Final Fantasy (NES)

Developer: Square

Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: May 1990

System: NES

Genre: Turn Based RPG

Players: 1


   Final Fantasy is a Turn Based RPG for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Released in 1990, this game features six playable classes and a perilous world to explore. The player can choose any combination of the six classes to fill a party of four heroes at the start of the game. Every class has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, Fighters are tough and excel at physical combat, while Black Mages are fragile magic users that can cast powerful spells. Over the course of the adventure, players will battle deadly monsters, visit towns, explore dungeons, and find treasures that will aid them in their quest to return the light to the magic crystals. There are also plenty of spells, weapons, and armor to acquire.

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