Flare: Empyrean Campaign (PC)

Developer: Flare Team

Release Date: March 2018

Platform: PC (Windows, Linux, MAC OS)

Genre: Action RPG

Players: 1


   Flare: Empyrean Campaign is an open source Action RPG developed by the Flare Team for computers running Windows, Linux, and MAC OS. There are three available classes in Empyrean that include the spell casting Magician, the bow wielding Ranger, and the Warrior, who has mastered close combat. Players can allocate extra stat points and power up special skills every time their character gains a level. Each class can use powers like the Warrior’s Blood Strike and the Ranger’s Piercing Arrow to deal extra damage to enemies or hit multiple targets at the cost of magic points. Players will also find weapons and armor that increase their character’s effectiveness in combat. Finally, there are a number of quests the player can compete and a secret dungeon near the end of the game, which is about seven hours long in total.


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