few seconds.

2. Transformations

Abel starts out as a gun wielding human in the beginning of the game. Defeating certain bosses will award the player with a gem that changes colors from Red to Green to Blue. Hitting the gem with an attack will cause it to fall to the ground. Crouch while standing over the gem to pick it up. Collecting three of a specific color gem will make Abel evolve into a more powerful demon. Collecting each type of gem in the order of Red, Green, then Blue will transform Abel into the ultimate demon.

a. Red Gem

This gem will turn Abel into a red demon that can fire spinning claws. These claws have a wide hit box and can easily hit most targets, but they inflict little damage. The red demon’s charge attack has a short range, but deals a decent amount of damage. Abel’s normal roll is replaced by a quick flip.

Collecting three red gems will upgrade the red demon, improving the range and power of all of his attacks.

b. Blue Gem

Taking the blue gem will turn Abel into a blue dragon that can rapidly fire blue orbs. The blue dragon’s charge attack has decent range and great damage. Its roll can cover a long distance and is fairly fast.

The upgraded form of the blue dragon can perform a powerful dash attack in place of its original charged shot. This move will cause Abel to slam into the enemy, but he will become invincible for a second instead of taking damage.

c. Green Gem

Collecting a green gem will turn Abel into a humanoid insect that can fire a piercing laser. Charging the laser will allow Abel to emit a wide energy wave that has medium range and good damage. Players used to using the roll ability of the other forms will likely find that of the green demon a bit slow as he performs a short teleport, but it can also be a powerful tool if used correctly.

After collecting three green gems, the green demon’s beam attack will become stronger and his charged attack will turn into an energy ball that explodes, hitting enemies in a wide radius.

d. Black Gem (Red, Green, Blue)

Gathering the Red, Green, and Blue gems in order will unlock the Black Gem at the end of stage six. Abel will transform into an ultimate demon that can perform powerful attacks. His primary attack is a fireball that deals heavy damage and penetrates enemies. When charged, the fireball creates pillars of flame that crawl along the ground and inflict massive damage. While this move can kill many enemies in a hit, it’s also very slow. Performing a roll will cause Abel to dash forward rapidly.

3. Items

Life Gem – Abel will sometimes encounter blue, oval shaped gems that will restore some of his life.

Maria’s Soul – Looks like the spirit of a woman. Maria will join Abel as a fairy that attacks enemies if he finds her soul. Abel will be resurrected (saving one of his lives) if he loses all of his life while Maria is with him, but Maria will leave after bringing him back to life. Maria will not leave if you die from falling into a pit or run out of time. If you collect Maria’s soul while she is already with you, it will fully heal Abel and destroy all enemies on screen.

Orb of Destruction – A large, orange ball that will destroy all enemies on screen.

Key – Abel will hold onto any keys he picks up and and use them to open locked doors.

4. Getting the Best Ending

This is probably the most important tip for King of Demons if you want to unlock the most powerful demon form and get the best ending. In order to accomplish this, you must get the Red Gem from the boss of Stage Two, the Green Gem from Stage Three, and the Blue Gem from Stage Five. Doing so will make a Black Gem appear after you defeat the boss of Stage Six and Abel will transform into the ultimate demon.

This method also makes the game easier as each form you unlock is highly effective in the stages you will use it in.

5. Gaining Extra Energy and Lives

Abel’s Life Bar will increase in length every time he gains a set amount of points (I think it’s about 5,000) and he will gain an extra life every 10,000 points. The life bar will stop extending at about halfway across the screen.

6. Walkthrough

a. Stage 1

There isn’t much to this stage aside from the intro and an easy fight with Bayer.

Part 1: Bayer

-You will have to fight Bayer at the start of the level. He will charge in your direction, just roll away or double jump over him.

-Shoot or use your charge attack while jumping to hit Bayer.

-Maria will join you after the fight and help you out by attacking enemies. She will also revive Abel should he die.

b. Stage 2

Part 1

-Jump and shoot to destroy the imps that fly in.

-Do not try to fight the giant worm that comes in from the left side of the screen, you cannot hurt it. Run from it instead and Abel will eventually drop down to the next area.

Part 2

-These sewers are home to slow moving zombies, hopping toads, and demon girls who shoot guns at Abel. Just use normal shots and help from Maria to clear them out.

-Do not touch the spikes, they deal a lot of damage. The water flowing along the ground will push you into them, so keep pressing forward when in the water.

-Pick up the life crystal near the end of the area to refill Abel’s health.

Part 3: Spider Demon

Abel will find himself in an elevator. A strange spider monster will come down from above and attempt to grab you. Roll away from it just as it begins descending. Quickly turn and shoot it before it climbs back up. The spider will draw itself up to the top of the screen after a few seconds.

Slimes will drop down from the ceiling not long after the spider leaves, duck in a corner and shoot them. A few seconds later the spider will come down to grab you and the pattern will continue like this until it is dead. The spider tends to drop into where you are standing. 

Part 4: Giant Worm

-Take a few steps to the left, killing imps on the way, and the giant worm will appear on the far left side of the screen. 

-It will remain on the left, so stay on the right. The worm will spit rocks at you that can be destroyed with the gun. You will have plenty of time to eliminate the rocks if you are far away from the monster.

-The creature is vulnerable when it extends its mouth, so jump and shoot it then.

-A few good shots to the mouth will kill the worm and it will drop a key that will allow you to open the door to the right. 

-Go down this hall slowly. Slimes will drop down from above, stop and shoot them when they land. 

-Halt when you see a large demon and shoot it rapidly from far away to keep it from using its jump attack. There are several of these things in the hallway, if one of them gets close, double jump away from it and hit it with a charge attack to knock it back.

Boss: Succubus

Ok, so I’m not sure what this thing is. At any rate it looks like the upper body of a woman attached to a meatball with a face and the legs of an ostrich. Only the woman’s head can be damaged, so you’ll have to jump and shoot it. The boss will walk forward, shooting a trio of small fireballs that spread out. After reaching a certain point on the screen, the succubus will leap backwards and start advancing again. The lower part of this monstrosity will jab its tongue at you if you get close to it.

This boss is actually super easy. Just stand on the far left edge of the screen and shoot the head. Jump or duck to avoid the projectiles. The tongue will not hit you as long as you stay on the left edge of the screen and a few dozen bullets will put this horror down.

A giant transformation gem that changes colors will appear after the boss dies. Shooting the crystal will make it fall to the ground. The color the crystal happens to be when you touch it will determine the form Abel takes in the next stage. Shoot the gem when it’s red if you want to unlock the ultimate demon later in the game.

c. Stage 3

Hopefully you chose the red crystal after slaying the boss, because the swirling shots from the red demon make hitting the flowers in this stage a lot easier. You will encounter more spikes and pitfalls here as well. Time is a major factor in this level, so try not to dawdle.

-Take out the flowers in the beginning so you can proceed safely. 

-You will see green pods on the ground that spawn fairies who will fire bouncing orbs at you. Kill the pods to keep them from generating fairies. Pressing the Down Button while standing over a dead fairy will make Abel, devour it, restoring some of his health.

-Silkworms cling to the surface of a ruined building just after the fairies. Try to keep the silkworms on the edge of the screen and fire at them from afar so they can’t hit you with their spread beams.

-Destroy the flowers before going for the life crystals past the area after the silk worms.

Part 2: Centipede 

-A giant centipede will burst from the second ruined building you see.

-This thing is really annoying as only its head can be harmed and it moves along the screen in various patterns.

-Power through this mid-boss with charged up attacks to its head. You can step into safe spots where it can’t hit you, but to be honest, it’s just easier to take the hits and out-damage it.

Part 3

-There’s a life crystal under some vines a little ways past the centipede. You can just walk through the vines to grab it.

-Beware of more silk worms near the end of this area, try to hit them from far away as possible.

Part 4: Giant Eye

This foe will change patterns as the fight drags on, but it’s first two forms are not too difficult. 

Phase 1

The eye will stay in the middle of the screen and turn to face Abel. After a second or two, a purple beam will fire from its pupil, which is when you should roll away from it. The eye will turn to track your movements while emitting the beam, but it’s very slow and you can just walk away from it. Stand on the left or right side of the room and wait until the first stage of the beam (which is a faint purple ray) to emit from the eye, then roll to the other side. Charge up your attack while doing this and counter the eye, then wait for it to fire again and do the same thing.

Phase 2

This phase is really easy. The eye will teleport every time it takes damage and appear somewhere else, then fire its beam. You will be able to see where the eye will land, so get out of its way and hit it with a charge attack. 

Phase 3

The eye will shrink and begin bouncing around the room. It will freeze each time you hit it. Duck every time you hit it to reduce the odds of the eye slamming into you. This battle tends to drag out, but keep hitting the giant eye and you will eventually win.

Boss: Plant Demon

After beating the giant eyeball, the Plant Demon will not seem like a worthy boss. At any rate, it is bolted to the right hand side of the screen, but it can reach you even from afar with most of its moves. The main thing to look out for is its vine whip, where it lashes out at Abel with its green arm. The boss will pause and raise its arm slightly before sending it in your direction. Best thing to do is roll forward a space just as the Plant Demon swings to avoid getting whacked.

The plant demon also fires three long beams from its other hand, but it’s not hard to dodge this attack, because she cannot fire at the lower half of the screen. Finally, she will sometimes try to crush you by swinging her entire body like a club to the center of the screen. Naturally, this move cannot hit you if you are far to the left. It’s also simple to evade with a roll or double jump.

Charge up your main attack, then hit her just after she makes a move. You can even bait her into swinging her entire body at you by standing near the center of the screen and rolling away, then turning around to unleash a charged up attack. If you want to play it safe, just stay on the far left and shoot her from far away, occasionally rolling forward or ducking to avoid the vine whip.

Take the green transformation gem once the boss is down if you are trying to get the good ending.

d. Stage 4

This stage takes place on a moving train. Be careful when leaping from car to car, because it’s very easy for an enemy to knock you into the tracks below.

Part 1

-Do not fall between the cars of the train or you will die instantly.

-The turret near the beginning can knock you from the car if you aren’t careful. Wait for it to shoot and use a charge attack to obliterate it.

Part 2: Scythe Demon

-You will meet this thing just past the turret. Stay near the middle of the car and jump or roll to get away from the scythes that detach from its arms, then step back into the middle to get it to shoot again.

-Hit it with rapid or charged shots to defeat it quickly.

Part 3

-Look out for the imps that swarm towards you after the demon. Grab the red orb to clear the screen. 

-You will see a strange octopus-like creature floating back and forth, shooting a laser on the next car. Wait for it to start moving right, then jump and take it out with a charge shot.

-Repeat this process to get past the next two cars and watch out for imps on the second one.

-Keep going forward, taking out turrets and headless creatures on the way. Use the same charge attack on the turrets that helped you get past the first one.

-You’ll find a life crystal and Maria’s soul on the multilevel cars. Be sure to have a charge attack ready when collecting these items, because they are protected by turrets on both sides.

-The green boxes with bombs on painted on them can be destroyed to reveal life crystals.

Part 3: Minotaurs 

-You’ll come to two minotaur creatures hitting a woman near the end.

-Just fire at them rapidly to destroy them before they even reach you.

Boss: Demon Engine

I’m not even sure if this qualifies as a boss, but it’s at the end of the stage and has a green life bar, so that’s good enough for me. Just hit the strange red lump on its back to kill it. Purplish orbs will come out to defend the Demon Engine, but they are hardly a threat.

e. Stage 5

Part 1

-Look out for the chunks of ice that rain from the sky in this stage.

-Bayer can be found hanging out near the entrance to this level. He will start firing off ice orbs. Press forward while destroying any ice orbs that come your way.

-Abel will stop at a gate just past Bayer. More ice will come down from above. Just calmly step out of the way of the ice balls and shoot the ones that track you.

-Keep going right (destroying more ice orbs on the way) until Abel walks off the screen.

Part 2

-This area is dominated by a giant mutant whale that will slam down on the ground. Make sure Abel is not under the fins or he will die. 

-The screen scrolls forward automatically, but you should hang back and look for gaps in the ice on the underside of the whale so you can move without being hurt.

-Rolling is a great way to move from one safe spot to the next. It helps a lot to start moving as soon as the whale rises.

-Take a moment to clear away any crystals you see.

-One of the groups of icicles looks too large to squeeze past, but there is actually enough space for Abel to duck between the fin and the ice.

Part 3

-You’ll have to cross a bridge that will crumble as you walk over it. Imps will fly at you the entire time.

-Just roll across the bridge ignoring everything and you will get across without a problem. Be sure to keep rolling though, stopping will mean death. You will have to get to the far right side of the bridge to start rolling or you will fall with its sections.*

*I was not able to roll across the bridge with the green demon and had to double jump across.

Boss: Mega-Bayer

Bayer gets quite the upgrade at the end of this stage. He doesn’t have many moves in his repertoire, but those he has are effective. He will start by spitting fast moving fireballs that are aimed at Abel. Try to jump and/or roll away from these since mobility is the key to not taking hits here. Next, he will create a giant ice shard that will stab towards you. Roll forwards or backwards the moment it starts moving to avoid it.

Use charged shots on this guy whenever you have an opening. If you have a lot of health and Maria, you can power through him, but it’s still a good idea to try to be evasive. You can also stick to the left hand side of the screen and plink away at Bayer with regular attacks while dodging his shots, but this takes a long time and isn’t terribly safe.

Grab the blue gem after destroying Bayer.

f. Stage 6

Part 1

-The lava in this area is lethal, do not fall into it.

-Get used to destroying the stone pillars that block the entrance. In fact, learn to eliminate them quickly, because you will have to do so with lava chasing you later on. Do not worry about the pieces that break off of the rocks when you destroy them, they are just for show.

-You can devour the bodies of the flying creatures in this area.

-A weird flame snake will emerge from the lava, hit its head. Try to jump between or duck the shots it fires. 

-Maria’s soul is waiting for you beyond the fire snake, you’ll also see a life crystal just past some pillars of flame that rise from the lava after fighting a second fire snake.

-You’ll arrive at a series of blocks going upwards and downwards after getting the life crystal. Take the high path first, because the lower route is locked.

Pro-Tip: You can collect the life gem as much as you like by going to the upper path, then dropping back down.

Part 2

-Use charged shots to clear away the enemies up here and go right to fight a dragon.

Part 3: Fire Dragon

-This mid-boss is a dragon head attached to a long neck that moves up and down. It will launch a fireball that explodes when it hits the back wall.

-Jump or duck to avoid the fireball and don’t stand by the edge of the screen or its explosion will damage Abel.

-Shoot the dragon with charge attacks to kill it. Go right to get the key it drops, then backtrack to the lower path.

Part 4

-After returning to the area with the life gem, drop down into the lower path.

-The locked gate will open now that you have the key. 

-A wall of lava well begin advancing towards Abel. Roll forward while charging your super attack so you can take out the rocks that pop up as you flee the lava.

-Pillars of fire will block you, but you can wait for them to die down if you’ve been rolling ahead and getting rid of the rocks quickly.

-Life gems will drop from some of the rocks, be careful if you try to pick them up. In fact, you should probably only pick one up due to time constraints.

-Keep going right to escape this area.

Part 5

-This long bridge is easy, just look out for turtles hiding between the pillars.

-There are a few crumbling sections of bridge here, jump forward the moment you set foot on one to get to safety.

Part 6: Golem

-Stay to the left and fire off charge attacks at this thing. 

-It will occasionally throw a spiked ball at Abel, jump or duck away from it. A few solid hits will end this encounter.

Part 7

-The final leg is easy, but there are a few fragile bridges guarded by monsters on the opposite side. Try to hit the monsters from far away before attempting to cross the bridges.

Boss: Horned Demon

The Horned Demon is fixed in the center of the screen and starts the battle by dropping blue flames on the ground. These flames will split in two and race along the floor in both directions. Take short hops to avoid the flames. If you think you will land on a flame, hit A again to double jump. 

After a few seconds, the eye in the center of his chest will open, making him vulnerable to damage. Charge up your shots and try to hit the hands to destroy them. This should also hit the eye, softening the boss up a bit.

With the hands destroyed, the Horned Demon will begin teleporting around the screen. It’s very important to step slightly left or right the moment he appears so the triple lightning beam he fires at the ground misses Abel. Hit the eye after he attacks before he teleports away again. This pattern will continue until you defeat him. Do not touch the eye or you will take damage.

Alternatively, you can kill the boss without destroying both arms if you stick to the far left or right side of the room and only hit one arm along with the eye. This takes a long time however, but it’s very easy to jump over just one of his flames. 

If you followed the instructions in this guide and collected the Red, Green, and Blue Gem, a black gem that will turn Abel into his ultimate form will appear. Otherwise, a regular transformation gem will appear.

g. Stage 7

This level is really easy if you got the black gem. In fact, you’ll be able to defeat some of the mini-bosses in one hit with his super attack. That said, the final boss may take a few attempts regardless of your form.

Part 1: Demon Spider Rematch

-Go right and you will see the demon spider from Stage 1 again. Roll away when he starts coming down from the ceiling just as you did in the first match with him.

-This time four slimes will come down from the ceiling after the spider retreats. Start firing to clear them away ASAP.

-The spider takes more hits to kill this time around, but isn’t much more difficult than the original.

Part 2: Centipede Demon Rematch

-You will see a fairy pod like the one from the third stage after beating the spider. You can get some life by killing and eating the fairies that come out of it if you need it. 

-The next room is home to the centipede demon from Stage 3. The creature still moves erratically around the room, but there are perches for you to stand on to the right and left.

-Stand on the higher parts of the floor and spam attacks at the demon to kill it quickly.

Part 3: Scythe Demon

-There’s another fairy pod you can use to get life to the right of the centipede.

-You will have to fight a more deadly version of the scythe demon from level four in the next room.

-Stand on the lower part of the floor and fire at him rapidly. Jump or duck to avoid the bullets he shoots.

-Jump up to the higher platform to the left when he throws his blade arms at you to dodge them, then drop down and start attacking again after the blades return to the demon.

-Keep hitting him as fast as possible and the fight will end without too much trouble.

Part 4: Medusa 

-This monstrosity has the head of an octopus and body of a snake. It will come towards you, firing of a bullet every now and then or leap high into the air. 

-Roll away from it, jump onto one of the platforms to the left or right, then jump over it and roll away to stay safe.

-Hit Medusa with charged shots to kill it quickly.

-Sometimes this thing will shoot snakes that slowly fly off the screen, hit the snakes to destroy them.

-The ultimate demon’s charge attack can instantly kill Medusa.

Boss: Demon King

-Roll over to the right side of the screen as soon as you gain control of Abel. If you are fast, you can get there before the battle starts. The far right is a blind spot for one of the boss’s attacks, so stay there.

-The Demon King will usually launch balls of lightning from his horns that hit the ground and electrify a wide area. Jump once when the ball gets near you, then do a double jump before you hit the ground. If timed right, Abel will land after the electricity dissipates.

-Sometimes the Demon King will breathe fire, but it cannot reach you on the edge of the right side of the screen as long as you stay on the floor. If you happen to be elsewhere, you will have to roll or jump away from it. 

-The boss will fire beams that go straight down into the ground from his eyes. You will have to stand still between his eyes for a second to keep from being hit by these beams. This leaves you open to other attacks, so try not to go under his head.

-Use charged attacks on the head of the Demon King. Eventually you will destroy pieces of his head, limiting his attacks.

-Once he is down to about 25% health, the Demon King will slam his head on the ground. Roll under him and use more charge shots to finish him.

Boss: Nekomata 

This boss will emerge from the Demon King’s had once he is defeated.

-This human sized catlike demon is a pain to fight. She will hop backwards when you get near her, which is when the battle begins in earnest.

-The Nekomata will fire off pink arrows that track Abel. A simple jump forward is sufficient to evade the arrows. Do not try to roll away or double jump to avoid these arrows or they may hit you.

-Sometimes she will surround herself with green energy and dash at you. She hunches over like a cat before performing this move, which is your cue to jump.

-Her last move is a drop kick similar to Abel’s. You can roll away from this move fairly easily, but she tends to spam it, requiring you to roll frequently.

-Hit her with basic attacks and try to keep your distance. Take short hops to get away from her quickly, then pivot to fire on her. Remember to hop just as Abel hits the ground to get this to work.

-It takes a lot of hits to bring this boss down, but patience and a defensive strategy will win the day.

The game will end once you defeat the cat demon, congratulations!

7. References

Almost all of this walkthrough is purely a result of my own testing aside from the secret ending, which I stumbled upon while checking my work against that of other guides. So credit for that must go to Seraph 0, whose excellent walkthrough can be viewed via the link below.

This Walkthrough for King of Demons [Majyuuou] (SNES) is property of, ©2020

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