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Release Data

Developer/Publisher: Capcom

Release Date: July 1990

Genre: Platformer

System: Game Boy

Players: 1


Ghoul Land is under attack by the Destroyers, an army from another universe. Firebrand is tasked with defeating the Destroyers just as the Red Blaze did centuries ago. In order to do this, Firebrand will have to gather powerful artifacts and face the evil Breager, king of the Destroyers. Gargoyle’s Quest is a rather unusual Game Boy platformer that features a world map, towns, and random battles that take the player to miniature side scrolling stages where they must fight enemies. This title also requires players to collect various items, such as the Blockbuster, which destroys certain blocks that bar further progress. Firebrand will find healing Vials and other life saving items. Additionally, Firebrand can increase his jump height and max life.

As a gargoyle, Firebrand can hover for short periods of time and cling to walls using claws. His primary weapon is a fireball that he fires from his mouth. This game features a town filled with NPCs the player can talk to and a world map where various side scrolling stages are located. Gargoyle’s Quest has a fairly robust story in addition to its semi-open ended exploration system. Players can resume their adventure at any time using the built in password system.


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