Fire Shark (Sega Genesis)

Fire Shark (USA)002

Developer: Toaplan                       

Genre: Shoot ‘em up

Platform: Sega Genesis                 

Release date: 1990

Players: 1


FireShark is a very straight forward arcade style shooter for the Sega Genesis. The story goes something like this: The year is 19X9 in an alternate universe and a global superpower known as the S Corps is on the verge of conquering the world. A lone biplane armed with high tech weaponry is the only thing standing between S Corps and victory. Ten vertically scrolling stages and three difficulty levels await those who wish to challenge Fire Shark. Players collect powerups that increase the biplane’s speed, shot power, bomb count, and weapon type. Three weapon power ups are needed to move the weapon up a grade, which results in a considerable power boost. Bombs can be used in sticky situations to destroy foes over a wide area and can even annihilate enemy fire, just use them sparingly as they come in limited supply. A single shot or collision will send your plane crashing to the ground and the game limits the amount of times a player may continue according to the difficulty setting. Fortunately, extra lives are awarded as the player racks up points and 1 ups sometimes drop from enemies. Stages in Fire Shark are filled with enemy airplanes, turrets and tanks that have you set in their sights. At the end of each stage waits a boss and players can either survive long enough to escape the boss or destroy it.
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