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Release Data

Developer/Publisher: Sega

Release Date: 1991

System: Sega Game Gear

Genre: Shooter

Players: 1


Fantasy Zone was originally an arcade shoot ‘em up that was ported to Game Gear and a number of other systems. Players control a spaceship known as Opa-Opa that must fend off an alien invasion. The aliens have established bases on several planets and placed powerful bosses in control of each planet.

Opa-Opa must destroy the bases on each planet while avoiding enemy spaceships. Destroying all of the bases on a planet will allow the player to fight the boss. Opa-Opa is armed with a gun that can hit enemies in front of it as well as bombs that can be deployed against bases and ground enemies.

Enemies often drop coins that can be used in shops to purchase upgrades that appear after a certain number of bases are destroyed. These upgrades include better engines, lasers, powerful bombs, and even shields. Fantasy Zone consists of five stages.


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