Fortified Zone (Game Boy)

Developer/Publisher: Jeleco

Release Date: September 1991

System: Game Boy

Genre: Shooter

Players: 1


Fortified Zone is about two mercenaries who are tasked with infiltrating and destroying a hardened military installation. Players control Misato and Mizuki. Each merc has his or her own special abilities. Misato can use all of the weapons, while Mizuki moves quickly and can jump over some barriers. The base is protected by deadly mutants and well armed soldiers; getting hit by these creatures will cause a player controlled character to lose some health. Lose all of your life and the second character will take over. It’s game over if both soldiers go down.

Players will have to make their way through four enemy laden top-down perspective mazes. Simple puzzles such as barriers and switches often block the way, so players will need to do some exploring. It’s often necessary to switch characters to solve puzzles. Every stage has a boss at the end that must be defeated to proceed. There are also a number of items that include spread guns, flamethrowers, and med packs that restore health. Fortified Zone allows players to continue their game using a password.

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