Golden Sun (GBA) Walkthrough

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Golden Sun Walkthrough 

~By tankMage (December 2019 ) 

About this Walkthrough

    Golden Sun was not an easy game to write a guide for, because players have a lot of freedom when it comes to equipping Djinni (which alter stats and determine the spells available to each party member) and completing certain quests. Players who want to use this guide effectively will probably want to set their Djinni to match each hero’s base element so they have access to the same spells used in this walkthrough. I.E. Isaac uses Venus, Garet uses Mars, Ivan Jupiter, and Mia uses Mercury Djinni. Players should also be aware that there are two possible roads to the final dungeon and I wrote the walkthrough for a specific path to avoid unnecessary backtracking, see Section II, Part 26c for more details. Finally, there is an optional bonus dungeon called Crossbones Isle, which has its own section in this walkthrough, see Section III.


I. Tips

    1. Djinni, Unleashes, and Summons

    2. Equipping Djinni

    3. Choosing Weapons and Armor

    4. Save Often

    5. Leveling Up

    6. Curing Negative Status (Death, Curses, and Poison)

II. Walkthrough 

    1. Vale

    2. Sol Sanctum

    3. Vault

    4. Goma Cave

    5. Bilibin and the Road to Kolima

    6. Kolima Forest and Tret Tree

    7. Bilibin Cave and Imil

    8. Mercury Lighthouse 

    9. Saving Kolima

    10. Fuchin Temple (Optional)

    11. Mogall Forest and Xian

    12. Altin  

    13. Lamakan Desert 

    14. Kalay

    15. Treasure Time!

    16. Voyage to Tolbi

    17. Crossbones Isle

    18. The Tolbi Region

    19. Tolbi Town

    20. Altmiller Cave

    21. The Colosso

    22. Lunpa 

    23. Suhalla

    24. Suhalla Gate and Venus Lighthouse Entrance

    25. Lalivero

    26. Babi Lighthouse and the Venus Lighthouse

III. Crossbone Isle

    1. Crossbones Isle First Visit

    2. Crossbones Isle Second Visit

IV. Djinni Locations

IV. File Transfer Events and Passwords

V. References 

I. Tips

As with most RPGs, there are a few concepts players can put into practice that will make the overall experience easier. Take some time to read the points in this section, because it also covers some important concepts that are unique to Golden Sun.

1. Djinni, Unleashes, and Summons 

    After leaving the first town, players will encounter the first Djinni, Flint, who will join the party. Djinni are powerful magical creatures that increase the strength of your hero in a number of ways. Setting a Djinni to a party member will increase his stats, elemental resistances, and possibly unlock new spells. As the game progresses, players will find a grand total of 28 Djinni, many of which are hidden.

    Once a Djinni has been set to a party member, that same party member can “unleash” the Djinni in combat for a special attack or to buff the party in some way. While unleashes are useful, players should be aware that their hero will temporarily lose the bonuses granted by the unleashed Djinni. For example, if Isaac gets an extra 10 defense and 30 hit points from a Djinni, he will lose those bonuses upon unleashing it. It’s important to understand this, because unleashing multiple Djinni can really weaken a hero, especially later in the game when each hero is getting bonuses from 6 or 7 Djinni. Djinni automatically reset themselves as time passes after battle or a few turns after they have been used in a summon when out of combat.

    By unleashing Djinni, the party will get points that allow them to perform a special attack called a summon. Unleashing multiple Djinni makes it possible to summon incredibly powerful creatures that can destroy or heavily damage your opponents. Like with normal spells, summons have their own element that factors into how much damage is dealt. Using the correct elemental summon to defeat an enemy will cause it to flash multiple colors and the party will receive extra coins, exp, and a higher chance to get the enemy’s drop as a reward.

2. Equipping Djinni

    Players can exchange Djinni between party members to mix and match Djinni however they like. However, this guide assumes that you will assign Djinni that match each hero’s element. Doing so unlocks powerful spells and ensures that your heroes will have decent stats. With that said, some players may not like this configuration, because each party member becomes highly specialized as a result and other configurations offer better stats or provide the bulk of the party with healing spells. Feel free to experiment with setups, just keep in mind some parts of this guide may become confusing as I often refer to spells granted by the single element setup.

3. Choosing Weapons and Armor

    Golden Sun gives players plenty of options when it comes to weapons, armor and accessories like magic rings. At first, most of your gear will be quite plain, but you will soon find magical gear in shops and dungeons. Take some time to consider whether or not a new piece of gear is worth buying or equipping if you have a magic item, even if the new item’s base stats are better, because magical effects are often highly beneficial. For example, the Assassin Blade is better than many weapons in the game, even though it’s not terribly strong in terms of base damage, because of its special power that can kill monsters in a hit. I often recommend certain pieces of equipment sold in stores to help players who may be unsure of what to buy.

4. Save Often

Golden Sun allows players to save just about anywhere at almost any time. This is great, because it makes it possible to resume a game near where you left off if you die or make a mistake. While this game isn’t all that difficult, you should still save frequently in case something goes awry or you miss an opportunity.

5. Leveling Up

    For the most part, grinding levels is not terribly necessary so long as you fight most of the enemies you encounter while exploring dungeons and the overworld. Most players should be able to beat the game around level 30, if they have all the Djinni and decent gear. Those who wish to be able to power through enemies can do so at about level 40. With that said, it’s possible to go all the way up to level 99, though the experience requirements for doing so are very high.

6. Curing Negative Status (Death, Curses, and Poison)

    Some enemies use attacks that will cripple your heroes in some way. Your party members may also fall in battle from time to time. Certain items carry curses that can prevent their victims from changing gear and acting in combat. Remember that there are a number of items and spells that can cure negative effects. Elixir can remove negative status like Sleep or Delusion, Water of Life can revive slain heroes, and Antidotes can remove poison. You can also visit temples located in towns for healing and curse removal.

II. Walkthrough 

1. Vale

Start the game and name your character. This guide will use the default name, Isaac, to refer to the main character and subsequent party members that join as the game progresses


a. Vale 

Items: None 

    You’ll gain control of Isaac just outside of his house after the opening scene. Isaac’s mom and dad will ask questions, but it does not matter how you answer them. Approaching the steps below the starting point will result in a boulder rolling down the mountain side and blocking the way. Instead, walk north until you see someone trying to drag a chest. Talk to him twice and say “Yes” when he asks if he should leave the box to get Garet to join. It’s possible to explore the houses in the immediate area, but they contain nothing of value. 

    Take a few steps north and you’ll see a bridge to the left. Traverse the bridge and a short scene will take place. Use the steps to the south to get to a small path. A boulder will crash into the road leading south if you try to go that way. Walk west to get to another area. Here you will find someone lying by a broken fence to the west. He’ll ask you a question, you can answer it however you like. 

    From the fence go south and down the nearby steps. Get ready to fight some random battles. Luckily they are very easy and the creatures in this area will die after a couple of hits. You can only move east from here until you get to the next area. There are two routes you can take here, but the only one that goes anywhere is to the south. A cutscene will occur after you go down two flights of steps. Say “yes” to Isaac’s mom when she asks you to help out after the cutscene, then set off for the plaza. 


b. Vale Plaza

Items: None

    You can explore the house where the cutscene took place, but there’s nothing of use in it. Head south and up some steps to a bridge. One again, you can only proceed by going east. On the next screen you will find a few houses on an elevated piece of land. Nothing of note is in these buildings, so take the steps to the lower area that is occupied by another empty structure. Take another set of steps to the south to reach the Plaza, which is bustling with the residents of Vale. An Inn and a shop occupy the plaza, but they are currently empty. You will encounter some people standing by a pond in the southern section of the plaza, approach them to get some help from one of the townspeople. 


c. The Rescue Attempt

Items: None

   Retrace your steps by going north back to the house on the river. Another scene will start once you reach the bridge near the river house where Felix is trapped in the rushing water. Return to the plaza after the cutscene and you’ll encounter two unseemly strangers having a conversation. They will ask you if you were eavesdropping, answer however you like, because they will attack either way. There’s no way to win this fight, so just take your lumps and wait for the next scene. 

2. Sol Sanctum

Three years have passed since the events involving the falling boulders and mysterious villains. A bit of dialogue will take place before you can assume control of an older Isaac. Additionally, Garet and Jenna will join the party. 


a. Vale (Three Years Later)

Suggested Purchases: Herb, Wooden Shield (Isaac/Garet), Leather Cap (Isaac/Garet/Jenna)

Items: 6 Coins, Antidote, 3 Coins, Smoke Bomb, 1 Coin, Elixir, 5 Coins, Herb

    Visit the house to the left of Isaac’s and check the jar inside to get 6 Coins. Outside of Isaac’s house, go down the steps to the south and walk under the bridge to get to a pair of houses. Search the barrel in the northern house to get an Antidote. Take note of the nut hanging from the tree to the left, you’ll be able to get it later. Make your way across the southern bridge as if you were going to the plaza to reach the group of houses where you fought the Mysterious Man and Woman earlier. 3 Coins can be found inside a barrel in the house near the top of the screen. 

    Take the steps down to the house on the lower level and check the jar inside to find a Smoke Bomb. Continue climbing down to the plaza. Check the jar near the steps on the second floor of the inn to get a shiny Coin. The shop sells a variety of items that can come in handy. For the most part, the gear the party starts with is adequate, but you can buy Wooden Shields for Isaac and Garet and Leather Caps for them if you want a little defense boost. The building in the western part of the plaza has an Herb hidden in a box near its entrance. Return to Isaac’s home after you’re done exploring. 

    Go north from Isaac’s abode and cross the bridge to the west (If you try to enter Mt. Aleph from the path leading up from Isaac’s house an Adept will stop you) then west walk past the girl standing near the bridge to get to the next area. Here you will meet Saturos and Menardi who will momentarily block your advance. Ascend the steps to the left and you will run into Kraden, who is currently mumbling to himself. You’ll be questioned a lot at this point, just answer “Yes” to everything. Examine the barrel on the left side of Kraden’s house to get an Elixir. If you go inside Kraden’s house and check the jar near the bubbling vat you will find 5 Coins. 

    Backtrack to Isaac’s house and walk north to a small shrine, then turn left. An Adept will pop out from behind a tree as you approach the next area and block your way. The Adept will stop you every time he sees you trying to enter the next area, but he follows a set course. Wait by the steps going to the shrine and run to the northwest when he walks behind the right hand wall of the shrine. Follow the road north to get to Sol Sanctum Entrance. 

Note: There’s a barn just north of the item shop near the entrance to town. 123 Coins and a Vial are hidden in the many containers in the barn, but I was not able to enter the building until coming back much later. However, I recommend trying to enter the barn as soon as possible since this may have been a mistake on my part. See Section II, Part 15b for more information on the barn. 


b. Sol Sanctum Part 1

Items: Small Jewel

Tip: Jenna has a Flare spell that can wipe out entire groups of enemies out in a single cast. It’s also cheap enough that her PP will likely completely recharge between fights. 

    Proceed through the large doorway and past the tiny hallway beyond it to a room filled with water and blocks. You can hop onto these blocks by pressing the D-Pad in the desired direction. Walk over to the block on the far right and jump onto it, then onto the L-shaped blocks above it. Jump on the next pair of blocks to the north, then the pair of blocks to the west. Now hop on the block next to them and jump south twice. From here you can jump over to the block to the left, then onto another L-shaped block above it. Two hops north will place you in front of the archway that leads to a long corridor. 

    Weak monsters will randomly attack in here, so don’t be surprised if you get into a few fights while running down the corridor. Enter the archway and you will come to a second block puzzle. Jump onto the block in the center, then right, north, and take a step to the left before hopping onto a pair of blocks to the north. Two more hops north should place Isaac in the center hallway. At the back of the hallway you will find a chest that contains a Small Jewel. 

    Walk back down to the water and hop south three times, which should land Isaac on a row of three blocks, take a couple of steps right and jump into the block to the right. Jump north twice to set foot in the hallway on the right side of the chamber. A Minotaur Relief is at the end of this hallway, examine it, go into your inventory, and select “Use” on the small jewel you just found to open a door. 

    Return to the block puzzle again and make your way across the pool back to the entrance. Head over to the block on the left side of the room and keep jumping north to get to the western hallway. You will find another archway at the end of this hall. Enter it and Kraden will talk about how the room is strange. 


c. Sol Sanctum Part 2

Items: Small Jewel, Herb

    Knight statues line the walls and walkway in this chamber. Two statues on the right and left side of the room have faint outlines around them. Push the eastern statue to the left or right to uncover a secret passage. Go inside and climb the steps to the north. The second floor is a simple maze of sorts. Head east from the steps and turn north when you hit the wall. Keep walking and you’ll see a passage to the left, ignore it and proceed to the intersection ahead. Turn left at the intersection and follow the corridor to a chest with a Small Jewel.

    Return to the intersection and take the passage leading north until you see a hallway to the west. Go down the western corridor and enter the steps at the end of it. The room beyond has a waterway flowing through it and statues lining the back wall. Use Isaac’s Move spell while facing the statue to the far left side of the room and push the statue to the left or right to reveal a Minotaur Relief. Place Small Jewel in the relief, just as you did before. 

    Step onto the block across from the easternmost statue and use Move on the statue to unveil the door you just opened by placing the jewel in the Relief. Hop up to the door and go inside. Walk east a few paces until you see a hallway going north, follow it and turn west when it forks. The western path will take you to an Herb. Go back to where the hallway forked and head east until you come to another crossroad. Turn north and walk a few more steps to reach the Inner Sanctum.


d. Sol Sanctum Part 3

Items: Psynergy Stone, Mythril Bag x4, Venus Star, Mercury Star, Jupiter Star, Mars Star

    A conversation will take place once you enter the Inner Sanctum and Kraden will ask a question. Once again, how you answer this question is not important. To the left is another room with a moon crest and more dialogue. Kraden will ask more questions before leaving you to your devices. Look for a staircase just south of the moon crest, which will take you another puzzle.

    Check the room to the south to get a Psynergy Stone, then go north up the hallway to a chamber with another moon crest on the floor. Several statues are positioned around the moon crest. There’s also a sun crest with a similar arrangement to the west. If you push one of the statues near the moon crest onto one of the square tiles, Kraden will warn you that it’s a trap. Strip Jenna of all her gear and give it to someone else, because she will leave the party shortly. 

    Walk over to the sun crest and push the two statues near the top of the screen onto the grey squares, then hop over the water to get to the large statue. Use the Move spell to pull the large statue into the hole created by the light from the two you just moved. You may have to get really close to the large statue for the spell to work. Now go back to the moon crest and push the four statues around the moon crest onto the grey tiles near them. Kraden will bug you again after you move the first moon statue, then leave you to finish the puzzle. 

    Once you have moved all of the statues and revealed the sun crest, go back down the steps. Kraden will talk some more when you reach him. Walk over to the western part of the chamber and examine the light coming from the back wall. A portal will open up and the team will enter it. Kraden will give Isaac four Mythril Bags and ask him to retrieve the stones from the statues in this area. Look for a rock you can leap onto just northeast of the portal and hop along the stepping stones as they turn south to a statue holding a yellow orb. Take the Star of Venus from the statue and go back in the direction of the island with the portal, but hop north onto the newly risen stepping stone when you get near the portal.

    Keep moving east to the blue statue to get the Mercury Star. Return to the island where Jenna and Kraden wait. Take the southern stepping stones next to Kraden to the purple statue where you will find the Jupiter Star. A long cutscene will commence after you touch the star. Once again, you will be asked questions that have no bearing on the outcome of this scene, so answer them any way you want. Head back to the island, then over the stones to the northeast. Keep hopping north along the platforms, then turn west when you get to the top of the screen. Go west a bit and turn south when you see a crossroad in the trail. This will lead Isaac to the final statue which holds the Mars Star. 

Another longish cutscene will begin once you have the last star and Jenna will leave the party. Isaac and Garet will be transported back to the sun chamber; head out the way you came. 

3. Vault

    Back at Vale you will sit through a long section of dialogue. The Great Healer will ask if you will take responsibility for your actions. Make sure you say “Yes” this time. If you say “No” and leave the Sanctum, the game will end. Everyone at Vale will see the heroes off after the cutscene.


a. Vale Revisited 

Items: Herb, Catch Beads, Nut, Psynergy Stone

   Isaac and Garet will automatically get an Herb and Catch Beads before leaving Vale. While Isaac and Garet are seen off by the entire village, it’s possible to return if you like. In fact, it’s a good idea to do so, because you will find a few nice things hidden in the village. Remember the tree south of Isaac’s place that had an object hanging from its branches? Equip the Catch Beads and use the Catch spell on the tree to obtain a Nut. 

Pro-Tip: The big Psynergy Stone in the center of town will refill your PP if you jump over the pond and onto the small island. Using this stone, which respawns every time you re-enter Vale, to recharge your PP after you heal everyone with magic will save you the money it costs to rest at the inn.


b. Meeting Flint

Items: Flint (Djinni)

Leave Vale and go southwest along the dirt road. A Djinni named Flint will join you and briefly explain how Djinni work. 


c. Vault

Suggested Purchases: Battle Ax (Isaac/Garet), Traveler’s Vest (Isaac/Garet)

Items: Nut, 7 Coins, 4 Coins, Mint, Sleep Bomb

    Continue south along the dirt path after getting Flint. Cross the bridge to the east; watch out for the Zombies and tougher versions of Amaze on the other side of the bridge. Vault is south of the bridge. Another cutscene will happen when you try to enter Vault. After that, Isaac will enter the town. Buy a couple of Battle Axes and Traveler’s Vests for your heroes. These items are expensive and you’ll need to grind a bit to have enough money to buy them, but they will boost your stats nicely. 

    Remember there’s a shrine built into the cliff wall of the town. The healer in the shrine can do all sorts of helpful things like revive fallen party members and dispel curses….for a fee. While exploring the town take a look at the box next to the house at the top of the steps in the northwest corner for a Nut. A jar in the house by the main gate contains 7 Coins and there’s another 4 Coins in the neighboring domicile to the left. Check the wooden box in the western corner of the inn to get some Mint. Finally, you’ll find a Sleep Bomb in a barrel in the Item Shop.


d. Ivan and the Thieves (Vault)

    Pay a visit to the building in the northwest of town at the top of the steps. Have a word with the guy in green standing by a table (Ivan) and he will join the group. Now you have to use his ability to read minds to catch the thieves who stole his master’s rod. Keep in mind that Ivan will not accompany you outside of town until you talk to the thieves.

   The thieves are holed up on the second floor of the inn, they’ll run from you when you get close to them, so walk away and the party will huddle to come up with a plan. Ivan will circle around the room while Garet blocks the way, making it easy to catch one of the crooks between Ivan and Isaac. It turns out that you will have to search the inn for the missing loot after you catch the bad guys. Step outside and climb the ladder, then step onto the hole in the roof. 

    Isaac and the gang will end up in the inn’s attic. Use the Move spell to shift the big box blocking the door to the left, then hop over the gap and go in the next room. Talk to the guy in here and the thieves will pop up. They’ll ask you to let them go, but you will end up fighting them no matter how you answer. 


e. Battle with the Bandits (Vault)

Reward: 66 Exp, 110 Coins, Bandit’s Sword

    Two Thieves and a Bandit will attack the party. This will be Ivan’s first battle with you and he’s a bit weak, so you will need to protect him. Your enemies will heal each other with Herbs and occasionally use Smoke Bombs to lower the accuracy of one of your heroes. The Bandit can use an attack called Slice to deal extra damage, making this the most perilous battle you’ve been in so far. 

    Use spells like Earthquake, Fire, and Ray to hurt all of the enemies, making it more difficult for them to heal. With any luck you will kill the duo after a couple of turns if you have everyone use an offensive spell. After that, use more spells and physical attacks to put down the Bandit. Watch Ivan’s HP and use Cure on him if he takes damage. 

Note: You should get a Bandit’s Sword from this battle. The sword is a good equip if you were unable to buy Isaac or Garet an Ax, because it has a chance to randomly strike enemies with Rapid Smash. That said, this weapon is weaker than the Ax despite its powerful attack.


f. Leaving Vault

Items: Bone, Water of Life

    Ivan will leave after the battle and the mayor will ask you to see him. The game will give you the option to ask Ivan to stay, but the outcome will be the same no matter what you say. Visit the inn after leaving the attic and talk to the girl in the upper left corner to get a Bone, which will serve a purpose later. Revisit the mayor’s house to the north and he will give Isaac a Water of Life. The mayor will also hint at your next destinations: Goma and Bilibin.

4. Goma Cave

Rest up at the inn and set out for Goma. Cross the bridge just east of Vault, then continue eastward until you come to a river. Move north along the river to another bridge. Beyond the bridge you will find Goma Cave. 


a. Goma Cave Entrance 

Items: None

    Walk up to the stepping stone and use it to cross the stream, then use the Move spell twice to push the rock blocking the ladder to the right out of the way. At the top of the ladder you will see a break in the path going east and another rock on the other side. Use Move again to pull the rock towards you, which will close the gap, allowing the party to pass. Climb the second ladder and go left to another gap in the path. 

    Try using Move on the stump on the other side of the gap and Ivan will show up to help. Ivan’ll use his Whirlwind power to free the stump, making it possible to push it off of the cliff with Move. Ivan will also join the party, for good this time. Leap over the gap and face the ivy on the wall, then cast Whirlwind to clear it away. This should unblock the entrance to Goma Cave. 


b. Inside Goma Cave

Items: Lucky Medal, Forge (Djinni)

    Take the stone path going north until you come to a cave-in that will prevent further progress in this direction. A stepping stone is conveniently located in the stream to your left. After crossing the stream, go down and you’ll see some steps leading deeper into the cave. Head east and you will see a red Djinni on a platform that you cannot reach at the moment. The man next to the platform will comment on the strange nature of the creature. 

    There’s a movable rock near the platform, stand to the left of it and push it to the right two spaces. Then push the rock up two notches; it should click into place. Now walk southwest to a pond that you can jump over and go down the stairs to the east. Go north, then turn west at the stream and continue until you come to a dead end. Hop onto the stepping stone in the water above you, then onto the shore to the left. To the north you’ll find some steps.

    There’s a rock to the north that you will have to use the Move spell on to push to the right. Jump onto the platform after pushing the stone, then jump south. Use Move spell again to shift the rock back to the left. Leap back on the platform and hop over to the chest to the right for a Lucky Medal. Return to the larger platform to the south and walk southeast. You’ll see a stump here that you will have to push off of the ledge using Move magic.

    With the stump pushed into the chasm, you can revisit the lower floor. The stump you pushed earlier should be visible in the water to the right. Use the stump to get to the area to the east. Climb up the steps to the right and you’ll be in the room where you saw the Djinni earlier. Now that the stone is in place you can jump over to the Djinni’s platform. Heal up before talking to the Djinni, because he will attack the party when you speak to him. 


c. Battle with the Mars Djinni, Forge

Reward: Forge (Djinni)

    Mars can dish out some massive damage with his Blast and Flare spells. Get ready to heal Ivan after the first big hit, because he has low HP. Ivan’s Ray and Isaac’s Earthquake magic are effective against this Djinni. Garet should heal with Herbs or use physical attacks. Mars should drop after two rounds if you are about level 5. Forge will join the party once he has been defeated.


d. Leaving Goma Cave 

Items:  None

    Go up the steps to the north after defeating Forge, then follow the narrow hallway up to another gap. Cast Move to push the stump to the left into the water, then jump over to the platform you just cleared. If you climb down the ladder and jump onto the stump, you can get back to the cave entrance, but you don’t want to do that right now, so head north. Follow the path out of the cave and to the world map. 

5. Bilibin and the Road to Kolima

The town of Bilibin is just east of the Goma Cave exit. 


a. Exploring Bilibin 

Suggested Purchases: Witch’s Wand (Ivan), Leather Armor (Isaac/Garet)

Items: Herb, Antidote, Hard Nut, 5 Coins, Nut, Elixir, Smoke Bomb

    The weapon and armor shops have some really expensive upgrades that you likely cannot afford. The best thing to buy at the moment is the Witch’s Wand. Its 860 coin price tag may be steep, but it will give Isaac a much needed attack buff and randomly unleashes Stun Voltage. Get Isaac and Garet Leather Armor with the money you have left over. Save the rest of your coin for later and do not buy Ivan the Traveler Robe, you’ll get something better for him soon enough. 

    Take a peek in the jar east of the weapon shop to find an Herb. You’ll find an Antidote in a barrel in the house just west of the town entrance. A Hard Nut is hidden in a barrel in the house near the golden statue in the town square. Check the barrel outside the same house to get 5 Coins. You’ll hear some unsettling news from the townspeople. Remember you can use Mind Read on the villagers including the tree near the entrance. 

    Climb the steps in the northern part of town to get to McCoy’s Palace. Use Catch to pick the Nut hanging in the tree to the left. Talk to the guards and say “Yes” when they ask if you’re brave warriors to gain admittance to McCoy’s mansion. Search the barrel by the fireplace in the mansion to get an Elixir. Ascend the steps in the southwest corner and check the container in the tiny room to obtain a Smoke Bomb. Follow the red carpet to meet with McCoy, who will refuse to allow you passage through the forest. One of his guards will tell you it’s still possible to get past the barricade, so handle any unfinished business you may have in town, then set off for the barricade.


b. Bilibin: Acquiring Gust, the Jupiter Djinni

Items: Gust (Djinni)

    Go up the steps north of the inn and walk along the wooden stockade. You’ll come to a cliff with an ivy covered wall if you go all the way around the stockade wall. Use Whirlwind to clear the ivy, which will expose a secret cave entrance. Use Move on the gold statue so you can hop across the water, then talk to the Djinni waiting in the alcove to the east to get Gust. Set Gust to Ivan to give him a much needed HP buff.


c. Preparing for Kolima

    Make sure everyone has the gear I recommended before setting for the barricade. Take some time to fight a few random battles as well. Ivan is still pretty fragile, so it’s a good idea to get him up to level 7. You may also want to take some of the money you earn and buy Ivan a new helmet and/or gloves. 


d. The Barricade and the Road to Kolima 

Items: None

    Upon exiting Bilibin, travel along the road that veers off into the southeast until you come to a wooden structure blocking the path between the mountain and river. Walk over the barricade to enter the area. You may notice a few stepping stones by the barricade, ignore them. Look for a tall crate on the left side of the barricade and cast Move to push it south, creating an opening in the barrier in the process. Continue north and use Mind Read on the strange tree by the water if you like, then exit the area by going right. 


e. The Turtle Boots

Items: Turtle Boots

    You can acquire the cleverly concealed Turtle Boots by crossing the bridge northeast of the Barricade and walking west along the forested island. You should see a round patch of woods near the end of the island. Search the ground about a step west of it to get the boots. The Turtle Boots will increase defense while cutting agility in half. Give them to Garet, who has bad agility to begin with. These boots aren’t all that great, but they are worth wearing in the next area. After that you may want to sell them.

6. Kolima Forest and Tret Tree

On the world map, move along the road going east, then cross the bridge to the north. Keep going directly north to Kolima Forest. 


a. Kolima Village (Optional)

Items: Herb, Lucky Medal, Apple, 7 Coins, Granite (Djinni)

    Walk east from the bridge beyond the Barricade, instead of going north if you want to visit Kolima. You do not have to visit this town yet, but the Djinni hidden here is useful and it’s best to get him sooner rather than later. The team will stop to talk about the state of the village, since everyone has been turned into trees. As with the other human trees, you can use Read Mind on the cursed villagers to hear what they are thinking. 

    An Herb is hidden in a jar next to the tree house south of the inn. On the third floor of the inn there’s a jar that contains a Lucky Medal. There’s a cluster of six jars north of the weapon store, examine the top left jar for an Apple. You’ll also find 7 Coins in a container on the third floor of the weapon store. 

    Now go back outside and look for a treehouse with a fenced in yard to the south. Press against the back of the house to find a secret passage to a cave inhabited by monsters. The cave is very simple, so just go through the tunnel to a ladder that leads up to the fenced off yard. Talk to Granite and he will join you. Set him on Isaac along with Flint for a huge stat boost.

Leave town and go to Kolima Forest after you have seen enough. 


b. Kolima Forest Part 1

Items: None 

    A lengthy cutscene will commence once you set foot in the forest. The undead creatures and rat soldiers soldiers in this area can pack a punch, but you should be OK at level 7. To the north you will see some crude bridges fashioned from logs, take the northeast most bridge to the upper section and go left. A log blocks the way forward, just give it a push to continue to the next area. 

    You’ll have to push another log so you can keep moving west. After that, roll the same log back to the east so you can squeeze through a gap in the tree stumps just below the log. You’ll come to a horizontal log that you can roll south to clear the way forward. After that follow the path north, then east to another area. Walk up to the vertical log near the entrance to the next area and push it west then step into the gap in the tree stumps so you can reach the horizontal log that stopped the one you just pushed. 

    Roll the vertical log back to its original position, then push the horizontal log that was blocking it north. Now roll the log to the south so you can pass through an opening in the stumps and double back to the vertical log. Push the vertical log into the water and use it to get to the opposite shore. Proceed up the steps and go east to a large pond filled with, you guessed it, more logs.


c. Kolima Forest Part 2

Items: Fur Coat

    A switch is located next to a sign in the southeast corner of this area, flip it to drain the pond so you can move the logs around. The logs can be moved so Isaac can access the next area or to a treasure. Below are step by step instructions on how to get to the exit as well as the treasure. Keep in mind you can always leave this area and come back to reset the puzzle if you make a mistake. 


1. Empty the pond by activating the switch. 

2. Push the two horizontal logs up. 

3. There are two vertical logs, roll the upper one to the right. 

4. Roll the horizontal log on the left down.

5. Now push the southern vertical log to the right. 

6. Roll horizontal log on the right down. 

7. Now roll the lower vertical log back to the left. 

8. Flip the switch again to fill the pond up.

Cross your log bridge so you can open the chest in the north. The chest contains a Fur Coat. Put the Fur Coat on Ivan to give him some much needed defense. 


1. Leave the area to reset the puzzle, then empty the pond if you went for the treasure.

2. Roll the topmost vertical log to the left.

3. Fill the pond up again. 

Cross the bridge and exit the area. You can talk to the tree to the north if you like, then go east. Climb up the vine on Tret and go inside the tree. 


d. Tret Tree

Items: Psynergy Stone, Healing Ring, Breeze (Djinni)

Warning: The monsters in the Tret Tree are tougher than those in the forest. Watch out for Creepers that cast an ice spell that can do upwards of 20 damage to the entire party. You’ll also encounter Trolls in larger groups. 

    Step left and go through the winding corridor to another vine that you have to climb up. Walk south to the back wall of the tree and jump across the leaves to the east. Be careful when crossing these leaves, they crumble when Isaac steps on them and will break if he steps on them again, sending Isaac to the floor below. Jump north when you hit the last leaf and go through the opening to the right. 

    Walk east along the tree branch until you arrive at a vine. Use the vine to get to the branch above and go west to the next room. There are a couple of helpful items in this chamber, but you’ll have to use leaves to reach them, which will result in Isaac falling to the lower floor. That said, one of the treasures is really worthwhile, so go along the narrow path to the center of the room and hop onto the leaf. From there jump over to the chest that has a Healing Ring, which can restore 70 HP if used in battle, though there’s a chance it may break. To the north you’ll find a Psynergy Stone, but it may not be worth the effort, since you’ll have to backtrack again to get it. 

    The vine in the north end of the room leads to your next destination, just jump north from the leaf you used to reach the Healing Ring. Walk south from the top of the vine, then take a couple steps west to the southern exit of this room. Head east on the branches, then shimmy up the vine, and take a few steps west. Walk north to an intersection, choose the path going up and to the right. A Djinni sits at the end of the branch, talk to it to initiate combat after saving. 


e. Battle with the Jupiter Djinni, Breeze

Reward: Breeze (Djinni)

    Like the other Djinni you have fought, Breeze will cast spells. In this case it will mostly use Whirlwind, which doesn’t hit very hard. However, watch out for Plasma, which does serious damage. Isaac’s Spire spell can do about 60 damage to the Djinni and Geret’s Volcano does about 40. Ivan won’t be able to contribute much in terms of offense in this fight, so have him use Herbs or the Healing Ring to keep everyone on their feet. Breeze will join you once you put him in his place. 


f. Tret Tree (Continued)

Items: None

    Give Breeze to Ivan and return to the intersection. Turn left and go inside the tree again. Open the chest by the door to obtain a Nut. Jump on the crumbling leaf to fall through the web as a shortcut to the lower floor. Go north and around the maze to the western exit. Take the southern tree branch to a vine that you’ll need to climb, then go east to another opening in the tree.

    You’ll be back in the room where you found the Nut. This time you’re on the other side of the chamber and can access the correct path through the leaves. Walk down so you can jump on the southwestern leaf, then hop onto the one to the right. Next, go up, then right. Finally, jump back onto the leaf to the left to fall through the web. The party will fall through a series of holes down to the basement. Save your game and heal before talking to the face on the back wall. 


g. Battle with Tret 

Reward: 226 Exp, 700 Coins, Potion

    Tret has access to some nasty spells. Thorn will hit the entire party for 20-40 damage and Sleep Star can put two of your fighters to sleep, though its success rate is rather low. If you’re lucky, he’ll cast Quake or use a normal attack, both of which do little damage. Garet’s Volcano can do about 60 damage to Tret, so have him cast it every turn. 

    Ivan should be able to cast Impact (if you equipped him with Gust and Breeze) so make him buff Isaac with it each turn. Do not bother casting Impact on anyone more than twice, since a third casting will have no effect. Alternatively, Plasma can cause significant harm to Tret. There’s a good chance Garet will run out of PP before Tret is dead, so have him attack and buff him with Impact if that happens. Keep everyone healed in case several people get put to sleep or the boss uses Thorn. Tret has a lot of Hit Points, but he will fall if you can keep the offensive up. 

Climb up the vine, exit the tree and cast Retreat to escape the forest quickly after the battle.

7. Bilibin Cave and Imil

Walk back to Bilibin.


a. Bilibin (Revisited)

Suggested Purchases: Broad Sword (Isaac/Garet), Bronze Shield (Isaac/Garet), Leather Gloves (Ivan), Wooden Cap (Everyone)

    You should have some serious cash after wandering around the woods, so visit the shop and buy some gear. Get Garet and Isaac Broad Swords. You can get away with buying just one sword if you do not have a lot of money, because there’s a better weapon in the next dungeon. Bronze Shields are also good purchases for Isaac and Garet. Be sure to get Ivan Leather Gloves and a Wooden Cap, since he needs the defense. In fact, Wooden Caps are a wise investment for the entire party. 


b. Bilibin Cave

Items: Elven Rapier, Vial

    Bilibin Cave is north of Bilibin village. You’ll have to cross a bridge and go west over two more bridges to find the cave. A small plant can be found in the northern end of the cave entrance. Put a Venus Djinni like Granite or Flint on Garet so he can use the Growth spell. Cast Growth on the plant and it will turn into a climbable vine. You may want to return your Venus Djinni to Isaac after climbing the vine.

    Head east after climbing the vine and leap over the small stream. Then follow the trail to a door located on a ledge below you. Look for a rut in the cliff side that you can slide down and go inside the cave. Head north to a treasure box and open it to get an Elven Rapier, a nice weapon that can unleash Vorpal Slash. Slide down the rut to the left of the chest to reach the lower level of the cave and proceed southwest. 

    Continue to follow the narrow passage as it turns north then east to another area. You cannot do much with the icy rocks in this chamber at the moment, so go east until you see a pair of torches to the south with a large pillar of ice next to them. Push one of the torches next to the ice pillar to melt it and walk up the newly opened path. Walk up the steps to the right and swing around west to a chest that holds a Vial. Retrace your steps to the torches and go south to exit the cave. 


c. Imil

Items: 9 Coins, Empty Bottle, Vial, Fever (Djinni), Lucky Medal 

    The town of Imil is a good way northwest of Bilibin Cave. As always, there’s a few items you can collect by poking around jars and boxes in this town. In the jar next to the north westernmost building you’ll find 9 Coins. Search the barrel in the weapon shop to find a Sleep Bomb. Visit the house near the entrance of town to meet Mia, who rushes off to the lighthouse before you can say a word to her. Be sure to get the Empty Bottle from the chest in the back of the house, you’ll need it later. The shops in town are currently closed, but you will be able to purchase items from them later.

Frozen River Chest

The frozen river in the center of town is a bit of a puzzle, because you will slide uncontrollably in one direction if you step on the ice. Step onto it from the highest gap in the fence and Isaac will slide to the right. Next go up, left, up, left, up, right, up, left, down, left, up, and right to the ladder. Open the chest by the ladder to get a Vial. 

Frozen River Cave

To get to the cave, you’ll need to cast Move on the Snowman at the north end of the river and push it to the left. After that, you’ll need to use the upper gap in the fence to get on the ice just like you did to reach the chest. Next, slide up, left, up, left, up, right, up, left, up, right, and up to the cave. Fever, the Mars Djinni, will join the party after you talk to it in the cave. 

Before leaving, search the stove at the inn to get a Lucky Pepper. You’ll also find a Lucky Medal by the gravestone near the river. 

8. Mercury Lighthouse 

Your next goal is the Lighthouse northeast of Imil.


a. Mercury Lighthouse Part 1

Items: None

    Head north from the entrance and talk to Mia. She’ll comment that a statue is in the way, cast Move to shift it to the left. Mia will converse with the party a little bit before entering the newly uncovered doorway. Follow her inside and save her from the monster. Mia will delve deeper into the lighthouse. The next room appears to have two doors in the north that lead to different places, but they actually take you to the same area. 

    Pass through the next room by going north, then hop onto the block to get to the steps going up. Mia will be stuck again, this time there’s a statue obstructing the path. Pull it towards you with Move and Mia will join the party after a short conversation. Mia starts out at a decent level, with good equipment, so don’t worry about training her or buying anything. Go into the room to the right.


b. Mercury Lighthouse Part 2

Items: Psynergy Stone, Psy Crystal, Sleep Bomb, Water of Life, Psyenergy Armor, Water of Life, Sleep Bomb

    Keep moving east through the waterfall room to get to a chamber filled with pipes. The solution to the puzzle presented by the pipes is quite simple: roll the section of pipe below you to the right to clear the path. Walk south and let the jet of water push Isaac east, then use the steps to the right to go under the pipes blocking the way forward. Walk south and another water jet will push you down. Look for another staircase north of your position. The steps will allow you to access the area to the right. Follow the hall north, then go down yet another set of steps, which will bring you to the opposite side of the pipe you pushed earlier. 

    Roll the pipe to the left to turn the water jets off. Go west through the passage created by the pipes and down the stairs to the south, then through the exit to the south of the other side of the steps if you want to move on to the next area. If you are in need of PP, there’s a Psy Crystal in a chest to the east. Just backtrack to the steps before the pipe you just rolled and go through the gap in the pipes to the southeast now that the water jet is gone. 

    Hop over the gap in the crumbled floor to the south and turn right. Take a few steps south and you’ll see a narrow ledge at the bottom of the screen. Follow it to a statue and a circular switch. Push the statue onto the switch, then look for a slide to the southeast that will allow you to reach the lower level. Head through the archway next to the slide and climb up the ladder to the next room. Use the slide in this room to fall through the hole. 

    Isaac will land on a block in front of the goddess statue, jump north onto the statue’s folded hands and cast Ply. The block you landed on will begin to glow, hop back onto it and rings will appear over Isaac’s head. These will allow Isaac to skip over the water four times. Use this power to get back to the walkway to the left or right. Walk over to the glowing block to the right, and leap onto it so you can skip over to the door in the southeast. 

    Three waterfalls adorn the room on the other side of the door. Examine the chest on the right side of the room after healing the party and you’ll end up fighting a Mimic. The Mimic has a ton of HP and will cast Wind Slash on the party, hitting everyone for a fair amount of damage. Luckily, you should have two characters with Witch’s Wands that have a decent chance of stunning the Mimic. Powerful spells and healing can also even the odds in this fight. The Mimic will drop a Water of Life when you beat it. 

    Press on the waterfall near the Mimic to enter a room with blocks you’ll have to jump over. From the block by the entrance, jump north, then east three times. Open the chest on the small platform to collect a suit of Psynergy Armor. This armor is a great find because it boosts PP as well as defense, making it a good match for both Isaac and Garet. Return to the room north of the goddess statue. 

Go north through the next area to return to the staircase from earlier. The blocks in the water here glow like the one in front of the statue. There are several paths you can take here. 

The Path to the Sleep Bomb

Jump onto the glowing block north of the entrance, then hop east over the water three spaces and jump south one space to another glowing block. Next go right one space, then up three spaces to another block. After that, hop left once, up three times, left five spaces to reach the chest with the Sleep Bomb. Jump onto the block right of the chest and go south to get back to the starting point.

The Path to the Exit

Reaching the exit is a roundabout process that takes several steps. Start at the entrance to this area and jump onto the block to the north, then go right three spaces and south one to reach another magic block. From here skip three spaces east over the water and four hops north. Jump north three more times and west once to yet another magical stone. Now hop east once and north three times to a narrow ledge in the upper right corner of the area. Leap onto the magic stone to the west and skip west three spaces. Turn south and jump on the block, then go left two spaces to solid ground. Follow the hallway west and south to a magic stone. Use the stone to jump south four spaces and you’ll find yourself by the exit that leads to the next area. 


c. Mercury Lighthouse Part 3

Items: Nut

    After solving the block puzzle in the previous section, you’ll enter the room north of the goddess statue, but on the opposite side of a large pool. Jump over the channel to the south and go through the door to a room with three waterfalls. Push against the middle waterfall to enter a chamber with a staircase to the northwest that is currently unreachable. Enter the room to the northeast and get ready to solve a pipe puzzle.

    Start out by rolling the pipe near the top of the room north. Roll the other horizontal pipe north, which will make it possible to push the vertical pipe west. The water will flow through the pipe and fill up the reservoir in the chamber to the south. Now you can jump on the stone in the southeast corner of the reservoir then hop left twice and up twice to the next stone. After that, hop left one last time and you can climb up the stairs. 

    There isn’t much in the hallway at the top of the stairs, so go east and climb the next set of steps. You’ll see a round switch and a locked door that you cannot open quite yet. Go up the steps east of the door to a room with a statue near a hole and a network of pipes. Descend the steps at the top of the room, so you can reach the area to the east. Push the pipe by the pyramid shaped block to the left. This should result in a second jet pushing the statue left one space. Walk down the steps just south of the pipe so you can get to the other side of it. 

    Now roll the same pipe to the right and a jet will push the statue south. Roll the vertical pipe left again and use the steps to the north to get to the horizontal pipe. Push it south, go down the steps below it and push the vertical pipe to the right one last time. A jet of water should push the statue into the hole. Descend the steps to the previous floor and push the statue onto the round switch. 

    On the other side of the door you just opened you’ll find a hallway full of statues. The third statue from the left can be moved to reveal a door that leads to a Nut. Return to the hallway with the statues after getting the nut and climb down the ladder to the south. Take a few steps right, ascend the second ladder, and approach the statue on the other side of the pit to the north. Use Move to nudge the statue to the left or right so you can hop over the pit and enter the door behind the statue. 

Push the pipe to the north in the next room to reveal a hidden door. Several waterfalls line the back wall of the next hallway. Push against the fourth waterfall to enter a hidden chamber. Talk to the Djinni in here to do battle with it. 


d. Battle with the Mercury Djinni, Sleet

Reward: Sleet (Djinni)

    Like all Djinni you’ve fought, Sleet is capable of hitting the entire party with spells, particularly Drench. Garet’s Volcano spell does about 66 damage per hit to Sleet, so use it each turn. Witch’s Wands can paralyze Sleet, but it’s likely you’ll be able to beat him without much effort thanks to the addition of Mia to the party. Defeat Sleet and he will join you. Set him to Mia to buff her stats up. 


e. Mercury Lighthouse Part 4

Items: Psynergy Stone 

    Return to the waterfall hallway after fighting Sleet and go through the southwest door. Ascend the stairs at the end of the next corridor and follow the hallway to a gap that you will need to jump over. Continue down the rest of the passageway and cross another pit to get to the doorway to another waterfall room. Head east and push against the last waterfall to gain entrance to a chamber with a statue. 

    Jump onto the ledge in the top left corner and cast Move to push the statue to the left, then go inside the door behind it. Follow the hallway beyond the door to a room that houses a glowing rainbow. Cast Ply on the statue to the east and the party will ride the waterfall up to the top of the tower. Cast Cure or Ply on anyone who needs it and pick up the Psynergy Stone above Isaac. Save your game, then cross the floating bridge and watch the cutscene. Saturos will challenge the party afterwards. 


f. Battle with Saturos

Reward: 330 Exp, 800 Coins, Psy Crystal 

    Saturos is a force to be reckoned worth thanks to his Fireball spell and Heat Flash melee attack. Fireball can deal 60-80 damage to every party member, which is enough to halve the HP of some characters unless you are above level 12. Heat Flash can blind one of your heroes with delusion status as well as deal over 40 HP worth of damage. His big spell, Eruption, can hit the party for 80 HP each, so keep everyone’s life as high as possible. Remember, you have a Healing Ring and Herbs as well as spells to keep everyone alive. 

    Put Mia on healing duty and have the others attack. Fire magic isn’t worth using in this fight so Garet will have to contribute with standard attacks. If you gave Garet the Elven Sword he will sometimes deal a significant blow to Saturos with the Vorpal Slash unleash. Isaac and Ivan’s ability to damage this boss with spells is also limited, but Ivan can help or by buffing the party with Impact. Saturos has a substantial amount of HP, so it will take quite a few turns to defeat him. 


g. Mercury Lighthouse Part 5

Items: Hermes’ Water

    Another lengthy conversation will begin once you defeat Saturos. Afterwards, hop over the floating platforms to the left and ride the elevator back down to the first floor. People from Imil can be found milling around the first floor by a newly filled fountain. Use the Empty Bottle you found earlier on the fountain to obtain the Hermes’ Water. 

9. Saving Kolima

There are several small side quests and places to visit after the lighthouse. Make sure you do the Bilibin Barricade event BEFORE visiting Tret in Kolima Forest. 


a. Imil  (Revisited)

Suggested Purchases: Blessed Ankh (Ivan or Mia) Adept’s Clothes (Ivan/Mia)

Items: None

The weapon and armor shops in Imil will be open now that the disease is gone. Buy one of your mages a Blessed Ankh. You may also want to get one or both of them the Adept’s Clothes. Be sure to rest up in Imil before setting out for the Bilibin Barricade.


b. Bilibin Cave and Barricade 

Items: Hard Nut

    Go east to Bilibin Cave and make your way through it, then head over to the barricade southeast of Bilibin. You’ll see a tree-person stranded by some rocks in the water. Step into the shallow water near the tree and cast Move to pull it towards you. Be sure to return and talk to the tree (who will be human again) after saving Tret to get a Hard Nut. You’ll have to save this person before healing Tret or she will not give you the reward. 


c. Kolima Forest (Revisited)

Items: None

    You’ll have to navigate Kolima Forest (which is northeast of the Barricade) again to get to Tret. See section 6: Kolima Forest and Tret Tree if you are having trouble finding your way. Luckily, you do not have to go inside the Tret Tree and you can save him simply by standing in front of his face and using Hermes’ Water. Tret will explain what happened to the forest after turning everyone who was cursed back into humans. Use the Retreat spell to exit the forest quickly after helping Tret.


d. Kolima Village (Revisited) 

Suggested Purchases: Broad Axe (Garet or Isaac) Bronze Helm (Isaac/Garet) Armlet (Ivan/Mia)

Items: None

    You should have looted all of this village’s treasures by now, refer to Section 6a of this guide if you did not. Buy Isaac or Garet a Broad Axe, but keep the Elven Rapier on one of them, since Vorpal Slash will generally make up for the damage difference, plus you’ll save a lot of money. Bronze Helms and Armlets are wise investments for those that can wear them. Aside from some interesting dialogue and a few good pieces of gear, there’s not much here, so head back to Bilibin when you are ready. 


e. Bilibin

Items: Vial, Potion, Psy Crystal, or Water of Life 

    With the curse lifted, the overall mood of Bilibin has improved greatly. McCoy’s guards will escort the party to his chamber when you approach the mansion. After a bit of dialogue, you’ll be allowed to choose one of four treasures. None of them are all that great, but they can be useful and they’re better than nothing. Four chests will be lined up in front of Isaac and the guards do not bother to tell you what they contain. Here are the contents of the boxes in order from left to right:

Chest 1: Vial

Chest 2: Potion

Chest 3: Psy Crystal 

Chest 4: Water of Life 

I recommend taking the Water of Life, because it can be used to revive fallen friends or sold for 2250 Coins. 

10. Fuchin Temple (Optional)

You will have to cross Kolima Bridge, but the temple is not mandatory. That said, there’s a lot to be gained from exploring it and I highly recommend paying it a visit sooner rather than later. 


a. Kolima Bridge

Items: None

    Set out for the village of Kolima, but continue along the road going east. The road will turn south before swinging west to a drawbridge. There isn’t much to do here aside from talking to the bridge attendant who will automatically lower the drawbridge for you. Follow the road leading from the drawbridge to a temple in the east. 


b. Fuchin Temple  (Nyunpa’s Home)

Items: Psynergy Stone 

    The people in this area will have a lot to say about a series of strange occurrences. Go up the stairs and grab the Psynergy Stone near the building. Remember, you can use these stones to recharge your PP as much as you like if you leave the temple and return. Once inside Nyunpa’s house, check the pot to the right to get a Unicorn Ring. 

    Nyunpa is in a deep trance and you’ll have to use Mind Read to get him to communicate with you; press select to bring up the menu and cast the spell. The old sage will offer you help with navigating the Mogall Forest, but you will have to pass a trial first. Go back down the steps and go over the logs in the river to the left. Talk to the monk standing by the waterfall and he will move allowing Isaac to enter the trial. 


c. Fuchin Falls Cave Part 1

Items: Game Ticket, Arctic Blade

    Use the log to the left of the stone tablet by the entrance to float across the water. Check the chest to the north, which is actually a Mimic that will attack the party. Destroy the Mimic and you’ll win a Game Ticket. Use the log to get back to the southern shore, then roll up to the archway using the log to the left. 

    The next area has a lot of diverging paths, but there’s only one way you can go at the moment. Jump onto the second block in the water from the left, then hop right and take a step north. Then jump right, up, up, step north, and hop right. After that jump north, step north, and leap onto the solid land by the doorway. Do not enter the door yet, instead, cross the series of blocks to the right that lead down to a staircase. 

    At the top of the staircase is a hallway leading north to a gloomy chamber. Descend the steps to the left and walk southeast along the shore in the next room to a log that you can use to roll over to the western corridor. Open the chest at the end of the corridor to receive an Arctic Blade. Go back over the water and use the log to the north to reach the southern portion of this room. Enter the door to the south that leads to a room with a spike lined corridor.


d. Fuchin Falls Cave Part 2

Items: None

    It’s entirely possible to cross the spikes to the right in order to gain access to the door, but you’ll lose a considerable amount of HP. The western path will take you to a log that can be used to cross the pond at the bottom of the screen. From there you can go up the hallway and to the right to the doorway I mentioned. Either way, the door leads back to the entrance. You can now use the log to cross over to the eastern shore and enter the door just above it. 

    A square patch of spikes is located just east of the entrance to this room, but you can avoid them by sticking to the south wall while walking east. You’ll see a log just to the south, roll it down to the southern part of the room, then roll the vertical log to the left. Roll the horizontal log back up to the northern shore and jump onto the stump to the left, then hop onto the vertical log and roll over to the eastern shore. Save your game, then talk to the Djinni to initiate combat. 


e. Battle with the Jupiter Djinni, Zephyr 

Reward: Zephyr (Djinni)

    Zephyr will cast powerful wind spells like Plasma and Whirlwind. Plasma can do 50 damage to multiple party members, so watch your HP. The greatest risk that comes with this fight is the possibility that the Djinni will flee, which is why I recommend saving before talking to him. Ivan won’t be doing much damage in this battle, but he can cast Impact and use regular attacks. Isaac will hopefully have Ragnarok learned by now, because it can do 110 damage to Zephyr. If not, have him cast Spire. Buff Garet with Impact so he can damage Zephyr with his weapon and have Mia heal when needed. Try to defeat this Djinni quickly to reduce the likelihood of him running. 


f. Fuchin Falls Cave Part 3

Items: Dragon’s Eye, Orb of Force

    Take a few steps south to another log after getting Zephyr, watch out for the spikes by the log. Ride the log to the top of the screen and enter the next room. You’ll see two horizontal logs floating by each other to the north, roll the top log to the northern part of the pool, then roll the vertical log to the left. Jump north so you can get back to dry land and return to the horizontal log at the southern end of the pool. Hop over to the western steps leading down to a small room that houses the Dragon’s Eye. 

    Head back to the pool and use the logs to get to the steps in the north. Enter the door at the top of the screen and you’ll be back in the gloomy room from earlier. This time you’ll be able to get to the dragon statue by climbing a ladder above the entrance. Place the Dragon’s Eye in the statue to light up the chamber and reveal a hidden path through the spikes. Return to the pool room and use the vertical log in the southern end of the room to roll over to the door just left of the exit. 

    You should pop up in the room filled with stumps from earlier. Hop over the stumps on your left to the door at the top of the screen and keep going until you reach the steps on the western side of the room. Follow the hallway north to the dragon statue room and walk across the invisible bridge by stepping off the ledge and following the shadow it casts to the northeastern door. 

    Go north along the hallway in the next area and slide down the indentation in the floor. Enter the door to the left of the slide and take The Orb of Force out of the chest. Equip the orb so you can use the Force spell, then cast Retreat to leave quickly now that you have everything from the cave. You can also climb the ladder in the room south of the orb’s chamber, then take the slide down to the bottom of the dragon statue room and walk south out of the cave.


g. Fuchin Temple  (Nyunpa’s Home)

Items: Psynergy Stone 

    The monk by the waterfall will ask you if you found the secret of the cave when you emerge from it. Afterwards he’ll tell you to go see Nyunpa again. Have a word with Nyunpa to learn that force can be used to expose hiding monsters who will lead you out of the Mogall Forest. Make sure your party is ready to press onward and save, then set out for the Mogall Forest.

11. Mogall Forest and Xian

The forest is just a few steps south of Fuchin. The enemies are basically the same tier as those you have been fighting since the Lighthouse, so level 12 should be sufficient to survive in this area. 


a. Mogall Forest Part 1

Items: Nut, Apple

    Using Force on the large hollowed out tree stumps in this forest will cause an ape to pop out and run down a path.* Incidentally, the direction the ape runs in is also the way you should go if you get lost. I’ll still provide directions for this area, because there are puzzles and important treasures. From the entrance go south two screens until you come to another log puzzle. ..tired of these yet? Roll the vertical log east, then push the horizontal one south so you can stand on the right side of the first log you moved. Push the vertical log west, then go to the south side of the horizontal log and push it north into the water. 

*Watch out, the ape will occasionally attack Isaac, but it’s not very strong. 

    Don’t forget to use Catch to grab the Nut hanging from the tree on the right before going over the log. Take the path going east. Keep walking east through the next screen to get to an area with two tree stumps. The apes in these stumps will go in different directions, but we will go east first to get an Apple. Return to the clearing with two stumps and take the trail going south. Head south through the next area, which has nothing of value.

    You’ll come to a stream with another log puzzle to the right. First use Move to push the rock south while standing in front of the log. Roll the log south to open a path, then move the horizontal log down to get it out of the way. After that, push the vertical log to the left and make your way to the Venus Djinni to the southwest. Save your game before talking to this aggressive Djinni.


b. Battle with the Venus Djinni, Quartz 

Reward: Quartz (Djinni)

Like the previous Djinni, Quartz may try to flee from the party, so it helps to save before taking him on. He’ll cast some powerful Earth based spells, but normal attacks and Fire spells will cut him down to size. As always, throw everything you have at this guy before he runs. Defeat Quartz and he will join you. 


c. Mogall Forest Part 2

Items: Elven Shirt, Psynergy Stone 

    Make your way back to the crude wooden bridge in this area and cross it. There are two paths on the other side of the bridge, one goes west, the other south. Take the western path until you reach a clearing with three stumps. Take care if you use Force on the stump to the right, an ape will spring out of it and attack. Go left one screen to find a simple puzzle and a treasure box. Use Move while standing by the log to push the rock north, then east. Roll the log forward and cast Move again to shove the rock into the indentation to the east and roll the log again to clear the way to the chest. 

    Open the chest for an Elven Shirt, which enhances Def and Agility. Give it to Mia, who could do with a speed boost. Return to the clearing with three stumps and go north to get a Psynergy Stone. Cross the bridge to the left and cast Move on the rock by the log to push it down into the indentation, then push the log into the water. Stand on the log and cast Force on the tree stump to get an ape to jump into the stump below it.*

*Casting Force on the stump is optional and you can skip to the paragraph below if you merely wish to go to the next screen. 

    Walk over to the log puzzle to the west. Push the topmost vertical log east, then step south and roll the horizontal log south. Go around the stumps and shove the horizontal log north. Now you can push the lower vertical log into the water. Hop over the stream. Cast Force on the stump to the right if you cast Force on the northern stump and want to watch the ape run away, otherwise, go south. Save your game before nearing the stump in this final screen. The Killer Ape will waylay you as you try to leave. 


d. Battle with the Killer Ape

Reward: 460 Exp, 1500 Coins, Douse Drop

    Aside from an impressive amount of HP, the Killer Ape is a pathetic excuse for a boss. He will cast Bind, which can keep the victim from using magic, but this isn’t much of a hindrance and it often fails. Sometimes he will cast Douse, which does light damage (20-30 HP) to about three of your heroes. Killer Ape can also use a basic melee attack, but it will only do 20-35 damage to a single target. The only thing you have to be wary of is Ransack, which can do upwards of 60 damage to a single victim. 

    By now Isaac should have Ragnarok and Garet should know Heat Wave/Fireball. Cast these spells every turn to wear the Killer Ape down. Ivan’s wind and lightning spells are moderately effective on this boss, so cast them every turn since they are likely more potent than his melee attack. Mia’s water magic is fairly useless in this fight, but she can still heal at least. Defeating the Ape will net you a Douse Drop that will teach a character the Douse spell when equipped. 


e. Xian Town

Suggested Purchases: Iron Shield (Isaac/Garet) Silver Circlet (Ivan/Mia)

Items: Lucky Medal, Elixir, Sleep Bomb, Mist (Djinni)

    Walk south to exit the forest after the battle (if you haven’t already) and head west, then cross the bridge to the north to enter Xian. A Lucky Medal is hidden in a jar on the upper left side of the orchard near the town entrance. You’ll also find an Elixir in the small house just north of the inn. Search the jar near the bed in the house built into the left side of the cliff for a Sleep Bomb. In Master Feh’s school you will find an Antidote in the barrel to the left. Finally, talk to the woman who walks back and forth between the jar next to the door in the cliffside and the dock to get her to spill her water, then cast Frost to create an ice pillar that you can use to jump to the cliff to the right. Talk to the Djinni standing on the ledge to get Mist.*

*Make sure you talk to the woman when she is just a step south of the jar, so she drops the water in the correct spot.

    Master Feh’s school is perched at the top of town. Stand behind the white line south of the practice log and cast Force to knock it down. Master Feh and his daughter will emerge from a room and start arguing. The daughter, Feizhi, will leave (which will become important later on) and Feh will ask you to knock the log over again. Oblige him and talk to Feizhi at the town entrance. 

   Many new weapons and types of armor can be purchased in this town. I recommend saving your money instead of buying any weapons, but the Battle Rapier is a decent upgrade if you feel enemies are getting too tough. As for armor, buy Iron Shields for Garet and Isaac. Mia and Ivan should be given Silver Circlets, but apart from that it isn’t worth replacing their body armor if they are wearing the Elven Shirt or Adept’s Clothes. An artifact called the China Dress is also available for purchase. While not a great piece of armor, it can be used as an item in combat to reduce enemy attack power, though the practicality of this is debatable. 


f. Battle with the Mars Djinni, Corona 

Reward: Corona (Djinni)

There’s a bridge directly north of Xian, cross it and step into the small forest on the island to fight Corona. This Djinni isn’t at all difficult, but you should save before fighting it, since it can run away. Use Ragnarok, Storm Ray, and Douse to defeat this Djinni and get it to join you. 


g. Leveling Up to 15 (Optional)

Right now you should be about level 14. Take some time to fight the monsters around Xian to get everyone to level 15 and earn a little coin. You may also what to take the Turtle Boots off of Garet if he still has them equipped, because their defense bonus no longer offsets their massive agility penalty. 

12. Altin       

The road from Xian veers off to the northwest over a bridge and you will soon come upon a mountain pass. While not marked on the overworld map, the pass is actually a short area.


a. Alpine Crossing

Items: Power Bread

   Take a couple of steps into this area and Feizhi will rush past you in search of Hsu. To the left you’ll see a small plant, give Garet one of Isaac’s Venus Djinni so he can cast Growth on the plant. After using Growth, go south (you may also want to talk to Feizhi here) and cast Frost on the puddle of water. Next climb up the plant and slide down the rut to the left, then go south to the ice pillar. Jump over the gap and open the chest to the south for some Power Bread. Use the slide above Feizhi to get back to the lower level and head northwest to the world map. 


b. Altin Town (Flooded)

Items: Psy Crystal

    Altin is flooded with water and much of the town is inaccessible. Fortunately, the inn is not submerged. You can cast Move on the statue near the entrance to get a Psy Crystal. Aside from that, there isn’t much you can find here at the moment, so check out the area southwest of the inn. You should see a monster spitting water into the lower area of the town. Follow it into the cave.


c. Altin Peak Part 1

Items: Frost Jewel, Game Ticket, Dragon Shield 

    Pursue the creature as it flees north and conveniently creates an ice pillar you can use to cross the gap to the western side of the cave. Climb down the ladder and talk to the creature to start combat with the living statue. This monster likes to use Water Blessing on the party, but it will not do much harm. That said living statues have a lot of HP and take a few turns to kill. Heat Wave, Ragnarok, and Ray Storm deal a lot of damage to living statues, so cast them each turn. 

    After the fight you will receive a Frost Jewel, which can be equipped to cast Frost. Speaking of Frost, the pool of water will drain after the fight and you should cast Frost on the puddle at the bottom of the ladder. Doing so will allow you to cross the gap to the right. Return to town and you will notice that the water level has reduced. Descend the ladder and enter the mineshaft to the north. Follow the tracks to a door to the northeast, ignoring the room to the north for now. 

    Keep moving along the track in the next shaft to a large chamber filled with water. Walk along the northwest shore to a minecart on a raised platform. Do not try to ride the minecart yet, though. Instead, look for a switch to the right of the cart and flip it so the arrow faces east. Now you can ride the cart to a small island near the center of the chamber. Another living statue is hanging out on this island, kill the statue to drain the water even further.

    There’s a small room with a chest blocked by a boulder attached to this chamber, but you cannot move the boulder right now. Instead, ride the minecart back to the platform and exit the chamber the way you came. Retrace your steps back to the entrance of this portion of the mine and explore the room to the northwest. Climb down the ladder and step through the door to the lower part of the shaft.

   Head left and follow the track south to a switch. Activate the switch to change the track. Next, go back down the tunnel to a minecart on the track to the right of the entryway. Jump in the cart and ride it to another door in the northern wall. Go west until you happen upon a fork in the tunnel. Take the road running west to a Mimic chest. Destroy the Mimic for a Game Ticket. 

   Take the path leading down to another tunnel after defeating the Mimic. In here you will find a puddle that you must cast Frost on in order to cross over to the next platform to the left. Step inside the door to the north after crossing the gap and descend the first ladder you see. Next, walk west a bit and turn north at the broken track. Cast Frost on the puddle to create an ice pillar, then make your way west to a ladder that goes up to the platform above. 

    From the ladder, go north and hop over the ice pillar to a minecart. Ride the cart over to a chest that was visible from the entrance and take the Dragon Shield from it. Have Isaac use the Dragon Shield, since Garet has better defense and natural fire resistance. Get back in the minecart and return to the lower level. Go left and you will see another ladder, climb it and go north to a switch. 

    Flip the switch to change the track, then go back to the minecart. Another living statue awaits Isaac by the pond. Deal with it as you did the others and ride the minecart back to the other side of the room. Leave this section of the mine by casting Retreat or backtracking to the mine entrance. You will find that another level of the town has drained, revealing the weapon shop, which I cover in Part e of this section. 


d. Altin Peak Part 2

Items: Lucky Medal, Spritz (Djinni)

    Descend the ladder in Altin Town and enter the mineshaft to the north. The track in here will split into east and west branches, take the east branch to another room and follow the hallway until it forks. Take the southern path to a chest with a Lucky Medal. Go west from the chest down a long corridor that leads to a large chamber. 

    Walk east (both the upper and lower paths to the right go to the same place) and look for a stone pillar by a puddle. Use the Move spell to nudge the pillar to the left, then cast Frost on the puddle. Climb the ladder north of the two pillars and hit the switch next to it. You’ll see two more puddles north of the ladder, cast Frost on them as well. 

    Cross the bridge made by the ice and stone pillars to the south. Get in the minecart and it will take you to a raised platform to the right, ride it again to go left to the previously unreachable section of this chamber. You’ll find a Mercury Djinni to the south. The Djinni will attack you when you talk to it, but I’m not going to go into detail about this fight, because it is like all the rest. Defeat the Djinni and Spritz will join you. 

    Another ladder can be found northeast of the switch, climb it and go left to along the path you created by casting Frost on the puddles. Walk through the archway to the north after crossing the gaps. There’s only one way to go in the next hallway, which will take you to another large room. To the north is a rock strewn hallway that goes to an upraised log that supports the ceiling, use Force to knock it over and watch as Isaac scurries away from it. 

    Go down the ladder to the south, the use the slide below the ladder to get to the lower level where the boulder fell through the floor. This area is near the mine entrance and going south or north will take you through places you’ve already explored. You can climb down the destroyed track like a ladder, which will take you to a section of the mine that is very different from the rest. Head east after climbing down the track and save your game before setting foot in the large chamber to the north. 


e. Battle with the Hydros Statue 

Reward: 496 Exp, 2400 Coins, Lucky Medal 

    Hopefully Mia has learned Wish by now, because the ability to heal the entire party will make this encounter incredibly easy. Hydros will often cast Drench, Froth Sphere, and Water Blessing, which will hit several members of the party at once. Casting Wish every turn or two will completely negate any damage the boss inflicts. If you don’t have Wish, you’ll have to keep an eye on everyone’s HP a little more closely and use your single target heals. 

    As usual, Ragnarok, Heat Wave, and Storm Ray will seriously injure this boss. Standard attacks will not be very effective against Hydros’ tough hide unless you are upwards of level 17. Surprisingly, Ivan’s Sleep spell works on Hydros and it’s possible to put him to sleep for several turns while your entire party barrages him with magic. Hydros has a lot of HP, but you should be able to slay him before you even begin to run low on PP.


f. Altin Peak Part 3

Items: Lifting Gem, Vial 

    Open the chest the statue was protecting to obtain the Lifting Gem and equip it so you can move some annoying obstacles. There’s a couple of nice items you can acquire in the mine if you are willing to backtrack. If not, simply cast Retreat to leave the area. In fact, Retreat is a good way to take a shortcut to the first place you want to bactrack to, because it’s near the mine entrance. 

    North of the entrance you’ll find a large boulder blocking a cave opening, cast Lift on the boulder and go inside. Take the northwestern branch of the cave and cast Move to push a rock or of the way of another door. Behind the rock you will find a Vial in a chest. Return to the entrance of the mine and step outside to Altin Town, then climb the ladder up to the second mine entrance that’s just above the lowest level. 

    Take the northeast path as you did before and follow the path until you see a ladder next to a mineshaft. Inside you will find a chest that is blocked off by a boulder. Lift can raise the boulder for you so you can open the chest to acquire a Cookie. Give this item to Garet or Isaac, since it will raise their middling PP. Cast Retreat to return to town. 


f. Altin Town (Drained)

Suggested Purchases: Psyenergy Rod (Mia), Claymore (Garet or Isaac)

Items: Nut, 9 Coins

    Now that the water has been drained from the town, life will return to normal in Altin…more or less. The house on the second tier of town has a Nut hidden in a barrel, you’ll also get 9 Coins if you rummage through a barrel in the weapon shop. Speaking of weapons, there are some pricey items in the shops that you should consider buying. The Psyenergy Rod costs a grand total of 3800 Coins, but it’s considerable attack power and ability to absorb PP from enemies makes it a good weapon for Mia. You should also replace your aging Elven Rapier with a Claymore, but you should only buy one since the Arctic Blade is still viable and you will find a replacement for it soon enough. As armor goes, Chainmail, Gauntlets, and Iron Helms are all good choices for anyone that can wear them, but keep your Dragon Shield on Isaac or Garet. 

13. Lamakan Desert 

Return to the lowest level of Altin Peak again and move the boulder to the north with Lift. Enter the next mineshaft and go up the first tunnel to the left, then cast Lift again to move the boulder blocking the way forward. Follow the path northward and enter the door to the south after it turns west to get to the other side of the mountain range. 


a. Lama Temple 

Items: Psynergy Stone, 6 Coins, Water of Life, Reveal

    Lama Temple is a small area that will not take long to explore. The Psynergy Stone here serves as a source of renewable healing if you need it. There’s also a healer here, so it’s unnecessary to go all the way back to Altin if someone needs a healer’s services. Hama waits in the only building in this area, talk to her to learn Reveal, then check the pot on the left to get 6 Coins. Hop over the stream to the right and cast Reveal on the stone (I recommend mapping this spell to the right or left shoulder button, you’ll use it a lot in the near future) and open the chest for a Water of Life. 


b. Alpine Crossing  (Optional)

Items: None

This won’t be important unless you intend to play Golden Sun: The Lost Age and transfer your save. Head east from Lama Temple and use Reveal near an outline by the cliff wall to find a secret door. Go through the door and cast Lift on the boulder crushing Hsu. Afterwards, there will be a brief cutscene and the Alpine Crossing will have been cleared. 


c. Lamakan Desert

Items: Psynergy Stone x2, Vulcan Axe, 777 Coins, Smog (Djinni), Lucky Pepper

Lamakan Desert is a short walk south of the Lama Temple.

    A bar will appear on the left side of the screen when you enter the desert. Walking over the scorching sands will cause the bar to fill up. Everyone in the party will take damage if the bar fills up, but it will reset afterwards. The party can walk over non sandy areas without fear of increasing the heat meter. Jumping in an oasis will also reset the meter. It’s worth noting that the enemies in this area are weak to Mia’s ice magic and the Arctic Blade’s Blizzard unleash. 

    Go north along the path, try to stay on the cracked earth as long as possible before setting foot on the sand. The canyon will turn west, then south to a circle of stones. Use Reveal in the circle to uncover a hidden pool of water, jump in it to set the heat meter back to zero. Continue southwest to another patch of sand. There are two paths in this area, the southern path will lead you to a Psynergy Stone that is hidden in a ring of stones.

    The northern road will take you to the next destination. Head northwest to an oasis concealed in a ring of stones and you’ll see safe ground to the northwest. Walk north and the road will split again, take the northwest road to a circle of stones. Cast Reveal to make a hidden chest that contains a Vulcan Axe visible. Make your way back to the crossroads and take the eastern path.

    Be careful if you cast Reveal on the first circle of stones you encounter on this path, because an Antlion will attack the party if you get too close. Antlions are not particularly strong, but there’s no real reason to fight them. An oasis can be found hidden in the usual circle of stones just above the Antlion. North of the oasis you’ll find the entrance to the next section of desert.

    To the left is a large sandy area, look for a ring of stones just west of the entrance and you will find a Potion if you cast Reveal. Keep going west and you will come to an oasis. The area just north of the oasis is home to a hidden Antlion. Take a few steps northwest of the Antlion to another stone circle. A box that contains 777 Coins is concealed in this circle. Another oasis is located just southwest of the 777 Coins. If you head back to the entrance and walk north to a stone pillar. Go west from the pillar and you’ll see two circles right next to each other. Cast Reveal to find the Djinni, Smog.

    There isn’t much in the northern section of the dunes aside from a few oases and Antlion dens, but you will find a Psynergy Stone in the northeastern section, just above the entrance to the area. Head west to get out of the dunes. There’s a sand waterfall north of the exit to the dunes, use Reveal on the circle to find a Lucky Pepper. If you are having difficulty finding the way out, run to the left from the first cactus you see near the entrance, go around some rock outcroppings and you should see the exit after passing a large skeleton. 

    A sand fall is right by the entrance of this next area, cross it while pushing up to avoid being swept away. Keep moving west over another sand fall. You’ll see handholds built into the walls here, but they only lead to a slightly safer path. Just follow the main path as it leads west. After a while the path will twist and turn, seemingly dead ending in a sand fall. Cast Reveal on the sand fall and a door will appear. Go through the tunnel and keep heading west over two more sandfalls, then cast Reveal on the third sand fall to find a creature hiding behind the falls. Heal up and give Mia a Psy Crystal if she is low on PP, then save before talking to the creature. 


d. Battle with Manticore 

Reward: 590 Exp, 3400 Coins, Psy Crystal 

    Manticore will cast Curse, Nova, Impair, and Delude. He can also poison a party member. Impair will lower the target’s defense, Nova deals damage to multiple targets, and Curse will prevent the victim from taking action if it hits. His big attack is Mad Blast, which can hit several people for about 50-60 damage. Even worse, Manticore can take two turns in a single round, often inflicting a status ailment and dealing damage. Up until now, I’ve purposely avoided advising the use of Summons in combat, since unleashing Djinni weakens the character they are set to, but it is best to wipe this boss out decisively using a powerful summon.

    Aside from Mia, everyone should use regular attacks or spells like Storm Ray and Ragnarok. Mia should open by unleashing Sleet to start out with some damage and to lower the boss’s attack. Unleash Mist on the next turn to further charge the summon, though it’s unlikely the Sleep effect will work on Manticore. Next, use Spritz to heal the party. Finally, unleash Fizz and heal anyone in need. This should allow you to summon Boreas on the fifth round, which will deal roughly 600 HP to Manticore. Manticore should die after the summon, if not hit him a few more times to finish him. 

Remember, unleashing all these Djinni will weaken Mia. Keep a close eye on her HP and don’t be shy about healing her. You should also cure anyone who gets poisoned.

14. Kalay 

Enter the tunnel Manticore was guarding after you defeat him to return to the world map.


a. Battle with the Venus Djinni, Vine

Reward: Vine (Djinni)

    Northwest of Lamakan you will come across an island with a brown patch of land in its center. Walk around the island and fight some random battles until the Venus Djinni turns up. Watch out for his Clay Spire spell that can do about 80 to multiple targets. Ivan’s Tornado magic does a lot of damage to Vine and Ragnarok is also surprisingly effective.  As usual, try to defeat him swiftly, because he may flee. 


b. Kalay 

Suggested Purchases: Frost Wand (Ivan)

Items: Vial, Nut x2, Smoke Bomb, 11 Coins, Sleep Bomb, Water Jacket

    Kalay is directly west of Lamakan Desert. You’ll have to cross two bridges to get to the town, but it should be easy to find. You’ll find a Vial in the jar by the tombstones near the town entrance. There’s also a Nut in the tree above the graves that can be acquired with Catch. Another jar northwest of the armor shop contains a Sleep Bomb. Check the barrel in the house to the right of the weapon store to get 11 Coins. Have a look at the oven in the house in the upper right corner of town to receive a Smoke Bomb. An Elixir is hidden in a barrel near the steps in the inn’s basement.

    A lengthy conversation will take place when you walk up to Hammet’s mansion in the north part of town. After the conversation, you will be free to explore the mansion. In the room to the left you will find a Water Jacket, a nice body armor for Ivan or Mia that resists Water and Fire. There’s a barrel that contains a Nut in the kitchen in the east wing of the building. The only piece of equipment I recommend buying in Kalay is the Frost Wand artifact, which is a good replacement for Ivan’s Blessed Ankh. You can also buy Heavy Armlets and Chain Caps if you have a ton of money, but they are skippable. Do not get Jerkins for Mia and Ivan. The Water Jacket is better and the Elvin Shirt is still superior despite its lower defensive value. 


c. Kalay Tunnel 

Items: Scorch (Djinni)

    Walk up to the house in the northeast corner of town and you should see a statue just above it. You can reach this statue by climbing the steps to the second floor and hopping over the narrow gap between the house and the wall. Cast Move on the statue to reveal a hidden tunnel. Push the statue near the tunnel entrance to block the water flow, then climb down the ladder to get to Scorch, who will join without a fight. There’s nothing more you can do here, but remember this place as it still holds secrets that you will be able to unlock later.

15. Treasure Time!

Now that the party has some new spells like Reveal and Lift, it’s possible to explore new sections of familiar areas. This part of the guide is optional, but players who take time to re-explore Vale, Vault, and Bilibin will be rewarded with some nice items as well as a few Djinni.


a. Vault Cave

Items: Vial, Vambrace, Sap (Djinni)

    Vault lies to the northeast of Kalay. To get there, cross a bridge north of Kalay. A second bridge is just east of the one you just crossed and east of that you will find Vault. You may want to talk to the Mayor of Vault before searching for the cave, because it will affect Golden Sun: The Lost Age if you use the send feature. The mayor’s house is in the northwest on the upper level of town. Stay on the earthen wall and go south to the circle of graves. 

    Hop over the gap to the right of the dog and climb up the tower to the northeast, then ring the bell. A Djinni will pop out of the bushes and jump on top of the cave to the right. Return to the circle of tombstones and give the bone you received when you first visited this town to the dog. After receiving the bone, the dog will try to show you an entrance to the cave, but you’ll need to cast Reveal to make the ladder visible. Go through the door at the bottom of the ladder to a tunnel. 

    A Mimic chest is hanging out on the right side of the tunnel. It will only give you a Vial if you defeat it. The left tunnel will take the party to a chamber with a pond in the center, look for another passage to the east that leads down to a room with two braziers. Push the left brazier onto the fire symbol to open the gate and head into the next room. Water drips from the ceiling in here, forming puddles. You’ll see a bunch of leaves near the ladder that leads down to the puddles, Whirlwind can blow the leaves away allowing access to a tiny room that holds the Vambrace. This nifty piece of handwear will boost both Offense and Defense.

    Cast Frost on the puddles to create a bridge after you get the Vambrace and jump on the ice pillar to the left of the ladder when you’re done. Cross your pillar bridge to get to the doorway to the west. There are several staircases in this room, but you’ll need to climb down the ladder near the entrance first. Climb up the ladder on your left then go through the door to the south. Walk to the steps on the right in this next hallway and hit the button next to the staircase in the flooded room. 

    You cannot go back the way you came, so head south and go down the steps. Make your way through the narrow passageway and enter a room with three braziers. Push the unlit brazier west one space, then push the brazier with fire in it onto the flame symbol to the north to open the gate. Watch out for the dripping water, which will put the brazier out, forcing you to leave the room to reset the puzzle. Watch the drops carefully and start pushing as soon as the one closest to the brazier falls. 

    The steps behind the gate will take you back up to the room with the ladders, which is now partially flooded. Go up the stairs to the west and down the narrow hallway to the room where you pushed the button. Take the ladder down to the lower area and enter the door to the north. Jump over the pit in the next area and ascend the ladder. 

    Walk up the steps to a small hallway that leads outside. You’ll find Sap the Djinni waiting on the cliff. Unfortunately, you will have to walk back out of the cave, but the way is fairly simple. The puddle room may seem like a dead end when you get to it, however, there’s a ramp you can slide down that blends into the wall to the south. From there it’s a straight shot to the exit. 


b. Vale (Revisited)

Items: Vial, 123 Coins, Psynergy Stone, Power Bread

    Vale is just northwest of Vault. Not much has changed since you left at the beginning of the adventure, but there are a few nice items waiting in a previously inaccessible cave. Just north of the weapon shop you’ll find a barn that has a few goodies inside.* The jar in the upper left corner of the barn holds a Vial. 123 Coins are hidden in a barrel to the right of the Psynergy Stone. Talking to Isaac’s mom and Garet’s parents will trigger long cutscenes, but it will have no real impact on the game, unless you intend to play the sequel.**  Walk behind the inn and use Whirlwind on the ivy covered wall behind it. Go inside the cave the ivy was hiding and take the Power Bread from the box.

*Note: It may be possible to enter the barn at an earlier point in the game, but I was unable to do so until revisiting the town. 

**Talking to Dora is important if you intend to play Golden Sun: The Lost Age. She should say something about being sick after you clear Lamakan Desert, which will indicate that the event has triggered.


c. Vale Cave 

Items: Nut, Halt Gem, Kite (Djinni)

    Remember the giant rock that smashed the fence near Kraden’s house? You can move that rock now that you have Lift. The mouth of the cave is just north of the broken fence. Once inside, you’ll see a number of possible paths. The way forward lies to the left. Jump onto the central wooden stump in the water and use Reveal to unveil a hidden stump that will make it possible to cross the water. Use the nearby ladder to reach the upper level of this area and go in the door to the north. 

    Hop onto the posts in the water and jump over to the crate on your right. Pull this crate into the water using Move to form a bridge. Go down the narrow hall to the south to a semi-hidden door that leads to a chest that contains a Nut. You should also be able to see a Djinni that’s just out of reach in this room. Return to the area with the crates and posts.

    Make your way over to the patch of land on your left and use Move to shove the crate into the water. Now you can jump onto the crate and ride the log above to the other side of the pond. Enter the room to the north. Follow the hallway to the northwest as it wraps around the room to a door at the bottom of the screen. Roll the log into the water, then hop the gap to the north and roll the other log into the water. 

    Use the rut just below where the second log was to get to the lower area. Now you can roll the third log over the water and use it to jump into the narrow passage to the north. Follow the path to the room with the Djinni and open the box to the north for a Halt Gem. Approach the Djinni and she will jump down from the platform. Equip the Halt Gem and cast Halt on the Djinni while facing her to keep her from fleeing. Talk to the Djinni and Kite will join the team. Exit the cave by walking south.

16. Voyage to Tolbi

If you chose to get the treasures and Djinni in section 15, make your way back to Kalay, then set out for Kalay Dock to the west.


a. Kalay Dock

Items: None

You may notice a Venus Djinni hanging out behind a landslide near the lone building by the dock. Unfortunately you cannot get him yet, so buy your ticket for 600 Coins from the girl behind the counter in the building. Talk to the sailor by the dock afterwards and board the ship via the gangplank.


b. Tolbi-Bound Ship

Items: 23 Coins, Lucky Medal, Anchor Charm, Nut

    You’ll run into a brief conversation between the captain and the crew after boarding the ship. You’re free to talk to the crew and passengers once the conversation is over. Enter the door to the north next to the chef and examine the barrel near the steps to get 23 Coins. Walking north will trigger another dialogue event. The steps go down to the oars, but there’s not much to see aside from a few rowers who have interesting things to say. 

    Return to the deck and go down the steps in the center of the ship to a cargo hold. A Lucky Medal is concealed in the barrel at the back of the cargo hold. Back up on deck, you’ll see a mast just above the steps to the cargo hold. Climb up the mast to the crow’s nest and have a peek at the barrel to acquire the Anchor Charm. Now climb back down and check out the room to the south on what is presumably the bow of the ship. 

    Look at the jar north of the entrance to obtain a Nut. Another conversation will occur once you climb the ladder and the captain will express dismay over the disappearance of the anchor. Select the Anchor Charm in your inventory and choose “Use” while standing in front of the captain and he will agree to disembark. Save your game, then go back down to the oarsmen after a cutscene. 


c. Defending the Ship

Items: None 


You will have to replace injured oarsmen with passengers while defending the boat. It’s impossible to keep the rowers from being incompacitated, but you can choose the order in which they are replaced. Choosing the correct order will grant the party access to Crossbones Island, a secret area filled with treasure. This area is optional, but it’s worth checking out for the special items you can find there. Here’s the order in which you should select passengers:

1. Balding man with ponytail and white shirt

2. Old man with grey hair 

3. Young man with brown hair and blue shirt

4. Girl with light green dress and green hairband, talking to chef

    Three men-o-war will assault the ship, luckily they die quickly if you cast lightning spells on them. If you want to go to Crossbones Island, select the guy with a ponytail in the upper left side of the passenger cabin, then go below decks. Kill the lizard man and rabid bats, which should drop quickly if you cast Storm Ray. Your next rower will be the old man who is standing just above the steps. 

    More monsters will attack after you bring the oarsmen down. Cast Storm Ray on the Virago and men-o-war, then finish them off with regular attacks. Don’t use summons or unleashes from here on, you’ll need your Djinni for the boss. Pick the young man in a blue shirt by the window to row. Get ready for a boss battle before going below deck. 


d. Battle with Kraken 

Reward: 711 Exp, 5200 Coins, Water of Life

Below is a list of the boss’s attacks, keep in mind that he gets two turns per round. 

Spinning Beat- high damage to a single target. 

Ply- heals Kraken for about 100 HP.

Dark Blessing- damage to multiple targets, delusion

Poison Beat- low damage to one target, chance to poison. 

Drench- moderate water damage to entire party. 

    Kraken is one tough customer, but he is weak against fire. Garet should start the battle by unleashing Corona to buff the party’s defense. Isaac should cast Ragnarok and backup heal throughout the battle, while Ivan can spam Tornado. Mia should focus on healing, because Kraken hits like a truck. Unleash Fever next and Scorch on the third turn, if you are lucky, Scorch will stun Kraken and buy you some time. Finally, unleash Forge, then summon Meteor, which should deal about 700 damage. 

Kraken should be nearly dead after the summon, so just focus on attacking and make Garet cast Flare Storm. 


e. Tolbi-Bound Ship (Continued)

Items: None

Make the girl in the green dress who is standing next to the cook row. One of two things will happen at this point. If you followed the instructions on how to get to Crossbones Island the ship will make landfall there, if not, you will arrive at Tolbi. 

17. Crossbones Isle

    The crew and passengers of the ship will be dismayed by their arrival at this mysterious island. Talk to the two guys standing near the gangplank and they’ll move out of your way. A mountain range dominates this island; walk into the valley in the middle of the mountain range to enter the dungeon. You may want to run around the ship’s deck a bit to restore some PP before setting foot on the island. See Section III Part 1 for a walkthrough of Crossbones Isle.

Note: You cannot explore the entire island yet, because you will need a special spell to access the lowest areas. Later on, you will be able to come back here. Returning to the ship will send the party to Tolbi.

18. The Tolbi Region

Regardless of whether or not you took the Crossbones Isle detour, the boat will eventually take you to the Tolbi Docks. 


a. Tolbi Docks

Items: 35 Coins, Potion

    You won’t find much at the Tolbi Docks aside from 35 Coins in a crate on the upper right hand side of the pier and a Potion. To get the Potion, approach the tall crate below the building and use Move to shift the crate on the left two spaces towards the area exit, then move the right crate towards the exit one space. Go up the steps, hop across the crates, and open the chest to the north to get your prize. You can talk to the people at the dock, but there’s not anything else you can do after that.


b. Finding Hail, the Mercury Djinni

Items: Hail (Djinni)

    To find this Djinni, you will have to locate Tolbi first. Tolbi is just west of the docks, go past it and you’ll see a bridge to the north. Cross the bridge, walk north a bit more and look for second bridge to the west. Go across this bridge and run around the field to the south until you encounter a Mercury Djinni. Hail fights like all the other Djinni and you should be fine casting spells like Ragnarok and Flare Storm. I do not recommend trying to melee Hail, because he will attempt to flee.


c. Getting Ground, the Venus Djinni

Items: Ground (Djinni)

    Return to the bridge just west of Tolbi and walk up to the river north of it, then head east along a mountain range. You should see the Kalay docks to the south after you hit a dead end. Enter the docks and the party will spawn at the north side of the area. From here you can grab Ground, a Venus Djinni.


d. Gondowan Cave (Shortcut to Kalay)

Items: Lucky Medal, Apple 

    A strip of land lies slightly southeast of Tolbi, cross it and continue eastwards to find the Gondowan Cave. This is basically an optional shortcut to Kalay, but there is a treasure waiting to be collected here. Go northwest from the mouth of the cave and down the steps, then cast Lift on the stone blocking the way west. Walk down another set of steps to a cave filled with water and stepping stones. Skip across the stones to the right and open the box on the small island for a Lucky Medal.

    Double back and go northeast to find a chest that holds an Apple. Keep going east, then south to a doorway. Climb the small set of steps to the right after going through the door and you’ll see a tall rock sitting on the path. Stand one space away from the rock and use Move to drop it in the water to the left, creating a shortcut to the cave entrance in the process. Continue south to another stone pillar, which you’ll find just east of another small set of steps. Stand to the left of the pillar, cast Move and push it east. Now you can shove this pillar into the gap to the right and cross it. From here you can go down the steps to the south and through the door below to access the Kalay area of the map. 

19. Tolbi Town

After exploring the area around Tolbi, it’s time to visit the town itself. 


a. Tolbi

Suggested Purchases: Knight Shield (Isaac/Garet), Mail Cap (Everyone), Heavy Armlet (Ivan/Mia)*

Items: Ember (Djinni), Power Bread, Lucky Medal

*Play the minigames in Tolbi before making any purchases. The items won from the Tolbi Spring are better than those sold in the shops.

One of the first things you may notice upon entering Tolbi is a large fountain near the center of the town. Throwing Lucky Medals into the fountain can net the party some powerful items, but we’ll explore the town first. Details on the fountain and other mini-games can be found in the next part of this section. 

    Your first point of business in Tolbi should be finding another Djinni. It’s possible to explore the area to the right of the town gate if you walk east along the wall. To the north you’ll see a small plant that you can cast Growth on by putting a Mars/Venus Djinni on Isaac or Garet. A puddle is located at the top of the newly grown vine, cast Frost on it and climb back down. Now enter the town proper and ascend the steps east of the fountain. Next, go up another set of steps to the right and use the ice pillar to get to the small alley next to the house. You’ll see a Mars Djinni named Ember at the back of the alley. 

    9 Coins are waiting to be collected from a barrel next to a house in the northern part of the village. Use Reveal while standing near the circle of gravestones south of the healer’s house to expose a hidden chest that contains a Power Bread. Tolbi’s inn is booked, so you won’t be able to rest there at the moment, but there’s a Lucky Wheels game on the inn’s top floor. Details about the lucky wheels game can be found in Part b of this section. 

    Like any town, Tolbi has an equipment shop, but there’s nothing here particularly worth buying, because Isaac can win much better gear by playing Lucky Wheels and the Fountain coin toss. Going through the exit to the north will take you to Colosso, but you won’t be able to get a ticket. Go up the northwest steps instead, which will trigger an event involving some guards. They’ll ask you if you’ve seen Babi, but (as usual) how you answer has no real impact on events. 

    Continue up the steps to Babi’s palace. Both the northeast and northwest doors on the first floor of the palace lead to a barracks. Talk to the girl behind the counter and she will allow you to rest in the beds. The steps in the southeast will take you to a tiny room on the third floor that has a Lucky Medal stashed in a barrel. Climb the steps near the center of the entrance hall to get to the second floor. 

   Two doors wait at the top of the steps, neither door leads to anything valuable, but you can converse with a few NPCs in the rooms if you wish. Follow the central hallway and you will see Iodem talking to some guards about Babi and Altmiller Cave. The door at the end of the hallway leads to the throne room, which in turn leads to Babi’s empty bedroom. Back in the main hallway, you’ll find two sets of steps in the left wing. Walk down the steps and you’ll come to a basement filled with cauldrons. 

    Search a jar by the second cauldron to get a Hard Nut. Ascend the steps to return to the main hall, then over to the east wing and up the steps. You’ll meet Sheba. Talking to her isn’t terribly important, but doing so adds to the story a bit. From here you can go back down to the main hall and descend several flights of steps to a tunnel that leads to the Colosso. You can watch some of the events and talk to a few people in the stands. Aside from that there’s not much to see here. At this point you can proceed to Altmiller Cave or play the mini games in hopes of winning fabulous prizes. If you’re interested in getting some good equipment that’s basically free, read Part b: Mini-Games.

    Players not interested in the mini-games, you should probably buy some of the gear sold in the shops. At this point in the game you probably have a few items with special powers and I do not recommend replacing a weapon like the Mystery Blade with a mundane one like the Master Rapier even if it has higher damage. That said, the Mail Cap is a good piece of headgear for everyone if you missed out on the better helmets. You may also want to buy a Knight Shield or two if you didn’t get Battle Gloves and Heavy Armlets are good for Ivan/Mia.


 b. Mini-Games

    Hopefully you’ve been saving all the Tickets and Lucky Medals the game has been giving you, because you can use them in Tolbi for a chance to win all sorts of powerful pieces of gear. The game will give you an infinite supply of Tickets and Medals as long as you’re willing to farm them, but I suggest saving before playing a game and reloading if  you don’t get what you want. This way you’ll have access to some really great gear early on. 

Tolbi Spring 

    This fountain has a target design on its bottom. Isaac can throw Coins or Lucky Medals into the fountain; where they land determines what prize the player gets. The crabs and turtles that wander around this area will make your coin/medal ricochet if they touch it while it’s still in motion. This guide doesn’t cover the prizes for throwing Coins into the fountain, because you can only win more Coins. On the other hand, Medals will earn the player nice pieces of equipment. Below is a list of the prizes you can get for Lucky Medals. 

Bull’s Eye: Assassin Blade, Earth Shield, Spirit Armor

First Ring: Adept’s Helm, Assassin Blade, Burning Axe, Cocktail Dress, Earth Shield, Spirit Armor 

Second Ring: Adept’s Helm, Assassin Blade, Burning Axe, Cocktail Dress, Earth Shield, Glittering Tiara, Grievous Mace, Guardian Armlet, Spirit Armor 

Third Ring: Adept’s Helm, Battle Gloves, Burning Axe, Earth Shield, Glittering Tiara, Grievous Mace, Guardian Armlet, Kimono, Ninja Hood, Spirit Armor

Fourth Ring: Assassin Blade, Battle Gloves, Burning Axe, Kimono, Ninja Hood, Potion, Psy Crystal, Spirit Armor, Water of Life 

Out: Adept’s Helm, Assassin Blade, Battle Gloves, Burning Axe, Cocktail Dress, Glittering Tiara, Grievous Mace, Guardian Armlet, Kimono, Ninja Hood, Potion, Psy Crystal, Water of Life 

    As you can see, there’s a lot of prizes you can win at the spring and some are better than others. Consequently, it really helps to save before tossing a medal and to reload if you get something you don’t like. Out of the weapons that can be won at the spring, the Assassin Blade is the best, with the Grievous Mace coming in second. The armors are generally quite good. The Ninja Hood, Battle Gloves, Spirit Armor and Adept’s Helm are solid choices for Isaac and Garet. You should also get Guardian Armlets for Ivan and Mia. The Cocktail Dress and Glittering Tiara are also nice upgrades for Mia.

Lucky Wheels

    The Lucky Wheels game is basically a slot machine. Line up five of the same symbol and you’ll win a prize. Each type of symbol gives Isaac a different prize. Moons act as wild cards and are very useful if you are trying to win a certain type of item. You can bet on up to four lines to increase your odds of winning and it’s possible to hold reels you like, then pull the lever again up to five times. Each try will cost game tickets (the five bonus rolls are free), so you may want to save your game before playing. This will allow you to reload with all your game tickets if you do not get what you want. Leave the shop and walk around a bit to change the RNG clock if you are having difficulty winning even with reloading saves. The prizes are as follows:

Hearts: Vial, Nut, Potion

Star/Moon: Elixir, Psy Crystal, Water of Life

Boots: Quick Boots, Hyper Boots, Fur Boots

Shirts: Running Shirt, Silk Shirt, Mythril Shirt

Rings: Sleep Ring, Adept Ring, War Ring

As with all of the mini-games the Lucky Wheels game is not a necessary part of Golden Sun and players can easily finish the adventure without even touching the slots. Players looking for powerful equipment will probably like the Mithril Shirt, Hyper Boots, and War Ring. The Mithril Shirt offers a small buff to HP and defense. Hyper Boots provide a bonus to a weapon’s unleash rate, making it a great compliment to arms like the Assassin’s Blade. War Rings are among the best rings in the game, giving your hero a 25% attack boost when used in combat.

Note: I ran over a hundred trials on the Lucky Wheels and compared them to the data available on the Golden Sun Wiki (see Section IV: References). The wiki seems to have the full prize list. It also appears to be correct in its assertion that players must win one of the lesser prizes before they can obtain the superior prize for each category. For example, you will have to win Fur Boots or Quick Boots before you can win the Hyper Boots. This also applies to duplicate prizes, so you will need to play the Lucky Wheels at least four times to win two of the same item. Betting one or two tickets seems to be the most efficient way of playing this mini-game, since it will only cost players 2-4 tickets to get the item they desire if they use the reload trick.

Lucky Dice 

    The dice game is a very simple way to win money. Each throw will cost the player an amount equal to ten times the level as the lowest level character in the party. Cash prizes are awarded based on the outcome. For example, Garet is the lowest level party member at level 20, each bet will cost 200g and you will win 400g for a pair roll. At level 40 the prize for the same roll is 800g. In order to win, your dice must match the amount shown on the section of the table where they land. It’s possible to change the level at which the dice are thrown, though I do not know if this has any impact on the result. The prizes are as follows.

1 Pair: Break Even

2 Pair: 2x bet 

Triple: 3x bet

Perfect: 5x bet

I’m not a huge fan of these mini-games (though the Tolbi Spring prizes are pretty good) and Lucky Dice is by far the least useful of the mini-games. The manner in which the bets are calculated will ensure that payouts will be relatively small compared to the player’s progress in the game. For example, most people will have leveled up their party to the low to mid twenties by the time they reach Tolbi. As a result, even a perfect roll will only pay ~1000g. It’s generally better to fight random battles which award the player experience and gold as well as the occasional item. 

20. Altmiller Cave

To get to the cave, go west from Tolbi and cross the first bridge you see. Next go north and turn east at the river and cross the bridge after a few paces. Altmiller Cave should be plainly visible to the northeast after you cross the bridge.


a. Altmiller Cave Part 1

Items: Water of Life

    The monsters in this cave should be easy to defeat if you visited Crossbones Isle and played the Tolbi mini-games. The only creature worth mentioning is the Armored Rat, which is highly resistant to physical damage. Use magic on the rats to slay them. There’s only one path to take when you step inside the cave, so follow it to a door. The ambient light will decrease noticeably as you venture deeper into the cave. Use Reveal to light the way. The room on the other side of the door is very dark, but the exit is visible thanks to a torch. A small maze of rocks blocks your way, however. Use Reveal to find your way through it and proceed to the next area.

   There’s a chest illuminated by a torch just south of the entrance to the lower floor. It’s actually a Mimic that will drop a Water of Life when you kill it. Take the path leading west. It will turn north and you will see an outline on the ground between two torches near the exit. Examine it and the mysterious figure will give you some instructions for a puzzle that are covered in the next part of this walkthrough. Walk to the cave door behind him to get to the next section of the cave.


b. Altmiller Cave Part 2

Items: Vial, Squall (Djinni), Cookie, Mystic Draught 

    Look for a narrow passage northwest of the entrance to this floor and follow it to a chest in the east. Open the box to get a Vial. Walk back to the steps you used to enter this area and go down the tunnel to the southwest. Keep going south, then turn east when you hit the wall. A few rocks illuminated by a torch should show up after a few steps, head north to another staircase that leads down.

    It’s been a little while since we’ve had a puzzle, fortunately the devs put one in this room. There’s also a Djinni in here, which we’ll get first. Walk up the steps and roll the first pillar you see to the right. Now push the second pillar, which is just under the puddle, north. Cast Frost on the puddle after rolling the second pillar to create an ice block. Next, go around the stones to the south so you can push the vertical pillar next to the ice pillar west. The ice block should stop it from rolling too far.

    Walk over to the pillar that’s still standing and push the horizontal pillar (which you moved before creating the ice) south, then push the vertical pillar next to it east. Walk around the stones to the south again and give the vertical pillar yet another shove so you can reach the horizontal pillar at the top of the screen. Roll the pillar south so you can walk over to the Djinni, who will attack you when you examine it. Luckily, the Djinni is fairly week and you’ll defeat it in a couple of turns. After the battle, the Squall will join the party. Give Squall to Ivan for a nice stat boost.

    After all that, you can simply push the boulder to the southwest into the gap to reach the steps going down. Stick to the wall left of the entrance and you’ll see a narrow path that goes north, then west. Follow it to find a chest surrounded by rocks that contains a Cookie. Return to the entrance to this floor and head south, then turn west. You’ll pass through a narrow pathway bordered by stones, walk north when you reach the end of it, then turn east when you see a gap in the rocks. Keep going right until you hit a wall, then take a few steps north and turn west again to reach yet another staircase leading down.

    There’s a rolling pillar puzzle just east of the entrance to this floor, ignore it for now and run south. Climb the steps to the west when you see them and slide down the rut when you reach the door that’s flanked by two torches. You can enter this room, without even rolling a single pillar. Remember the colored lights puzzle the mysterious person mentioned earlier in the dungeon? It’s in this room and you need to activate it by examining the rock on the far left, then the one on the far right. Here’s a list of the rocks and how they correspond to each color:

Blue = 1st rock from the left

Green = 2nd rock from the left

White = 3rd rock from the left

Yellow =  4th rock from the left

Red = 5th rock from the left

    Once activated a circle of five colored lights will appear. The light on the top will pulsate and you will have to examine the rock that corresponds to it. Doing so will make the colors spin and you will have to choose the rock that corresponds to the flashing color a second time. For example, the blue light is on top of the color ring, you’ll have to activate the first rock on the left to get it to spin. The color sequence is random, so you’ll have to use the key above to match them. Go inside the door that appears after choosing the right rock twice.

    Check the box in the room on the other side of the door to get the Mystic Draught. Backtrack to the invisible man from earlier and give him the draught. The man will drink the draught and identify himself as Babi. After a not so brief conversation, Babi will invite you to the Colosso. Cast Retreat to leave the caves quickly.

21. The Colosso 

With Babi safely back at Tolbi, you can now participate in the Colosso. Tolbi is southeast of the cave. It is not necessary to win the Collosso, but doing so will unlock content in the sequel.


a. Joining the Colosso 

Items: None

    You can access the Colosso by going up the central road in Tolbi. The guards at the gate will let the party in, but only Isaac can participate. Additionally, you will be stripped of your gear and you will have to run an obstacle course to get equipment for the battles. Luckily, Garet, Mia, and Ivan can help their friend out with some magic. After getting a basic explanation of the Colosso, you’ll be asked to assign a party member to each stage to the north. Give Ivan a Venus Djinni (make sure you leave Ground on Isaac, you’ll need it!) so he can use the Growth spell before you do anything, then talk to the person in white at the first stage from the left.

    The attendant will explain the first challenge, then ask if you want someone to cheer for you here, choose Garet. Talk to the person at Stage 2 and assign Mia to cheer for Isaac. Make sure Ivan has the Growth spell, then talk top the attendant at Stage 3, you should see a small plant in the obstacle course as he describes it, which is the reason you want Growth magic. Have Ivan cheer at the third stage. Check out Stage 4 to get an explanation of the event, then talk to the guard in the south to go to the waiting room. Have a look around, then talk to the guard at the door and step into the far right circle when you are ready to begin.


b. Finals: Round 1 

Items: Nut x2, Oil Drop, Iron Shield 

Note: While I give instructions on how to get each item, I recommend only going for the Nuts, because Oil Drops will not be very useful. It’s also more important to get the Iron Shield than the Oil Drop, so keep an eye on your opponent’s progress. Finally, the action will not stop if you bring up the menu or pause; put your GBA in sleep mode if you really need to stop playing.

    The words “Lend a Hand” will come up before the finals start. This is your chance to stack the field in your favor. At Stage 1, Garet should walk up to the rock and use Move to push it to the left so you can easily cross the gap. Have Ivan cast Growth on the plant on Stage 3. Mia will need to cast Douse on the empty tub of water on the west side of Stage 2 to get the platform to rise. The tournament will commence after Mia takes her turn. 

   Time is of the essence here, so run south and quickly hop over the rock Garet moved. You’ll see a rock to your right, push it quickly and open the box above it to get a Nut, then run east. Jump over the platform and climb up the vine Ivan created to get to a ledge that will allow you to bypass the bridge. Loot the box north of the vine for an Oil Drop. Sprint over to the logs and use the first one to get to the other side of the pool, then go into the north side of the pool and roll the horizontal log down. Go back to the first log and use it to roll over to the left, you should be able to hop down to the chest from there, inside you’ll find a Nut. Go back up to the log and roll right, then go to the platform in the center of the arena to get the Iron Shield. Azart will initiate combat when he arrives.


c. Battle with Azart 

Reward: Nothing 

    Your Djinni are the key to victory in this fight. Hopefully you have Venus Djinni equipped, and took my advice about leaving Ground on Isaac. Unleash all of your Djinni. Azart can hit for about 70 HP and heal himself, so use a Nut to heal if necessary while you unleash Djinni to charge your summons up. Use Ground first, he’ll immobilize your opponent for a bit with any luck. Once you have unleashed four Venus Djinni, you should be able to summon Judgement, who will wipe out Azart in a hit.


d. Finals: Round 2

Items: Nut, Chain Mail

Note: I skip over some of the items in this round, because getting them is a waste of time if Isaac has all of his Djinni set, since he can blow the competition away with summons. In fact, there are more obstacles here and you’ll get the same amount of help from your party members, so it’s best to get to the item on the center platform as quickly as you can.

    Give Isaac his Venus Djinni back and make sure they are all set. Double check Ivan’s inventory for the Halt Gem as well, because he’ll need to be able to cast Halt. This time there are 5 Stages, which we will cover from right to left. Place Garet on the first Stage from the right. Ivan should be assigned to Stage 2 and Mia to Stage 3. Talk to the guard again to initiate the contest.

Cast Move on the middle rock and shove it left a space when Garet’s turn comes up. When Ivan pops up walk over to the guy manipulating the levers and cast Halt to freeze him. Make sure the platforms are offscreen, which indicates they are in the center of the pool, or you will get stuck. After that, use Mia’s Frost magic on the pool of water to the left and the match will begin.

    Once the action starts, run down to the rock Garet moved and use it to cross over to the next obstacle without having to clear the maze. With the stepping stone frozen by Ivan’s Halt spell, you can just hop over to the other side. Take the first log you see to get to the ice block Mia made and jump left. From there, climb up the rock wall and slide down the middle rut to the left after you get to the top. Head west. You can easily grab a Nut from the box by moving the rock to the left after you roll the log out of the way. After that, go south and roll the log back to the right so you can take the upper path. Push the next log so it rolls left, then run over to it and roll it right again so you can pass. Take a few steps west and you will get the Chain Mail if you arrive first.


e. Battle with Satrage

Reward: None

    Satrage is an even bigger loser than Azart. Just spam Ragnarok on him and unleash Sap to restore your HP if he manages to dent your health. Don’t even bother using a summon, because he tends to resist Judgement and you’ll just weaken yourself with unleashes. About five turns of Ragnarok should drop this guy.


f. Finals: Round 3

Items: Claymore

   This is the final round of the Colosso. You’ll will be given a chance to place one of your party members on each of the stages. From left to right, have Mia stand at the first stage, place Garet on the second, and Ivan on Stage 3. Talk to the guard when you are ready to go. Mia should cast Frost on the puddle under the lift during the Lend a Hand phase. Use Move to push the rock a space to the right on Garet’s turn, and have Ivan cast Halt on the switch operator. 

    Ignore all the chests in this area, they contain junk and you’ll just waste time gathering them. Hop over the platforms that Mia raised at the start of the round, then jump over the rocks, using the one to the south that Garet moved as a shortcut. From there you will have to climb down the hand holds at the end of the walkway. They are hard to see, but you can climb down them easily enough by hitting Down when you get to the plant. After that, climb the rock walk using the same type of hand holds.

    Run over the conveyor by holding B, then push the rock on the far right off the ledge before attempting to move the log. Next, push the center rock up and you will be able to push to the log into the water tank. Leap over the tank using the log as a springboard and head right a bit more to get the Claymore.


g. Battle with Navampa

Reward: None

Navampa is no different from the others. Use your unleash ability to prepare a summon (Judgement works well) and cast Ragnarok after the summon. Heal up by unleashing Sap or using any Nuts you may have left. Judgement and about three Ragnarok spells should do the trick.


h. Babi’s Palace

Items: Lure Cap (Colosso Prize), Cloak Ball 

    The party will be transported to the sleeping quarters in Babi’s Palace after Isaac wins. Go to the throne room and talk to Babi to get the Lure Cap. As you probably already guessed, a lengthy conversation will take place. Babi will eventually ask you to go to the Venus Lighthouse. Follow Babi into his room to the west and examine the sphere on his nightstand to get the Cloak Ball. Leave Tolbi and set out for Gondowan Passage to the south.

22. Lunpa 

Babi wants you to go to his lighthouse, but we’re going to make a detour to Lunpa to complete an old quest and get some goodies first. Gondowan Cave, which leads to Lunpa, can easily be found southeast of Tolbi by following the dirt road. If you hit a bridge called Gondowan Passage, you’ve gone too far south and you will have to walk back up a few steps to where the path forks and head east.


a. Gondowan Cave

Items: None

    You’ve already cleaned out Gondowan Cave if you have been referring to this guide, if not check out Section 17d for a full walkthrough of the cave. Take the road leading east once inside the cave and use Lift on the rock so you can go in the door. All you have to do after that is head east, jumping over a few stones and going up some steps along the way. After a short trip you will come to the cave exit, which will take you to the Kalay portion of the overworld.


b. Lunpa Cave

Items: None

    Lunpa is northeast of Gondowan Cave. It’s likely you will pass Vault on the way, just continue north and you’ll hit Lunpa. You may remember visiting this place near the beginning of the game and being unable to enter. The guards at the gate will still bar you from the town, but you can enter the cave just southwest of Lunpa on the world map. Run up to the metal gate in the north part of the cave and cast Frost on the puddle under it. The pillar of ice from the puddle will push the gate up allowing you to run through the rest of the cave and enter Lunpa. Do not push the button by the puddle or the gate will close and you will have to leave the cave to reset the puzzle.


c. Lunpa

Items: Nut x2, Sleep Bomb, Psynergy Stone, Lucky Medal x2, Vial, Elixir, Antidote, 44 Coins, Smoke Bomb, Water of Life

Note: The shops and inn are closed when you first visit Lunpa.

  A Sleep Bomb is hidden in the grave just south of the cave entrance where you first enter Lunpa. There’s a Psynergy Stone in the circle of rocks near the center of town, use Reveal so you can see it. Look in the barrel to the right of a house on the east side of town to get a Nut. Inside the house next to the barrel, check a box to get a Lucky Medal. A Vial is located in the storehouse above the weapon shop. Finally, you can get a Nut by casting Catch on the tree near the gate. 

    A path that leads to the fortress is located in the northern part of town. Use the Reveal spell on the rock near the northern exit (it’s a few steps right of the ladder) and cast Frost to create an ice boulder that will allow you to access a secret room. You’ll have to climb the ladder and cross the boulder quickly or the ice boulder will dissipate when Reveal wears off. Walk along the narrow ledge and across the gate. Use Reveal again when you come to a dead end. You should see a flickering light, examine it to open a secret door. Search the treasure chests in this chamber to get an Elixir, Lucky Medal, Antidote, 44 Coins, Smoke Bomb, and a Water of Life. Go down the rut in the northeast near the item shop to get back to the main part of town after you collect your treasures.

Equip the Cloak Ball from Babi’s room when you are ready to explore the fortress. Go north to the fortress entrance and step into the shadows on the left before casting Cloak, then walk north past the guards. Stay in the shadows or the cloak will deactivate and the guards will block your way. 


d. Lunpa Fortress Part 1

Items: Vial, Cell Key

    The fortress is basically a cave filled with guards. If you go into the door north of the entrance, you’ll find yourself in a complex warren of caves. Directly to the north of the entrance lies a small room. You can talk to the people in here for some clues as to what’s going on in Lunpa. East of the entrance to the caves you’ll see a passage leading down to a door. The room beyond it is home to a locked gate. Cast Cloak and walk northeast past some guards while remaining in the shadows. Go through the door above the guards to get to another section of the fortress. If the guards spot you they will throw you out of the fortress and you will have to backtrack.

    Cast Cloak the moment you enter this area or the guard will see you. Proceed north to a small room where you will find an old man you can talk to and a Vial hidden in a barrel right of him. Back in the cave, step into the shadows left of the torch above the entrance to the small room and cast Cloak. Go into the door to the southwest. Save your game before entering the next section of the caves, because it’s really easy to get caught here.

    There’s a guard that patrols the hallway on the other side of the door. Cast Cloak and wait for the guard to walk into the passage to the west, then quickly run down the corridor he just came through. Go into the door in the southwest section of this hall quickly, because the guard will come back. You’ll be back in the first section of the fortress. Use the Cloak spell to sneak past the guard by the door and go up the steps to the south. Two guards patrol the northern section of the hallway at the top of the steps by running back and forth rapidly. There’s also a door to the right that leads to a fight with a brigand, a room with some people you can talk to, and a locked gate. However, there’s really no reason to explore the area to the right outside of curiosity.

   While cloaked, run into the space between the two guards and stick to the wall to the right, then run to the door up north when the second guard turns his back. You have to time this carefully and run for it when they start walking left, because these guys are fast. The next hallway is pretty simple and aside from a small room with some NPCs, there is not much to see here, so go into the next area by following the cave to the door in the upper right corner. Some brigands will assail you in the next room, but they are not difficult to beat if you hit them with AoE spells from the start of the fight.

   Enter the room to the right and beat up the brigand watching the room to the south. You can go into the room he was guarding and talk to Donpa if you wish, otherwise go through the door to the southeast. The guard in this room paces around a large stone pillar, cast Cloak and wait for him to go right, then run down the left side of the pillar to the next room. A metal gate blocks the way here, but you can use the Catch magic to grab the Cell Key across from the gate. Make sure you assign Catch to the L or R Button and stand right in front of the gate to get the Key.


e. Lunpa Fortress Part 2

Items: Power Bread 

    With the key in hand you can open the door. Another guard will fight you when you enter the room. Climb down the steps afterwards. You may recognize this area from earlier, since it leads to the entrance to the fort. Take the steps above the gate down to a lower level. Cast Whirlwind on the bush on the left side of the room, then use Reveal while standing in the same spot to unveil a hidden switch. Flip the switch to open the door in the center of the wall, then proceed to the next area.

    Jump over the stream and head east to some steps that will take you to another gate. Ignore the gate and use Whirlwind on the bush at the top of the steps to reveal a secret door, then go inside the room. Check the central cell at the north end of the room to get a Power Bread and exit the jail via the door in the southwest. There’s a box in the north end of this area, which should be familiar from a few moments ago. Get behind the the box and push it south until it falls off the ledge, then use it to jump over to the walkway on your left. Open the gate and cast Whirlwind on the bush by the shutter door. Use Reveal to uncover another hidden button and press it to open the shutter. Go down the steps via the now open shutter to meet Hammet. Dodonpa will crash the party and sic his pet monster on you.


f. Battle with Toadonpa 

Reward: 999 Exp, 3200 Coins, Psy Crystal

    Toadonpa has several nasty tricks up his sleeve, but his primary feature is his ability to regenerate 80 HP every round. Watch out for Thrash, which is his biggest attack, because it can take the HP of one of your heroes down to 1. Toadonpa’s Dark Blessing can hit some of your heroes for 60-80 damage and lower their defense. Rotten Blood can hit a single target for about the same amount of damage as Dark Blessing and lower their defense as well.

    Healing is very important in this battle, because a Thrash and Dark Blessing combo can kill a party member in two rounds if you are unlucky. Wish is a good blanket heal to use since it’s cheap and you don’t have to worry about who Toadonpa will hit with Thrash. This boss is also slow, so you will likely have a speed advantage, which means even Mia and Garet will go before him. Fire magic and old standbys like Ragnarok are very effective. You can have Garet unleash his Mars djinni to charge up the Meteor summon, which can do 1000 damage to the boss on a lucky hit. In fact, Meteor and a few turns of everyone using their attacks should end the fight quickly. 


g. Lunpa Fortress Part 3

Items: Tonic (Djinni), Elixir, 100 Coins, Lucky Medal, Mythril Circlet 

    A brief cutscene will occur after the battle with Toadonpa. You’ll have the option to answer some questions, but they only affect the text. After that, Donpa will ask you to leave and the party will automatically exit the fortress. Go through Lunpa cave in the northwest corner of town where you will meet someone from Kalay near the exit. Bunza will offer to take you to Kalay, say “No” so you can stay in Lunpa and collect another Djinni.

    Return to Lunpa fortress and use cloak to sneak into the door to the upper right, then sneak around the guard in the next room like you did earlier. Open the gate in the northern part of the hallway that is being patrolled by a guard to find some treasure chests that contain Elixir, 100 Coins, a Lucky Medal, and a Mythril Circlet. After clearing out the vault, go through the hallway to the south (use cloak and duck into the area to the right to avoid the guard) and go up the stairs to the south in the next room. You’ll have to sneak past the patrolling guards to get to the door to the north as you did earlier.

    From there, follow the hallway as you did before and fight off the three brigands, then go into the next hallway. Defeat the guard standing by the door and enter Donpa’s chamber. Talk to him and he will say he has a gift for you. The woman standing by the door in the back of the room will move and you can get the Mercury Djinni, Tonic, from the chamber she was blocking. With Tonic acquired, you can leave the fortress. It’s easiest to enter the hallway south of Donpa’s room and let the guard catch you. He’ll kick you out of the fort and you can go on your merry way.


h. Lunpa (Revisited)

Suggested Purchases: Plate Mail (Isaac/Garet), Platinum Circlet (Ivan/Mia), Silver Armlet (Ivan/Mia), Silver Helm (Isaac/Garet), Blessed Robe (Ivan/Mia), War Gloves (Isaac/Garet), Shamshir  (Isaac/Garet), Dragon Ax (Isaac/Garet), Angelic Ankh (Ivan/Mia)

    If you go back to Lunpa you can use the equipment shops which are now open. While I made a list of suggested purchases, it’s hard to give clear cut advice on what to buy, since you’ll probably have good gear from Tolbi that has special bonuses. For example, the Plate Mail is slightly better than Spirit Armor in terms of raw defense, but Spirit Armor boosts magic resistance. Use your judgement when making purchases. If you think the special bonus from a piece of equipment that you already own is better than a defense or damage boost, then hold onto it. 


i. Kalay Tunnel (Revisited)

Items: Sleep Bomb, Lucky Medal, 200 Coins, Potion, Spirit Gloves, Apple, Nut

    Go into Hammet’s mansion in Kalay (south of Vault) and talk to him. After a bit of dialogue, Hammet will tell you to take the Shaman’s Rod to Hesperia.* After that, go down the steps in the southeast end of the mansion. You should see that the statue blocking the way from before has moved and you can reach the chests near it. Open them to get a Sleep Bomb, Lucky Medal, 200 Coins, and a Potion. Now push the statue north, then west so it blocks the waterfall. The water level in the area below should drain allowing you to go down the ladder. Cast Frost on the puddle to the left and hop over the chest using the ice pillar. Take the Spirit Gloves from the box.

    Next, go up the long hallway leading north and through the door, then take the corridor on your left. Follow it up to some steps that will bring you to the cave entrance where you will find an Apple in a box. If you go outside, you can get a Nut from a tree near the entrance by using catch. Leave Kalay once you are finished.

* You cannot visit Hesperia in Golden Sun, but this is important in Golden Sun: The Lost Age if you transfer your Golden Sun save file.

23. Suhalla

Backtrack to Tolbi via Gondowan Cave south of Kalay after you finish the side quest and walk south on the overworld to find Gondowan Pass. 


a. Gondowan Passage

Items: None

Gondowan Passage is south of Tolbi. Here you will find Iodem who will accompany you, though he isn’t actually a playable character. There isn’t much here, so exit by walking south. 


b. Suhalla

Items: 5 Coins, Lucky Medal, Hard Nut

Take about ten steps south on the world map, then east to the town of Suhalla. Here is a brief list of the items hidden in town and where to find them:

5 Coins in a jar near the entrance.

Lucky Medal in a jar next to the temple in the center of town, get to it by hopping over the water north of the temple, then go left and hop down to the jar.

Hard Nut in a chest in the northwest corner of town, hop over the moat by the temple to reach it.

Enter the building in the southeast and Iodem will speak to a pair of soldiers, then tell you to go to Suhalla Desert. There isn’t much else here aside from an item shop and an inn.


c. Suhalla Desert

Items: Virtuous Armlet, Water of Life, Lucky Medal, Cookie

Note: The monsters in this area are stronger than what you’ve been fighting lately. They tend to use magic that hits the entire party and are relatively durable unless you have good weapons. Take care when fighting them.

    Suhalla Desert is just a few paces south of the town. Put the Douse spell on a shortcut key and enter the desert. Tornados will appear if you try to go through the narrow passages in the southeast and west. To get rid of the tornadoes, step into them and cast Douse. Be careful when doing this, because a Tornado Lizard will attack the party once you cast the spell.* Tornado Lizards cast wind based spells that can hit multiple targets, but are they not super tough. In fact, the 600 Exp they give the party is pretty nice and you may want to farm them for Exp. 

* Cast the spell quickly or the tornado will carry you back to Suhalla town.

    Go through the passage to the southeast first, fight the tornado lizard and open the box for a Virtuous Armlet. Your next stop is the passage to the west, destroy the lizard guarding it and continue through the pass until you come to an open area. There’s a narrow corridor almost directly to the south and one to the west, they are both guarded by lizards and both lead to the same chest. You may want to fight both lizards for more of that juicy Exp. The chest is a mimic that drops a Water of Life once defeated. 

    To continue, go through the third passage on your right (it’s the only one left anyway) and take out another lizard. Run along the corridor as it turns west and you’ll enter the next area. There are three more passes near the entrance to this area. Go through the first one (There’s a lizard guarding the pass of course) and open the box to the north to receive a Lucky Medal. After that, take the westernmost passage to get a Cookie. Finally, go through the middle passage to get to the next section of this area.

    You’ll have to follow a passage that twists and turns a bit. Eventually you will see a red tornado on the other side of the cliff. Stop for a moment and look for a gap next to the path, it should be on your left. Cast Reveal while standing by the gap to make a stone pillar visible. Use the stone to hop across the gap. Follow the walkway a bit and climb down using the handholds to the north. There’s a Mars Djinni here. It will attack when you get close, defeat it and Flash will join.

    You can reach Crossbones Isle by going into the cave above where you found Flash. Just go through the cave and you’ll come out into the area with the red tornado. Walk into the tornado, wait a few seconds, and it will send you to Crossbones Isle. See Section III: Crossbones Isle for a walkthrough of the isle. Incidentally, you can fight a powered up variation of the tornado lizards called the Tempest Lizard by casting Douse on the red tornado. Watch out for the Tempest Lizard’s powerful wind spells if you choose to fight it. For now, we will return to the Suhalla Desert walkthrough.

    Climb back out of the ravine where you got Flash and hop back over the rock, then climb down the stone handholds to the southeast. A giant twister will chase you as you make your way southwest through the lower portion of the desert. It’s possible to outrun this twister, but it’s very difficult as you will have to run in the right direction, which is unlikely if you are visiting this place for the first time. If the twister catches you, you’ll have to use Douse on it and fight the Storm Lizard. Make sure you heal as soon as you see the twister in case you fail to outrun it. If you want to get away from the twister, or just get to the next area, go south through the pass, then turn east. Eventually you’ll see a small passage and Iodem will talk to you after you squeeze through it. Be ready to run to the right to leave the area after Iodem is finished speaking or the twister will get you if it’s still pursuing the party.


d. Battle with Storm Lizard 

Reward: 1400 Exp, 6100 Coins, Psy Crystal 

    The Storm Lizard is a beefier version of the tornado lizards you’ve been fighting throughout the desert. He will use the same wind based AoE attacks, though they will do more damage than those of his weaker kin. You’ll need to keep a close eye on Mia, who is weak against wind, throughout the fight. She should probably just cast Wish or Wish Well every turn. Isaac should unleash his Venus Djinni and use powerful summons, everyone else can support him. 

24. Suhalla Gate and Venus Lighthouse Entrance

We’re getting near the end of Golden Sun now, so start tying up loose ends, though you’ll want to wait until you have the Carry spell and the Djinni from the upcoming areas before trying to complete Crossbones Isle.


a. Suhalla Gate Part 1

Items: None

    Suhalla Gate is located in a valley a few dozen steps east of where you exit the desert. It’s not visible on the map, but the party will enter the area if they walk north through the pass. Ascend the steps and you’ll meet a pair of guards with a story to tell. You can visit an adept in the room to the north to get fallen party members revived and negative status healed, but there is nowhere to rest. Go east to reach the next part of the gate.


b. Suhalla Gate Part 2

Items: Mint, Dew (Djinni), Psynergy Stone

    Take a few steps east after entering this area and look for a rut you can slide down in the cliff face. The rut will take you to a box that contains some Mint. Slide down another rut just below the box and climb up some vines to the right to get back to the main road. Continue east to the next screen, which is a straight path lined with slides. Use the third slide from the left to find a Djinni named Dew that will have t. 

    Slide down another rut near the Djinni and walk east to a vine. Climb it and enter the cave on your right. Follow the cave passage to a Psynergy Stone, there’s not much else in here, so go east, then south to the world map. You’ll see a strange ship. Iodem will give you a black orb and ask you to use it on the vessel, unfortunately it will not work. Return to the cave and make your way back to the cliff side. Climb the vines back up to the path, then go east to leave the gate. 

Pro-Tip: The enemies are probably starting to get tough at this point unless you are about level 33. Hang around the Psynergy Stone in the cave and do some grinding if you like. You can leave and revisit the cave to get the stone to respawn, which will in turn allow you to heal as much as you need.


c. Venus Lighthouse

Items: Carry Stone, Lucky Cap

    You’ll find the lighthouse east of where you exit the Suhalla Gate. The forest is strewn with wounded soldiers and scholars who will fill you in on some details. Follow the path east, then north to find the entrance to the lighthouse. Once inside, go north to a room with a wounded scholar and a treasure box. Use Reveal while standing near the wall north of the scholar to expose a hidden staircase. Go downstairs and open the box to get the Carry Stone, which will allow you to clear out Crossbones Isle. Return to the previous floor and go through the door to the north to a room with a pit and two strange blocks.

    There are two possible routes in this room, take the one going east first. Descend the stairs to a room with stepping stones. Walk onto the tile on the lower left and jump west across the row of tiles, then jump south from the two tiles that are connected. Hop right one space, then down a space. From there go right a tile and hop down two more spaces. Jump south a final time to get to the steps, which lead up to a chest that contains a Lucky Cap. Go back through the tile room and up the staircase. 

    You should end up back in the room with the pit and strange blocks. Enter the door to the left. The staircase directly to the north is optional, since it only leads to a scholar who will give you a clue about the lighthouse’s main puzzle. Just go northeast and through the door to return to the room with the strange blocks once again. This time you will be right by the blocks and Garet will hint at using Carry to move the block in the way of the steps. Walk up to the grey block and cast Carry, then dump it into the lower area so you can go upstairs.

    An electrical field blocks the hallway on your left, ignore it. Instead, use the Reveal spell while standing near the steps to unveil a secret stairway and go up it. A huge statue dominates the back of this room. Walk up to it and examine it. The statue will tell you that you have to go elsewhere to open the lighthouse. After that, some orbs on the ground will light up. Talk to it a second time and the pattern should change. It’s very important to make sure the pattern forms a route leading right, because the final section of this guide is set up to follow that route. Use Retreat to leave.

25. Lalivero

The Retreat spell should place you on the western side of the forest that leads to the Venus Lighthouse entrance. Run to the eastern exit and look for the town of Lalivero to the northwest. 


a. Lalivero

Items: Lucky Medal x2, Antidote, Psy Crystal, Torch (Djinni), Water of Life

Suggested Purchases: Righteous Mace (Mia), Ninja Blade (Ivan), Silver Blade (Garet), Magical Cossack (Ivan/Mia)

    Lalivero is the last town in Golden Sun. As such, its shops stock some of the best weapons and armor money can buy. Ivan and Mia can get substantial attack boosts from the Ninja Blade and Righteous Mace respectively. The Magical Cossack is also a nice upgrade. Many of the other items sold in the shops here are quite powerful, but they may lack the bonuses of pieces of gear you already own, so keep this in mind when making purchases.

Here are the various items hidden around Lalivero:

Lucky Medal in a barrel in the house built onto the side of the weapons and armor shop.

-You will find a second Lucky Medal in a barrel in the first room on the second floor of the inn.

-An Antidote is hidden in a barrel in the item shop.

-Take a look at the stone obelisk in the center of town to get a Psy Crystal.

-To get the Mars Djinni, Torch, go up the ladder in the weapon/armor shop and hop onto the wall to the right. Follow the wall all the way around town to the building whose front door is blocked by a guard, then hop from the balcony to the inn and climb the vine to get Torch.

-Stay on the wall after getting Torch and head over to the temple. You will have to hop over a gap in the wall, then down onto the temple roof. Jump into the roof of the building to the right and check the jars above the vine to obtain a Water of Life.

26. Babi Lighthouse and the Venus Lighthouse

Welcome to the last leg of the journey. You’ll find the final Djinni, Luff, near the beginning of this area. If you want to complete Crossbones Isle, the best time to do so is after you acquire Luff. 


a. Road to Babi Lighthouse

Items: Lucky Pepper

    There isn’t a whole lot to see here, but you can talk to the workers. There’s also a treasure here. Climb the ladder to the east and go over to the grey block under the chest. Stand to the right of the block and use the Carry spell to move it over to the rock wall by the chest. You’ll have to cast Carry twice to move the grey block to the right, then once to the north. After that, you will have to move it diagonally to the upper left to get it on top of the stone wall. Now you can go to the upper platform with a miner standing on it and hop over the block to get to the chest to the east. Open the box to receive some Lucky Pepper and go north to leave this area.


b. Babi Lighthouse

Items: Luff (Djinni)

    Your first order of business here should be to get the final Djinni since it will help you out in Crossbones Isle. Look for a ladder going down in the western half of the area outside of the lighthouse, there should be a pillar next to it. Go down the ladder and jump over the pit to the north in the room below to a platform with two pillars standing on it. Stay on the left side of the platform, cast Move and pull the pillar towards you. Now climb back up the ladder and look for a pillar in the middle of a square outline on the eastern side of the area. 

    Cast Move again to nudge to pillar to the left or right and you will uncover a secret ladder. Climb down to the room from earlier and cast Move one more time to push the pillar to the left. Now you can cross the pit. You’ll encounter another ladder to the north, it will take you back to the outside of the lighthouse. Give Ivan a Venus Djinni and cast Growth on the tiny plant southwest of the ladder. Climb the vine, then slide down the groove south of it and go in the door. Slide down another ramp in the next room and you will end up on the Jupiter Djinni’s block.*

* Save before talking to the djinni, it runs away sometimes.

Talk to the Djinni and it will fight you, though the battle should be a breeze hehe. After the battle, Luff will join the team. You should have a grand total of 28 Djinni at this point. If you wish to go to Crossbones Isle, backtrack to the lighthouse. If not, read on. 

    For the sake of simplicity, cast retreat if you did not leave for Crossbones Isle. If you’re coming from the Isle, make your way back to the entrance to Babi’s Lighthouse. Head north from the entrance into the main door to the lighthouse. You’ll come to a room with a chasm in its center that should be familiar. Go down the staircase to the north, then up the steps next to it in the room below. Climb a second set of steps (which happen to be in the room you just came from) up to a room filled with slides. Slide down the central groove, which is closest to the stairs and you will fall a long way down into a tunnel.


c. Tunnel Ruins

Items: Asura’s Armor

Note: The giant statue in Venus Lighthouse controls the path you can take in this tunnel. Talking to the statue will switch the path. The path you choose will determine what armor you get in the tunnel. The right path will allow you to get Asura’s Armor, while the left one will get you an Oracle Robe. In this walkthrough I provide instructions for the right path only, because it’s possible to get the Oracle Robe without going through both roads if you follow the instructions below.

    You can exit this area by going through the door southwest of where you land and up the steps. The door that was previously sealed will open automatically, allowing easy access to the tunnel from the lighthouse. Some people are standing by a door off to the right of where you landed, talk to them, then cast Reveal on the door north of the group to expose a hidden button next to the door. Press the button to open the door. You must cast Reveal and hit the switch a second time to open the door after a conversation with the people here. Go down the steps north of the door.

   A statue similar to the Venus Lighthouse statue dominates this room. Look for a narrow walkway south of the statue and follow it to a room with two pillars. Stand to the right of the second pillar and cast Move to push it down a space, then push it east two spaces. Cast Move on the first pillar so you can push it down a space as well. Next, use Move to push it east one notch so you can leap across the pillars to the platform on your right.

   Enter the room to the south where you will see a series of stepping stones. You can only go south here, so hop over to the next door. Push the pillar by the entrance to this room onto a tile with a water drop on it to raise a platform that will allow you to cross over to the east. Take a few steps south to another pillar and water drop tile. This time you will have to cast Douse on the pillar before moving it to get the platform to rise. Use to door to the southwest after raising the platform to reach a chamber filled with stepping stones.

    Jump south two spaces and east twice, then north once. After that, go east and south to get to the door in the lower right. The room on the other side of the door is home to a statue. Cast Reveal while standing near the statue and you will see a chest. Open the chest with Reveal active to get Asura’s Armor. 

    Return to the previous room and jump over to the door in the southwest. Another pillar that can be filled with water occupies the southern half of the room. Use Move to pull the pillar out so you can push it into the slot to the east. After that, cast Douse on the pillar to fill it up and walk up the steps. Cast Frost on the water to create an ice pillar, then go up the steps and jump over to the walkway on your right using the ice pillar as a stepping stone. Go through the door to the south.

    This next room is simple, just hop over to the platform and go south to leave it. Five statues wait in the room beyond. You have to push the statues onto the square tiles in the correct order to open the door to the east.* Here’s the order they go in:

Upper left = Red

Lower left = Green

Center = Gold 

Upper right = Blue

Lower right = Purple 

It’s important to move the statues onto the tiles in the exact order listed above or the door will not open. Enter the next room via the door in the east once it is open. Go up the steps to enter the Venus Lighthouse.

* Cast mind read to get clues from the statues.


d. Venus Lighthouse Part 1

Items: Psynergy Stone, Thunder Crown, Dragon Scales, Gaia Blade, Oracle’s Robe

    Heal up and take the Psynergy Stone near the entrance to refill your PP. You can skip the rest of this paragraph if you just want to go through the lighthouse and complete the game. If you want the Oracle Robe, keep reading. 

     Ascend the stairs on the left side of the room and cast Move on the statue to place it on the switch on the upper floor. This should drop the electric barrier to the south. Stand by the steps going down and activate Reveal to show the hidden door to the statue room. Talk to the statue to switch the path to the west, then cast Retreat. Retreat should bring you back to the statue next to the switch in the previous room. This will save you the trouble of backtracking through the lighthouse and tunnel. After switching paths at the Venus Lighthouse statue, go back down the steps to the right and then re-enter the tunnel. Go back through the colored statue room to the room just above it.

    If you did everything correctly, there will be a block you can jump across to the left. Hop over it and keep going west to a second block. Jump over that one and head south to a room with a statue on a dias. Use Reveal near the statue and open the chest that appears to obtain the Oracle’s Robe. Now backtrack through the colored statue room and up the steps to Venus Lighthouse.

    From the first room of the Venus Lighthouse (the one with the Psynergy Stone) enter the room to the north. Inside you’ll find a sand river that you can’t do anything with yet. Go into the door to the west to a room with grey blocks. Push the first grey block towards the gap, then use Carry to drop it onto the lower platform so you can jump over to the western door. There’s a large sand river in here, walk to the north end as far as you can, then run right while holding Up on the D-Pad. You should make it to the ledge in the southeastern corner.

    Enter the room just southeast of the ledge to get a Thunder Crown, then go up the steps to the north in the river room. There are three sand falls in this next room, go to the last one from the right and push against it (it may take a second to push through) to enter a secret hallway. Walk east to a bunch of stepping stones and jump south 2 spaces, then east 1 space. From there you can hop south to the ledge. Head through the door to the southwest.

    A simple puzzle is in this room, just push the notched block into the hole and light will travel from the statue, opening the door to the next room. Walk onto the button across from the entrance to this area to make the row of blocks move to the left. This will block the flow of sand below and open up a new sand river. Now go left over the blocks you just moved and go down the steps. Climb down the ladder near the center of the room and up the one above it, then run across the sand to the door on your right.

    Look for some pillars to the south and use Move on them to reveal a hidden archway. Go north via the archway and push the pillar as far left as it will go, then climb back to the upper level of the room and use the pillar to get to the north steps. Continue south through this hallway (You may recognize it from a few minutes ago) and up the ladder to another staircase. Go through the small room to a larger one with another notched block puzzle. 

    This time there are three notched blocks, but it’s not that tough. First, slide the block on the lower right into the hole that is a single space southeast of it. After that, push the block on the left three spaces east and one north to drop it onto the hole above the first block you moved. Push the middle block south three spaces, then west two. If done correctly, two lights will emerge from the statue, travel along the circuit, and open the door so you can move forward.

    A sand river bisects this room, jump over to it using the block to the left of the entrance, then go north to another stepping stone to the western half of the area. Use the door diagonal to the stairs in the northwest to enter another room filled with sand falls. Push against the first sand fall from the right to enter a room with Dragon Scales in a chest. Back in the sand fall room, push against the falls to the west to enter a small hallway that will take you to a staircase.

    I won’t go into much detail about this puzzle, because it’s pretty simple. You will see three grey blocks when you enter. White blocks with arrows chiseled into them are attached to the wall just below the grey blocks. Use Carry to drop two of the grey blocks onto the white block on the left. This will raise the white block across from it and allow you to jump over to the east side of the room. From here you can go through the door and hit the switch on the floor that will move another flood gate. Sand will pour into the room below, allowing you to access the southwest area of the room.


e. Venus Lighthouse Part 2

Items: Gaia Blade, Psynergy Stone

    Walk down the steps north of the gate to return to the sand river room, then let the newly freed sand carry you to the stairs in the southwest. Go through the hallway at the top of the steps and use the door to the east to enter a room with a flowing sand maze. To get the chest in this maze, go through the gap in the blocks to the south, then through the one to the east. Let the sand carry you around the top of the chest and quickly run into the gap in the blocks under it when you get the chance. Open the box to receive the mighty Gaia Blade. To reach the exit in the northwest, perform the same actions you did to get the chest, except go north when you are above the box. It may take a few tries to get the hang of the sand maze, but you’ll figure it out as long as you hold B to run through the gaps.

    Walk east in the hallway beyond the sand maze and go through the door on the south wall. This room is home to another light puzzle, though this one is significantly more difficult than the first two. There are four grooved pillars in the north end of the room. Push the first pillar from the left (it has a vertical notch in it) all the way down to the hole in the southeast. If you’re unsure of which hole is correct, it is the second hole right of the statue and it looks like the vertically grooved block fits into it. Next, put the second pillar from the left into the hole that is under where the first pillar originally stood. Drop the third pillar into the hole five spaces south of where it stands. Finally, push the fourth pillar into the pit just south of where you placed pillar two. With this done, the door will open, allowing you to advance.

    Press the switch to the west to open the third and final sand gate, then hop over it to get to an area to the north with a floating platform. Push against the ledge left or right of the platform to jump up and go through the doorway to the north. Follow the hall south and you will emerge from the central sand river in the room from before. Go northeast over the newly created third sand river and up the steps. Scale a second flight of steps to the west to get to a room with a slide and a Psynergy Stone. Heal up and save your game before going down the side, the final battle awaits.

** Warning**

Going down the slide in the room with the Psynergy Stone will start the final battle, so do not use the slide unless you are ready to finish the game!

Watch the long dialogue at the top of the lighthouse and answer the questions however you wish, since they have no impact on events, then get ready to fight.


f. Battle with Menardi and Saturos 

Reward: 6000 Exp, 7800 Coins

    Menardi and Saturos have a large repertoire of spells. I won’t describe the vast bulk of their abilities, because they are fire based spells that hit the entire party for similar amounts of damage. The bosses can also buff their defense and offense as well as heal each other. They will occasionally use melee attacks that deal moderate damage and inflict negative status like delusion and instant death. Avoid using summons on this duo unless you are about level 40, because your party is going to need stat boosts from having Djinni set to survive. Instead, focus attacks on Saturos, who can heal. Ragnarok, the Gaia Blade, and Ivan’s Shine Plasma work well enough. Keep everyone healed with Wish Well. Menardi and Saturos have a lot of HP, but the battle becomes much easier once one of them is out of the way.


g. Battle with Fusion Dragon

Reward: Completing the Game

    Fusion Dragon can hit your entire party for moderate damage with Dragon Driver. His Outer Space attack deals fairly heavy damage to heroes with low defense like Ivan and Mia. He will also use the occasional melee attack. If you’re unlucky, the dragon will cast Deadly Gas and poison someone. Sometimes this boss will use Drain Fang to steal HP or Severe Blow to inflict heavy physical damage on one target. He gets two turns per round, so healing every round is very important in case he uses his Outer Space spell twice.

    Start the battle by casting Ivan’s Resist spell and have him buff whoever is using the Gaia Blade with impact. Hit the boss with your best spells including Ragnarok. As he loses HP, the dragon will cast spells like Evil Blessing which inflict negative status on the party. Just keep hitting him with attacks and have Isaac backup heal when necessary. You may have to recast your buffs from time to time, because Fusion Dragon can dispel them with Break. Do not be afraid to use your consumables either, because this is the end of the game. After taking a few thousand points of damage, the dragon will die and victory will be yours.


h. Epilogue

Items: Black Orb

    A long cutscene will commence after the battle with Fusion Dragon. Eventually the party will warp back to Lalivero and Iodem will give you the Black Orb. Look for a building with a guard in front of it in the northwest. Talk to him and he will let you inside. Walk up the gangplank and activate the Black Orb. The ship will surface and the credits will roll. Wait for the credits to end and save your game at the prompt if you wish to transfer save data to Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Pick an empty save slot if possible, because you will no longer be able to play on the file after you save it as clear data.

III. Crossbone Isle

Crossbones Isle is a secret dungeon filled with powerful items and monsters. The game gives players two opportunities to visit this dungeon: a one time chance during the voyage to Tolbi and a second opportunity in Suhalla Desert. If you visit during the trip to Tolbi, you will only be able to clear floors B1 to B3, because you need the Carry and Cloak spells to solve the puzzles on the lower floors.

1. Crossbones Isle First Visit

Note: You will need to arrange the rowers on the Tolbi bound ship a certain way to get to the island for the first time. See Section II Part 16 for more information.

    The crew and passengers of the ship will be dismayed by their arrival at this mysterious island. Talk to the two guys standing near the gangplank and they’ll move out of your way. A mountain range dominates this island; walk into the valley in the middle of the mountain range to enter the dungeon. You may want to run around the ship’s deck a bit to restore some PP before attempting to fight the enemies in the dungeon.

Note: You cannot explore the entire island yet, because you will need a special spell to access the lowest areas. Later on, you will be able to come back here. 


a. Crossbones Isle Outside

Items: Nut, 1 Coin, Mint

    Put a Mars Djinni on Isaac to learn Growth and scurry up the vine to a ledge with another tiny plant on it. Use the Growth spell again to reach the next ledge and ignore the bush (there’s nothing behind it) then cast Growth on the third plant so you can climb it. To the east you’ll find a Nut in a three. You may also notice a few ramps you can slide down on the cliff face. 

    Ignore the second groove (unless you really want a single Coin) and slide down the third rut, which is just right of the tree. Take the Mint from the box at the bottom of the cliff, then roll the log so you can climb back to the top of the cliff. Slide down the first groove at the top of the cliff and you’ll land in front of a bush. Cast Whirlwind to clear the brush from the cave entrance and step inside. 


b. Crossbones Isle B1

Items: Lucky Medal, Nut, 111 Coins, Hard Nut, Potion

    Technically, this is deeper than B1, since you go down two flights of steps to get here. That said, there’s nothing on the higher floors, so there’s no point in creating sections for them. At any rate, make sure everyone is at full health and you have your Djinni set up the way you want, because a Hobgoblin and two Virago will attack when you touch the door. Hit the Virago with Tornado and any other multi-target spells you have to keep them from stunning you. Focus on taking down the Hobgoblin after that and you’ll win a Lucky Medal.

    Opposite the door you will find a chasm dotted with stepping stones. If you head east and follow the walkway as it turns north, then west, you will find an Antidote. Back at the entrance you will see a row of pillars the party can use to access the chests scattered around the area. Jump on the third pillar from the left and cast Move on the rock above you then nudge it to your left. Now you can open the box to the east for a Nut. Exit the room to reset the puzzle. 

    Step back inside and cast Move on the stone again, shove it to the right this time. Bound over to the western chest and open it to acquire 111 Coins. Another large rock is located north of the chest you just opened. Use Move to nudge it to the right and jump over to the box to the northeast to get a Hard Nut. You’ll have to exit the room yet again to reset the puzzle. Move the first rock to the right again, then jump over to the second rock. This time you will need to move the second rock left. 

    Jump onto the platform with the second rock and go east until you come across a third boulder. Cast Move and push it east, then use the newly cleared path to make your way to the fourth rock, which is slightly north of rock number three. Hop on the fourth boulder’s platform and stand near the center in order to cast Move and pull the rock towards Isaac. Now that the rock is in the center of the platform, you can use the trail of pillars on the right to circle back around to the tile just south of the fourth boulder. Cast Move yet again to shove the fourth boulder east one space and hop over to the walkway above Isaac. 

    Exit the room via the southwest door. The chest to the south is actually a Mimic that will pounce on the party as soon as it is disturbed. At this point, Mimics should be no match for the party, so dispatch it to get a Potion. Push the rock near the door to form a path back to the ship, then go down the steps to B2. Run around the area to restore PP and/or heal if needed. Now is a good time to use up aging restorative items like herbs.


c. Crossbones Isle B2

Items: Elixir, 222 Coins, Lucky Pepper, Mystery Blade

    The tile in front of the door at the bottom of the steps is spiked with a battle that includes two Grizzly bears and a Succubus. Cast your strongest spells on these guys. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to unleash a few Mars Djinni and use a Summon to wipe them out in one fell swoop, because the Grizzly bears can pose a serious threat. More puzzles wait behind the door, this time you’ll need to roll some broken pillars around. 

    An Elixir is hidden in a box slightly north of the entrance and you’ll find a second chest with 222 Coins on the eastern end of the chamber. Walk south from the coin chest and go up the narrow pathway on the right. A Lucky Pepper can be obtained from the box at the end of the narrow passage. Push the pillar next to the chest westwards. Next, circle back around to the coin chest and roll the pillar above it north to clear a path. Then go south, back to the box you got the Elixir from and roll the pillar above that one to the north. 

    Now you’ll need to roll the vertical pillar next to the chest by the entrance eastward. This should grant Isaac access to a final horizontal pillar to the left. Rolling it north will clear the way to a chest that has a nifty weapon called the Mystery Blade inside. Arm Isaac with the Mystery Blade and go through the door below you. Walk down the steps to the third level of the basement. 


d. Crossbones Isle B3

Items: Blue Key x4, 333 Coins, Fairy Ring, Cookie, Smoke Bomb, Red Key

    Save your game before touching the door at the base of the steps in B3; a Lich and two Ghouls are guarding this door. Liches can cast the powerful ice spell, Glacier, so be on guard and don’t let anyone’s HP fall below 120. Fire based spells work wonders on these enemies and you may even want to set up the Meteor summon to end the battle quickly, because the Ghouls can curse you. Curse will kill its victim when all of the candles over his/her head burn out, so try to end the fight swiftly.

    At first glance, the puzzle in B3 may be confusing, but it’s actually quite simple. Your goal is to use the Catch spell to grab Blue Keys scattered around the platforms and use them to open a series of doors art the top of the screen. It’s most efficient to gather up all of the keys before attempting to open the doors. Blue Key 1 can be obtained by walking up to spot just below it (which is north of the entryway) and casting Catch. Next, jump east three spaces towards Blue Key 2, then south one space. After that go east three spaces again. Lastly, jump onto the platform to the north and west one space. This should place you opposite the second Blue Key, which you can now grab with Catch. 

    After snagging the second Blue Key, hop east, then south. Go west three spaces and jump north three more times. You should see Blue Key 3. Grab the key and jump south twice. Head west back towards the entrance and jump on the platform across from the door. You’ll need to leap over to the block on the left, then hop north three times. Afterwards, go east once, jump north twice, and hop east two more times. Cast Catch to acquire Blue Key 4 and return to the row of blocks to the west. Now you jump over to the walkway at the top of the screen and open all of the blue doors which contain the following prizes in order from left to right:

333 Coins 

Fairy Ring


Smoke Bomb

    Open all of the doors before going for the chests if you are low on inventory space. After getting the Smoke Bomb, look for a circle of gray blocks to the south and jump onto the one closest to the walkway. Cast Reveal and a Red Key will appear on a central platform, use Catch to get it and return to the western row of platforms. Leap south four times and west once to reach the red door, which you can now open. Go through the door to the south and proceed to B4…well, actually you may want to skip going to B4, because you need a spell you haven’t learned yet to complete the puzzle. You can return to the boat quickly by casting Retreat or going up the steps and pushing the boulders by the doors into the gaps, then using them to jump to the next staircase. 

2. Crossbones Isle Second Visit

You can visit the island a second time and explore it in its entirety from Suhalla Desert after you get the Carry magic. Look for a gap in the rocky path on the last screen of the desert and use Reveal to make a hidden pillar visible. Jump across the gap and climb down into a sandy area (there will be a Djinni here as well) then enter the cave in the back wall. Follow the cave to a red tornado and let it carry the party to the island. The entrance is in a gap in the mountains on the east side of the island.


a. Crossbones Isle B4

Items: Sleep Bomb, 444 Coins, Storm Gear, Psy Crystal

    A pair of Gryphons will engage the party as soon as you touch the door leading to the fourth puzzle room. These creatures cast powerful wind spells and can take a beating, so focus your attacks on one at a time to take them down faster. Inside  the puzzle room, you will see a couple of statues with plates below them. The statues will block your way by moving in front of where you are standing when you touch the plate. Cast Halt on the statues to keep them from moving. Additionally, they will not block your way if you are invisible, so cast Cloak if the statue is in a low light area.

    Halt the first statue to your right and go through the passage it was guarding to get a Sleep Bomb. Use Halt on the second statue to the right and go north. You’ll see another statue to the north, this time it’s out of Halt range, but in the darkness. Cloak up and go past it, then walk north while sticking to the west wall to get 444 Coins from a chest. Next, approach the statue southeast of the chest and stand near the plates while remaining in darkness so you can use Cloak. While invisible, step over the plate and go to the chest to the right. Open it to get the Storm Gear. 

    Finally, go back to the entrance to this room and head north. Cast Cloak to slip past the statue and go along the walkway to another box. Inside this one there’s a Psy Crystal. The door to the outside of this part of the island is just south of the chest. Be sure to push the rock into the pit before going down the steps to the fifth floor.


b. Crossbones Isle B5

Items: 555 Coins, Lucky Medal, Ninja Garb, Potion

    You’ll be accosted once again when you near the door to B5’s puzzle room. This time around it’s a lizard king, stone soldiers, and a harridan doing the accosting. The only real danger in this battle is the lizard king, so focus your attack on him and use a few AoE spells to clear out the trash. Lizard king is a sturdy foe, so you may want to use a summon or two on him. After the fight, go inside the puzzle room. You may remember a similar puzzle to this from the Kolima forest long ago. There’s some logs and a flood sluice here. Flipping the switch will raise or lower the water level. Raising the water level will allow you to cross the logs if they are positioned properly.

    Go around to the chest in the northeast to get 555 Coins, which are likely worthless to you at this point, then go down the steps just below the chest. There’s a horizontal line of logs in the area below, go over the the vertical log next the the second horizontal one and roll the vertical log left. Take a few steps south and you will see a horizontal log that was blocked by the one you just moved, roll the horizontal log north now that the way is clear. After that, push the vertical log back east and go up the steps. Hit the switch to raise the water level and cross the logs to get a Lucky Medal from the chest to the north. Leave the room to reset the puzzle.

    To get to the next chest (which contains a Ninja Garb) push the two vertical logs west, then roll the second horizontal log from the right down to the rock near the river. Roll the horizontal log that was between the two vertical logs south. Now you can roll the southern vertical log to the right and the log you pushed over to the rock will block it from going too far. Push the horizontal log you used to block the one you just rolled back up to its original position in the north, then roll the final vertical log east to form a bridge. Hit the switch again and collect your treasure. Reset the room a final time.

    To get to the other side of the room roll the first vertical log you see after going down the steps west, then go to the horizontal log that was below it and roll that one north. Push the vertical log back to the right and roll the horizontal log above it down a space to form the bridge. Activate the switch a final time so you can cross the bridge and grab the Potion from the box before leaving via the door in the south. Don’t forget to move the boulder into the hole to the east before going down the steps in case you need to come back through here.


c. Crossbones Isle B6

Items: Elixir, 666 Coins, Demon Ax, Bane (Djinni)

    If you guessed that two chimera would attack you the moment you touched the door to the sixth puzzle room, congratulations, your were right! These guys can do gnarly amounts of damage to single targets, so watch everyone’s HP. Try to keep everyone’s life near full and focus Isaac’s/Garet’s efforts on a single chimera. Ivan can cast Tornado to soften both monsters up, while Mia’s water based attack magic works well if she doesn’t need to heal anyone. Step inside the next puzzle chamber once the baddies are history.

    This room isn’t too hard in comparison to some of the others. For starters, run up to the boulder with a chest on top of it to the north and push it up into the slot above it. Go back down to the entrance, then cast Move on the first rock from the left so you can nudge it over two spaces. Next, use Move on the boulder to the right to push it left one space. Climb the ladder and cross the boulders, then go north to a chest that has an Elixir inside. 

    Descend the ladder to the north and climb up the one just left of it. Go west to find a Djinni that will hop away from you. Don’t worry about the Djinni at the moment, instead walk south to a boulder that’s near a slide. Push the boulder down the side, then use the slide to get down to the lower area. Go down the ladder left of the rock and cast Frost on the puddle, then climb the ladder back up. Hop across the boulder and ice pillar, then head north. Open the box for 666 Coins and walk north to where the Djinni is waiting. It’ll run away again, so push the stone it was standing by off of the ledge. After the rock falls, go down the ladder and use the move spell to give it a nudge to the right, then push the stone as far right as possible.

    Climb back up the ladder and use the one next to it to get to the upper walkway. Go down the ladder to the right to get to the rock and use it to jump over to the chest you moved into position earlier. Take the Demon Ax from the chest, then jump back over to the ladder. Go south from the ladder back to the ice pillar.* Use Move to push the rock next to it south one space, then push it to the right three spaces so it is diagonal to the ice pillar. Go around the stone pillar and stand above it, then cast Move to push it right one space. Once that’s done, use the Move spell to pull it north. 

* Look out, the Demon Ax is cursed!

    Now backtrack to the ladder in the north and climb it, then run south to the ice pillar. Leap across the ice and stone pillars to get to the final chest, which contains a Water of Life. Cross the pillars again and head back up to the ladders to the north. Climb them up to the highest walkway and go east, where you will see the Djinni again. He’ll run away a third time. Descend the ladder to the left and use the ladder to the right to get to the walkway. Use the walkway to get back to the boulders near the entrance. Cross them and climb the ladder to the platform the Djinni is hanging out on. Cast Halt on the Djinni so it can’t run away and grab it to get Bane.

Backtrack to the ice pillar and go through the door to the south. As always, push the rock into the pit before going down the steps to B7.


d. Crossbones Isle B7

Items: Lucky Medal, Psy Crystal, Wicked Mace, 777 Coins

    You know the drill: walk up to the door and get attacked; just make sure everyone is at full health for this fight. The earth lizards that guard this door are tough as nails and they cast a spell called Acid Blessing that can deal nearly 200 damage to some of your heroes. As with previous battles in this dungeon, you should concentrate on taking these monsters out one by one and healing. The Assassin Blade is really good in this fight, because it can randomly kill one of the lizards, saving the party some hassle. Step inside the next puzzle room after you win.

    This room features a fair sized pit and some grey blocks that can be moved with Carry. Hop over the gap to the north and run over to the first grey block, which should have a chest south of it. Use Carry to move the block 1 space north, and 2 spaces east, then place the block on the platform to the north.* This should allow you to climb the ladder left of the block, use the block to hop over the gap, and take a Lucky Medal from the chest. Now leave the room to reset the block. 

*You can just push the block instead of casting Carry, but you will need the Carry spell to get the block onto the higher platform.

    Go back to the grey block you used to get the Lucky Medal and cast Carry on it again. This time, move the block 1 space to the west, 1 space south, and 1 space west, then cast Carry to place it on the raised area to the left. Now you will have to go over to the ladder in the west, by hopping over the gap south of the grey block. Use the ladders to reach the block’s platform and cast Carry to move it north 3 times to the platform by the chest. Go back up the ladder west of the chest and hop across the gap, then open the box to receive a Psy Crystal. Exit the room to reset the puzzle.

    Repeat the same process from the paragraph above to get the block back onto the platform by the ladders in the west. This time you will need to push the block left so it falls off of the platform. The grey block should be precisely two paces south of the second ladder from the left. Use Move or Carry to move it one space west, then climb the ladders and hop over the block to the narrow walkway that runs along the left-hand wall. The walkway will bring you to a chest that contains the Wicked Mace, a powerful, howbeit cursed weapon. Leave the walkway and look for a long strip of land near another grey block to the south.

   Hop over the gap and push the grey block 2 spaces south and five west, then use Carry to place it on the platform by the ladder. Ascend the ladder, then hop over the gap using the block. You can jump over the gap and open the chest by the door for 777 Coins, though you probably won’t have any use for them at this point. As always push the rock on the other side of the exit near the puzzle room, then go down the steps to the next area.


e. Crossbones Isle B8

Items: Smoke Bomb, 888 Coins, Potion, Cleric’s Ring

    You will have to fight two thunder lizards and a poison toad at the door to B8. These enemies are sturdy, but they are easier to defeat than the denizens of the previous floor. Just keep everyone healed and cast your most powerful spells until the thunder lizards are dead, then use melee on the toad. Head on into the next room after winning.

    A dragon statue occupies the northeast end of this chamber. A white tile with a puddle under it is just south of the statue, walk up to it and cast Frost to raise the tile. You may have to reposition yourself a few times to get the spell to work since you practically have to stand on the tile when casting the spell to get the puddle to freeze. The dragon will breathe fire after the tile is raised, which will melt anything near it. Climb up the ladder to the north and use the tile you just raised to get to the chest, which holds a Smoke Bomb.

    Climb back down the ladder and cast Frost on the puddle across from the dragon statue while standing above it. Ascend the ladder again, then jump over the ice pillar to reach the chests to the west. Open the box for 888 Coins. Take the ladder to the west and cast Frost on the puddle to the south to create another ice pillar. Use the pillar to jump over to the box to the west and take the Potion from it. Leave the room via the door to the south. 

    Push the boulder into the hole as usual and use it to cross over to the door to the east and go back into the puzzle room. Jump over the puddle near the dragon statue and slide down the rut by the chests. Push the rock near the logs as far to the east as possible. Now go back up the ladder in the northwest and cross the ice pillar near the dragon. Walk over to the logs and roll the lower one south. Now cast Frost on the puddle under the tile to get the dragon to breathe fire and melt the pillar so you can pass. Hop over the puddle again and cast Frost to reform the pillar.

Cross over to the chests and slide down the rut. Push the upper log south and climb the ladder. Open the box to get the Cleric’s Ring, a nifty item that cancels the effects of curses. Exit the room and go down the steps to B9.


f. Crossbones Isle B9

Items: 999 Coins, Sleep Bomb, Water of Life, Muramasa

    Two Cerebus guard the door to the B9 puzzle room. These guys are tough and can damage multiple party members with abilities like Ice Blessing. Try to keep everyone healed and unleash Jupiter Djinni, then summon Thor. Have the other heroes cast AoE spells. Isaac may have to use his healing magic to help Mia out in this battle, because the Cerebus monsters can do a lot of damage. Keep hammering the enemy and you’ll eventually win.

    This final puzzle is a bit annoying, since you will have to repeatedly reset the room to get all of the treasures. Walk up to the first log you see and roll north. You’ll hit another log, use that one to go east. You should hit another log that will allow you to cross back to solid land. Walk south, then west to a horizontal log. Use it to go north and hop back over to the two logs to the east. Head south and use the horizontal log to the left to reach a chest that contains 999 Coins. 

    Cross back over to the shore and exit the room to reset the puzzle. Go up to the log in the northeast and ride it to the left-hand side of the room. It will hit another log that you can use to jump over to the chest up north. Take the Sleep Bomb from the chest and roll back to the shore. Return to the southwestern side of the room and ride the first horizontal log north. Use the log it crashes into to get to the eastern side of the room. 

    Go back to the horizontal log to the south and take it to the north end of the room, then hop over to the pair of logs to the right. Roll the log on the left one space west, then hop south to a vertical log. Ride it west and go over to the box to get a Water of Life. Another pool of water filled with logs is just to the west. Your first order of business here is to roll all of the horizontal logs on the southern end of the pool up, then roll the lowest vertical log west so it touches the horizontal log you just moved. After that, ride the horizontal log in the center back down so it bumps into the vertical one and go back over to the second vertical log. 

    Now move the second vertical log from the top of the screen west and roll the horizontal log in the north down so it hits the second vertical log. At this point, the logs should form upside down L shapes. Finally, ride the topmost vertical log left a space and hop over to the chest. You’ll get the mighty Muramasa for your trouble. You may want to equip the Cleric’s Ring on whoever you have wield this sword, because it will remove the negative effects of the curse it bears. Exit the room using the door to the south and push one last boulder into the pit to the right.


g. Ghost Ship 

Items: Potion, Demon Mail 

Save your game before entering this area. A gangplank that leads up to the ghost ship is just west of the steps. Take care when opening the box on the ship’s deck, it’s actually a mimic that casts nasty spells like curse. Defeating the mimic will get you some exp and a Potion. The pirate ghost, Deadbeard will attack when you approach the stern of the ship. You can take the Demon Mail from the chest on the stern after you defeat Deadbeard.


h. Battle with Deadbeard

Reward: 8000 Exp, 9000 Coins, Water of Life

    Like many of the late game bosses, Deadbeard takes two turns per round. He likes to cast Freeze Prism and Spark Plasma, powerful multi-target spells that do about 150-230 damage. Deadbeard’s Break ability can remove buffs from your entire party. Sometimes he will hit you with a strong melee attack that can do excess of 130 HP or boost his own defenses with Ward. Lastly, he will cast Inferno from time to time, which is a multi-target spell similar to Freeze Prism, though weaker.

    Mia will essentially need to cast Wish Well every turn unless you happen to be a high level. You should also cast spells like Guard and Resist to help limit the impact of the boss’s onslaught. The amount of damage Deadbeard dishes out makes setting up summons difficult, since you will lose HP and strength unleashing Djinni. However, boosting your party’s agility with Zephyr can help a lot. You may also want to restore the party’s PP from time to time with Ember. Just make sure you use a summon after unleashing a djinni so it can set to its master again. Don’t be shy about using a Water of Life if someone drops, since you won’t need them for much longer anyway.

    Try to hit Deadbeard with Ragnarok as much as possible, since it can do around 140 damage if you are level 28. Everyone else should focus on buffing, healing, and getting the occasional attack off. This fight is more about endurance than anything else, so keep hammering at the boss and you’ll win after many turns. If you have the patience to grind levels, try to get to level 40 or so to make this battle easier, though you can beat this boss at about level 27 as long as you have decent gear and all of the Djinni.

IV. Djinni Locations

1. Flint

Location: World Map, southwest of Vale

2. Forge

Location: Goma Cave


Location: Bilibin, hidden cave

4. Granite 

Location: Kolima Village

5. Breeze

Location: Tret Tree, Kolima Forest 

6. Fizz

Location: Mercury Lighthouse (Mia joins with Fizz)

7. Sleet

Location: Mercury Lighthouse 

8. Fever

Location: Imil, river cave 

9. Zephyr

Location: Fuchin Falls 

10. Quartz 

Location: Mogall Forest

11. Mist

Location: Xian

12. Corona 

Location: Forest north of Xian

13. Spritz 

Location: Altin Peak

14. Smog

Location: Lamakan Desert 

15. Vine

Location: Island northwest of Lamakan Desert

16. Scorch 

Location: Kalay Tunnel 

17. Sap

Location: Vault Cave

18. Kite

Location: Vale Cave

19. Hail

Location: Field west of Tolbi 

20. Ground

Location: Kalay Docks

21. Ember

Location: Tolbi 

22. Squall 

Location: Altmiller Cave

23. Tonic

Location: Lunpa Fortress

24. Flash 

Location: Suhalla Desert

25. Bane

Location: Crossbones Isle

26. Dew 

Location: Suhalla Gate

27. Torch

Location: Lalivero

28. Luff

Location: Babi Lighthouse

V. File Transfer Events and Passwords

It’s possible to transfer your Golden Sun file over to Golden Sun: The Lost Age to receive a variety of bonuses. The rewards for doing so are dependent upon the player triggering the following events in Golden Sun.

1. Rescue Hsu.

2. Speak with the mayor of Vault after the bandits get away.

3. Speak with Dora in Vale after she gets sick.

4. Win the Colosso.

5. Save Hammet from Lunpa.

6. Defeat Deadbeard, the hidden boss in Crossbone Isle.

In order to transfer information from Golden Sun to Golden Sun: The Lost Age you will either need a password or a cable link to a second GBA and both games. Both methods require a save file with a cleared game. 

To obtain a password, insert a copy of Golden Sun with a cleared game save on it into your GBA, then press Left on the D-Pad and the R Button simultaneously on the Start Screen. While holding those buttons, press B and the Send Menu should appear. From there you can choose to use the Game Link Cable or request a password. There are three grades of password: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. More data is transferred with higher quality passwords, but they also become longer. Cable transfers port the most information to Golden Sun: The Lost Age and is the easiest methods aside from the fact that you need to GBAs to do it. Below are explanations of each password type along with passwords generated from my Golden Sun cleared game data. You can also get a save file that can be used for data transfers from this site by visiting the Golden Sun (GBA) Save Files page.

To enter a password into Golden Sun: The Lost Age, simply start the game, hit “end” on the character naming screen (or enter names your prefer), and the game will ask you if you wish to transfer data via password or cable link.

Note: Due to the length and complexity of the passwords for this game, I’ve decided to simply post screenshots of each password in order to avoid mistakes or confusion.

Bronze Password 

Transfers your hero’s names, levels, Djinni, and event triggers.

Silver Password

Transfers the same things as the bronze password as well as stat boosts from things like cookies and apples.

Gold Password

Nearly all of the information from your game is transfered. This includes levels, stat boosts, Djinni, coins, and inventory. 

VI. References 

I used several sources to check my work, which are listed below.

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