Ikari Warriors (NES)

Developer: Micronics

Publisher: SNK

Release Date: May 1987

System: NES

Genre: Shooter

Players: 2


Two soldiers, Paul and Vince, are tasked with the invasion of an enemy nation. Armed with machine guns, grenades, and their wits, the duo must battle through four deadly stages to complete their mission. Ikari Warriors is a port of the arcade title of the same name that features a few new mechanics. Players can jump in tanks and use their powerful cannons to blast bad guys or even find choppers armed with spread guns. There are also plenty of powerups that include stronger grenades, long range machine guns, and a combat knife that can slay enemies that get too close.

A single hit will kill Paul or Vince, so players have to be careful to avoid enemy projectiles, hidden bombs, and even the hostile troops themselves. While the game only gives players a few lives and no continues, it’s possible to earn more lives by increasing the score. 50,000 points will earn you your first extra life and every 100,000 points after that will net you a subsequent life. The heroes also have limited ammo for their guns, so you will need to pick up more from slain enemies. Ikari Warriors allows two players to fight alongside one another simultaneously. 

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