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Release Data

Developer: 3D Realms/Eurocom

Publisher: GT Interactive

Release Date: November 16, 1997

System: Nintendo 64

Genre: First Person Shooter

Players: 1-4


Duke Nukem 64 is a port of Duke Nukem 3D that was made for the Nintendo 64. It features a number of changes that include redesigned stages and new weapons/items as well as the removal of certain adult themes at the behest of Nintendo. Duke returns to Earth in his spacecraft after the events of the second game in the series only to be shot down by hostile aliens. He crashlands in LA and finds the entire area overrun by alien invaders. Now Duke must blast his way through hordes of foes to survive and get his well deserved vacation.

This game features thirty stages that take players through a variety of areas like the streets of Los Angeles, hidden labs, and even spaceships. As a first person shooter, players must shoot enemies with Duke’s guns while avoiding enemy gunfire. Duke has limited health and will die if he suffers too much damage. Health can be restored by finding health packs that are distributed around stages. Duke Nukem 64 offers a number of weapons that include the shotgun, pistol, and dual SMGs as well as heavy armaments like the rocket launcher. This title features both a single player story mode and a deathmatch mode that allows up to four players to battle one another.


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