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Release Data

Genre: Action/Platformer                                

Developer: CAProduction (Published by Hudson)

Release date: June 1995 (NA)                       

System: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Players: 1


Hagane: The Final Conflict is set in a cyber-punk dystopia where two opposing ninja clans practice the arcane arts in the shadows. Hagane’s (the main character) clan protected the fabled holy grail for generations until they were attacked and nearly wiped out by their rivals. Only Hagane survived, thanks to the efforts of a mysterious scientist who managed to save his brain and build him a robotic body. Now our hero must set out to save the grail and avenge his fallen comrades.

Expect plenty of side scrolling ninja action in the vein of Shinobi and Ninja Gaiden from this title. Fighting bosses, clearing pits, and plowing through hordes of enemies is the primary focus of this game. In order to defeat his foes, the protagonist has been given a powerful sword, grappling hook (that can latch onto ceilings and pull him aloft), fire bombs, and kunai. If that’s not enough, players can collect special scrolls that can clear the screen of foes when activated as well as pull off a variety of super moves that are activated by somersaulting. There is also some intense platforming involved later in the game and there is no save or password feature, so players must attempt to beat it in one sitting (or leave the console on/use a save state). To make up for lack of save feature, the game provides the player with infinite continues.


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