Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (PS2)

Developer: Midway West

Publisher: Midway Games

Release Date: May, 2001

System: Sony PlayStation 2

Genre: Hack and Slash ARPG

Players: 1-4 Players


Gauntlet: Dark Legacy is an expansion of Gauntlet Legends that features new classes, abilities, and stages. In Dark Legacy, players control a hero who must collect special runestones that have the power to seal away an evil demon known as Skorne who has been rampaging across the realms. Like many other games in the series, players can choose from a Wizard, Valkyrie, Warrior, and several other classes from the start. Special characters/classes like the Minotaur can be obtained by fulfilling certain requirements.

Like its predecessors, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy uses a combination of arcade action and light RPG elements. Each class has its own strengths, but the overall flow of gameplay revolves around defeating monsters that swarm out of generators that can be destroyed to halt the onslaught of creatures. Players must also explore to find level exits, keys that unlock doors, and potions.

Many of the stages are locked at first, but it is possible to open up new areas by collecting crystals scattered around levels. Ths game also allows for up to four players co-op action, though the online functionality of co-op is no longer available.

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