Faxanadu (NES)


Platform: NES       

Genre: Action RPG

Release Date: November 1989      

Players: 1                  

Developer: Hudson Soft (licensed by Falcom)


    After returning from a long journey an unnamed elf finds the world tree (which is the location of his home town) withering. Upon entering the elvish city at the base, the traveler notices that the city is in shambles. Some of the few remaining townspeople urge him to see the king who informs him that the wells have dried up, meteors rain from the sky and dwarfs have invaded. Our hero is given some gold and told to find the source of the chaos. And so our journey begins…

Faxanadu is a side scrolling action RPG that allows players to explore the world tree, fight bizarre monsters, and wield a number of spells and blades. The experience system its somewhat unique in this title, because the player character does not become stronger with each level, rather you are given more gold upon continuing with each level gained. As a result, Faxanadu is highly focused around equipment. Swords, armor, spells and shields play a big role in the player’s performance along with a variety of tools like winged boots and healing potions. Light platforming, combat and exploration make up the majority of Faxanadu’s gameplay. There are several dungeons to explore (or towers in the game’s terminology) as well as towns filled with npcs that sell items, replenish the hero’s strength, and provide information. In usual RPG fashion, Faxanadu features a story that develops as the game progresses.

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*Some images are screenshots taken from a ROM Hack called Faxanadu Facelift, which made some minor alterations to text font and colors as well as restored sprites that had been removed from the North  American version.

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