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Release Data

Developer: DMA Design

Publisher: Rockstar Games

Release Date: October 2001

Genre: Open World/Action

System: PlayStation 2

Players: 1


Grand Theft Auto III is a crime themed open world game where players control an anonymous thug who has escaped from prison after being set up to take the fall for a bank robbery. The player must complete missions to uncover the mystery behind their betrayal and climb back up the ladder of the underworld. GTA3 takes place in an open world called Liberty City where players are free to explore as they wish, though not every section of the city is open to exploration at first. Missions can be completed at the player’s leisure. 

As a criminal, the player can steal cars, rob NPCs, and engage in a number of other questionable activities. However, committing overly heinous crimes or breaking the law in front of the police will increase the player’s wanted level. While the main character is wanted, the police will actively pursue the player and attempt to arrest him. If the player’s wanted level gets high enough, the police will shoot to kill and SWAT Teams will get involved. Provoke the law enough and you may even find the FBI or military after you. Luckily, our anti-hero can cover his tracks by visiting the local Pay ‘n Spray, while in an automobile. 

A variety of weapons that include handguns, baseball bats, and rocket launchers are available to players. Players can also get body armor that reduces incoming damage. Missions range from simple drop offs to complex heists and every mission is framed by a cinematic cutscene. Players can even create their own missions of a sort by stealing a taxi. Grand Theft Auto III can be resumed at any time by using the game’s built in save feature.


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