Flashback: The Quest for Identity (Genesis)

Developer: Delphine Software International

Publisher: US Gold

Release Date: 1993

System: Sega Genesis

Genre: Cinematic Platformer

Players: 1


Players control an agent who has been caught up in a mysterious plot that will take him from Titan, to Earth, and beyond in Flashback: The Quest for Identity. This title is noteworthy for its hand drawn animated cutscenes, rotoscoped graphics, and story sequences. The game’s protagonist has little more to survive on than a gun, his wits, and a few tools he finds on his journey. Much of the action consists of jumping over pits and ledges as well as getting into strategic gun fights with armed enemies. Players will also have to find switches that activate elevators and items needed to complete their quest.

Flashback is made up of seven stages and features three difficulty modes. At the start of each stage, players are given a password that will allow them to continue the game at a later time. The hero can die from being shot, falling long distances, or sustaining other grievous injuries. Fortunately, players are allowed to attempt a stage as many times as they wish.

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