Eragon (Nintendo DS) Boss Guide

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Eragon for the Nintendo DS Boss Guide

~by tankMage (April 2017)


   When I start playing a game, I take a look at what literature is available for it. Eragon doesn’t have very many guides and those that do exist are rather brief, especially when it comes to explaining how to fight the  bosses you’ll encounter in this game. In retrospect I realize that this is because, most of the bosses are easy prey, but I was about halfway done the guide before coming to this realization and I figured I may as well complete this work. There are some bosses that may give players some trouble, however, so hopefully this guide will prove useful to someone.

Controls and Terms

   In this guide I’ll use various terms to refer to moves and abilities Eragon can use. A number of moves (along with the button inputs required to execute them) are listed below for the sake of clarity.

Lock: This causes Eragon to focus on a specific creature and move in a manner that ensures he will always face the target. The player can lock onto an enemy by hitting the left shoulder button and change targets by tapping the same button again to cycle through visible targets. The L Button also allows the player to snap the camera back in place behind Eragon.

Block: Eragon will raise his weapon defensively and block incoming attacks upon pressing the R Button. Holding down the same button will cause him to remain in the blocking stance indefinitely.

Side Step: Hitting left or right on the D-pad while holding the right shoulder button will make Eragon perform a quick dash in the same direction. This ability is great for avoiding attacks and quickly countering with your own.*

Roll: In order to roll, hold the R Button and press up or down on the directional pad. Rolling not only allows the hero to avoid attacks, but also enables him to quickly close gaps between him and the enemy or fall back from a blocking stance.*

Quick Attack: Tapping the Y Button repeatedly performs a fast combo that inflicts light damage with the dagger (or other melee weapon). Killing foes with melee attacks will grant experience points that go towards unlocking new moves.

Heavy Attack: Pressing X will make Eragon lunge forward with his weapon and strike the enemy with a powerful thrust that deals a fair amount of damage. Like the quick attack, heavy attacks can be chained together by pressing the X button multiple times, but be careful: The time it takes in between thrusts makes it much easier for an enemy to recover from a blow and counter attack.

Charge Attack: Holding A for a moment will cause the hero to perform a slow but powerful attack that can launch some foes into the air, making them vulnerable to further attacks or buying the player time to escape.

Bow: Using the stylus to select the bow icon on the bottom screen will activate archery mode. A reticule will appear on the top screen that can be controlled with the D-Pad. The reticule will stick to nearby enemies in order to assist with aiming. Press the left bumper to fire arrows. Killing enemies with the bow awards experience that goes towards making the weapon more deadly. To end bow mode, tap the dagger icon on the bottom left of the screen.

Spells: Later in the game you learn spells that can be cast by drawing the symbol associated with the desired spell on the touch screen and then using the stylus to flick the icon that pops up towards your target. Each spell will gain experience and become more powerful with use.

Items: These work like spells, but will activate upon being drawn.

Time Stop: Tapping the touch screen will freeze time for a few seconds so you can draw the symbol for a spell or item. Time Stop had a few seconds cool down.

Boss 1: Giant Urgal

Location: Forest

   Well, this first boss isn’t tough at all, but he presents a good opportunity to practice the basics of combat. If possible, stay on the ledge and snipe at him with the bow. You may have to jump down and engage in melee combat once you run out of ammo, so make sure you know how to roll, block, and side step. This urgal is very slow, but his weapons pack a punch. The best way to deal with him is to keep your guard up and side step or roll away from his swipes. The boss will frequently perform a leaping attack that is slow and leaves him open. Begin sidestepping the moment the urgal jumps and position yourself behind him. Once behind him press X to perform a heavy attack. You should be able to pull off one or two combos before the boss is able to react, but don’t get greedy. Be ready to block and side step once the boss starts pivoting around to face you again. A few good combos should lay your foe to rest if you managed to hit him with your bow on the outset of the fight.

Boss 2: Dual Wielding Urgal

Location: Rocky Pass

    Once you near the end of the Rocky Pass area, you’ll see a huge stone slab with a dragon symbol etched into it. Be ready to fight the next boss after activating the two levers by the slab and crossing over its threshold. The battle will take place in a large rectangular arena. This guy carries two large machetes that he swings about and is flanked by two vultures who will attack you as well. This boss may seem intimidating initially, but he is actually really easy and presents less of a challenge than the first boss. There is quite a bit of distance between your position and his spawn point, so be ready to use your bow and take a few pot shots at him as he approaches. Ignore the vultures and concentrate on the boss.

   Put your bow away and draw your dagger once he closes in on you. Tap the L Button to lock on him and begin sidestepping. Try to circle the boss a bit in order to kite the vultures so that they are easier to manage. Try to get behind the boss and have the vultures positioned to your left if possible. Then stab the boss in the back a few times with the heavy combo. You blows should also hit the vultures and probably kill them, but they will respawn. Luckily they tend to drop small herbs that you can grab for some quick healing. A few arrows and combos should drop this chump without much effort and you will be able to move on.

Boss 3: Cave Urgal

Location: Near Cave exit

   A humongous urgal like the one you fought in the forest awaits in the cave. Fortunately, this one is even easier than the first, because you can knock or lure him off of a nearby ledge and he won’t be able to climb back up. Just spam the energy bolt spell at him once he is off the ledge and you’ll win in no time.

If you really want to fight him fair and square, just keep your guard up, slide behind him when he lunges and strike with a few heavy attacks to win the day. You can also hit him with spells by locking into him and back peddling while you draw the symbol, then launching the spell between attacks.

Boss 4: Ra’Zac

Location: Lake Isenstar

   Finally a semi challenging fight. The Ra’zac is much faster than the enemies you have encountered thus far and it will counter your attacks if you get greedy. As usual, have your guard up, but this time allow the Ra’Zac to thrust at you and counter with a side step and single heavy attack. You can try baiting him into lunging by spamming the side step move and lift him into the air with a well timed charge attack, then pummel him with a quick combo. Once the enemy is down to about two thirds health he’ll run away.

   Make sure you cut down the bushes in the area before leaving to find ruby flasks and then pursue the creature. You’ll eventually come to a clearing and trigger a cutscene. Eragon will explain that you have to push the Ra’Zac into Saphira so she can bash him, which is actually an easy task. Don’t bother to lock onto the foe, because it’s actually easier to maneuver around him without being locked on. Just use your quick attack on him and he’ll flip backwards to avoid it and eventually into Saphira’s range. If you are too close to Saphira the Ra’Zac may run to the left and out of her grasp, so try to give him some space by repositioning yourself a few places from the dragon’s front legs each time she pummels the monster. If done properly, you will essentially be able to juggle the boss between Saphira and Eragon until it’s dead. If the Ra’Zac manages to slip away, he’ll quickly run to the other side of the clearing. Don’t fret though, all you have to do is quick slash and step forward to lock the boss into a backward flipping pattern. A few good head butts from your pet dragon should drop the boss, just keep in mind that Eragon’s attacks won’t damage it during the second phase of the fight.

Boss 5: Another Ra’Zac

Location: Lake Isenstar

   Did you enjoy fighting the first Ra’Zac? Good, because this fight is an almost exact replica of the previous encounter. Use the same sidestepping strategy as you did before and you’ll have this Ra’Zac running in no time. As before, be sure to hack down any bushes in the area and collect the goodies. Once you catch up you’ll have to use the same strategy to push the enemy into Saphira. It’s actually easier to lock this one in a pattern, because Saphira occupies a smaller choke point and it’s more difficult for the Ra’zac to flee.

Boss 6: Giant Prison Guard

Location: Gil’ead

   This big brute is just a reskin of the giant urgal bosses you fought previously, so use the same moves on him if you wish to melee. Alternatively, you can use magic on him; Energy Bolt and Bone Break both deal significant damage to this boss, with Bone Break coming out on top. Just be sure to run from him or stop time by tapping the touch screen while drawing the symbol, because he can break through your block. Blast away at him six or seven times (results vary depending on spell level) and victory will be your’s.

Boss 7: Durza

Location: Gil’ead

  Durza is actually easy, but his ability to disappear makes him slightly more dangerous than most bosses and you’ll have have to change your strategy. Don’t bother trying to zap this punk with magic, he’s too fast to hit reliably. In fact, don’t bother locking into him, just use a quick attack when you get close enough to strike. Also keep your map up during this fight and look for the purple dot when he vanishes to ensure he won’t sneak up on you. This battle will take longer than most, but keep pounding away at him, move quickly to avoid his ranged attack and you should be ok.

Boss 8: Urgal Squad & Giant Urgal

Location: Jungle

   This is quite a fight, mainly thanks to the endless swarms of urgals that come before the actual boss. Use spells like Energy Bolt and Bone Break on these guys for quick kills. There’s a respawning gem and an herb located at the upper right side of the area that you can use to refill your reserves. Stay out in the open, don’t let the urgals pin you in a corner, and you should do fine. As for the giant urgal, just blast him with Bone Break or Energy Bolt until he dies. There’s not much else to say about him, because by this point you’ve fought this boss in one form or another several times.

Boss 9: Urgal Invasion

Location: Tronjheim

    A horde of urgals will come pouring through the caves, concentrate on the big one. He’s the same over sized brute you fought a million times before and the same strategies work on him. Once he is dead take the guard’s advice and fall back by going up the stairs. You can try to help the guards, but the enemies keep respawning, so save some time and follow Hal’s orders. Once you reach the top of the stairs you’ll see Saphira and Murtagh…and that’s it for this fight.

Boss 10: Durza (Again)

Location: The Sky

   This battle is different from the rest: you’ll be riding Saphira and fighting another Dragon Rider. Use the D-pad to avoid the blue flames and fire on Durza when behind him. This battle is actually kind of tough, mostly because of the bad controls, but try to move evasively. Moving in a circular pattern to avoid his shots works best, because he seems to hit Saphira very easily if you move her along only one axis. Also, don’t bother shooting at him when he is alongside or behind you, because you won’t be able to hit him and you’re best off trying to conserve life.

   First Durza will fly alongside you and fire at you, then you will get behind him. Your chance to strike comes when you are behind him. Be sure to quickly alternate between the L and R buttons to fire faster and deal some damage. After a few seconds he’ll get behind you and you’ll have to go on the defensive again. Durza will then fly alongside you again and the pattern will repeat. When behind Durza, be sure to keep moving in an evasive manner, but try to keep your pattern a bit tighter and centered around your enemy. About six or seven passes behind the boss should end this fight and win the day.


Most of the bosses in this game shouldn’t give most players much trouble. With that in mind, I hope that this guide will at least help people deal with the few fights in this game that were more difficult to manage.

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