Dragon’s Revenge (Genesis)

Developer/Publisher: Tengen

Release Date: 1993

Genre: Pinball

System: Sega Genesis

Players: 1-2


Dragon’s Revenge is a complex pinball game for the Sega Genesis that claims to be part of the Crush pinball series, though there is no official connection. Much like in other pinball games, players must shoot their ball using a spring loaded plunger in order to score points. Players start with three balls and will lose a ball every time it falls into the bottom of the screen, unless they can keep it in play using the flippers positioned throughout the board. Extra points can be scored by hitting various creatures that spawn on the board as well as special nodes like the diamond. Hitting objects like the dragon’s head will open up special mini-games where players can score bonus points. Complete all of the mini-games and the game will end.

Dragon’s Revenge also features a back story where the villagers of Kalfin’s Keep must sacrifice one of their own to a dragon each year. In the story, a village elder named Darzel betrays the village by making a pact with the dragon. Three heroes, Rina, Kragor, and Flaeva challenge the dragon, but Darzel imporsons them in a magical trap. Luckily Rina the sorceress managed to summon a magical silver ball capable of defeating Darzel, the dragon, and their minions. This is where the pinball game comes into the equation as it’s up to players to free the heroes and defeat the villains using the magical silver ball.

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