Dynowarz: Destruction of Spondylus (NES)

Developer: Advance Communication Company

Publisher: Bandai

Release Date: April 1990 (NA)

Genre: Platformer

System: Nintendo Entertainment System

Players: 1


   Dynowarz takes place in the beleaguered artificial solar system known as Spondylus. A mysterious virus has infected each of the computers that regulate life on the various planets of the Spondylus solar system. Dr. Proteus, the creator of Spondylus, believes his former colleague, Dr. Brainius is behind the virus. It’s up to Dr. Proteus to combat the virus and the mechanized dinosaurs running amok on each planet. The good doctor has built a mighty robotic dino known as Cyborasaurus to help him combat the creatures that threaten to destroy the solar system.

   Dynowarz uses mechanics common to platformers of its time. Players only have a limited amount of life and can be damaged and even killed by colliding with foes or falling down pits. Fortunately, defeated enemies sometimes drop health refills, weapons, and the barrier, which absorbs damage. Dynowarz is unique in that players will start each stage as Dr. Proteus, who must make his way to Cyborasaurus, by clearing pitfalls and shooting foes with his gun. Upon reaching Cyborasaurus, the doctor will enter the contraption and the next portion of the stage will commence. As Cyborasaurus, you will have to use various weapons like the rocket punch and fire balls to plow through the opposition and reach the control room of each planet. Dr. Proteus must make his way into the control room and defeat the virus affecting the computer in every stage. Dynowarz allows the player to continue a stage after dying and supplies a password every time the player falls in battle.

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